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translation from Dutch by LCB
 It’s not always feast, everywhere the flag hangs out…
message posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2013

During the second weekend of 2013, we flew over to Budapest in Hungary where they organised the 83rd National Days of the Hungarian Federation and we were invited as guests. This  manifestation and exhibition were in the same building ( Syma Event Centre :8.000 m² ) where they will organise in 2015, the 34th International Pigeon Olympiad from January 28th till February 1st. While we were there, we went to take a look and we saw it was good. 

The Lost Son in Budapest, Hungary
from right to left: Istvan BARDOS,
K.WIEDERMANN and your servant,
The Lost Son, during the gala evening

There are enormous possibilities to organise this kind of manifestations like the Olympiad, always done by the FCI and as we know the Hungarians, certainly those that are responsible for the organisation of the Olympiad, will surely make a great success of it. Istvan BARDOS, President of the Hungarian Pigeon Federation and his appreciated collaborators are able and surely do all they can so that all wishes of each participator will become true. All ingredients are present and from Brussels, with SN Brussels Airlines, the flight only takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. So this can’t be a problem not to participate to this event. Hungary is a country with 10 million inhabitants of which +- 5300 fanciers. Personally I noticed now that the pigeon sport is still alive and kicking and it progresses. It’s also a very beautiful country with lots of interesting things to see and visit.  And do they know us there? One of the personnel guards of President Bardos came to pick me up at the airport of Budapest (in fact a small airport according to Brussels Airport). We left the parking area with a new luxurious Audi when two armed agents made us stop and drive to the side of the road.  Control all over. When it was my turn to be inspected, there was a short conversation between the two agents.  One of them looked through the side window of the car and said to the other one: ”It’s not necessary, I know him, it’s Michel Vanlint from Belgium…” At these moments you often wonder how small the world is.” I didn’t know this man at all. He probably knew me from my website and my articles on it.  Later on, when I arrived at the hotel and phoned my wife, she didn’t believe me when I told her the whole story. In fact, my wife is like that, she doesn’t believe in fairy-tales. Just like the Saint Thomas, he also had to see first before he believed… But as you see, everything’s possible.

The report of the 33rd Olympiad in NITRA I promised, can be read on my website : Dutch: Nieuws vanop de Olympiade in Nitra (Slowakije) - French:
Nouvelles de l’Olympiade 2013, Nitra (Slovaquie).  At the moment, I’m still working on the report of the Congres of vets but you’ll get this in my next article. Just be patient.
It regularly disturbs me, after all these years of experience, when I read the instruction leaflet with one or another complementary product for pigeons.  Years ago we had an innovation in business.  Do you remember the first pressed grain for pigeons to which they add Omega 3-6-9 non-saturated fat acids?  Well, in the mean time, they noticed that as well the Omega 9 as the Omega 6 fat acids, normally as a supplement, don’t belong or just a little bit in food supplies for pigeons. Let’s just see what we can find about it, proved by scientific research.
Omega 3 fat acids are very important in our household and in the food of our pigeons. Certainly important in the development and the growth. They reinforce the immunity system, improve the mental balance and they are fabulous for the brain ant eh eyes. Above it all, the Omega 3 fat acids are important in the health of the hart and the veins by lowering down the blood pressure. They can be found in colza, linseed, walnuts, wheat germs, soy oil, milk and eggs.
The Omega 6 fat acids are rich, taste full and a daily source of essential fats but they have a double carbon connection. And… these Omega 6 fat acids improve infections and can be important to contribute to the increase of allergies. They can also be the cause of a high cholesterol. A research in Israel even shows that the growth of breast cancer cel scan be stimulated by a lot of Omega 6 fat acids.
And finally there’s an American research that showed that the Omega 6 fat acids in lab conditions, can increase the cancer of prostate twice as fast.
To finish, something more about the Omega 9 fat acids.  Here they also found out that these can increase the chance for heart diseases, even with just a little of it. These are mostly to be found in sunflower seeds.
Hopefully this explanation makes you see what our pigeons need and what they don’t need at all.

As I said before, our racers have been paired on February 2nd.  To many among you this can be called old fashioned but in our past we noticed that these youngsters born out of this pairing, are as good as their brothers and sisters, which are born much earlier. On the contrary, they are very good to participate on the last national races for youngsters, when they are played on a nest. You don’t even have to darken them but you can give them more light from the beginning of August. These youngsters don’t have that many problems with the so-called youngsters diseases.  This is probably because they are born when the days are a lot longer already and the temperature doesn’t get that soon below zero degrees. But it has been so long ago, that we’re waiting with excitement what these youngsters will do. Of course we will inform you, just wait and see…
Beginning of February, the small month as they say.  But this also means that we can’t stop the cycle any more.  Next, the month of March, which is for many fanciers the time to start with their pigeons. May be still too early for the winter youngsters but for the yearlings and certainly for the old birds, time has come to start them again and to bring them away several times at progressing distances (5-10-15-20 km.). Here by, their trust will get stimulated and the stress situation can be lowered again.

Those that don’t know yet how easy it can be to take away your pigeons, can take a look to the Firm Geraldy Kfz GmbH.  See pamphlet in attachment.
And those that want to do some changes to their loft, can improve it by ATX plates. They make sure the loft is much more cosy and warmer without lowering down the presence of oxygen.  Take a look at the added folder.
Both advices are not paid publicity but good things have to be seen by everybody.  So it’s up to you to get your advantage out of it.
“LA COLOMBOPHILIE BELGE”, the French pigeon paper, which is spread every week on international level, had their feast on February 2nd 2013.  Again this celebration was a national success. Fanciers of all corners of Belgium were present. Walloons and Flemish were united and many champions, small and big ones were honoured till late in the evening. There was a good atmosphere and the food was super. The presence of our Chinese friends (more than 20) gave a special touch to the celebration. Several prominents of the KBDB were present too, as well those responsible on national as on provincial level, joined us. And they saw that it all worked well.
We only have one wish for the organisers: “Continue like you are doing.” Knowing that horses deserve the oat they usually get. See you all next year, alive and kicking…
We’ll be back in two weeks. Stay in good health and enjoy life.
I do so too, every day if it’s possible….

Your servant


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