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Two national victories in hardly two weeks....
1st and 2nd National Vichy against 2.460 old birds!

Zoutleeuw - You don't need to be a psychologist to know that coming back to his own country after 20 years in the far east was all in favour of Michel as well as a human being as a fancier. After a smashing start in 2003 with only young pigeons, this season was even more astonishing. The concurrence was there and just looked at it.... while all the others that always told that it was not easy to score in the Brabantse union to those that live in Tienen and the villages around. But now all these that always know better had to leave the stage already. Understandable when we take a look at the following results where we only mention the best prizes in the top100 on the 4 classical flights of the year. This will make them shut up for ever:

31.7 Bourges Nat.
14.207 yrl.: 41-91-98....
48.553 youngsters : 56-61....
14.8 Argenton Nat.
3.994 yrl.: 3-9-10-17-37-48-50-51....
23.078 youngsters: 15-24-47....
1.340 hens: 3-70-98....
29.8 La Souterraine Nat.
3.150 old birds : 1-3
11.9 Vichy Nat.
2.460 old birds: 1-2-9-26-45-46-47....
11.296 youngsters: 11-30-71....

Vichy 2004
Indeed, you saw well.... hardly 14 days after his victory from
La Souterraine with the old birds Michel did even better on the last flight from Vichy. In the category of the old pigeons he scored with 7 pigeons in the national top 100, starting with the two first prizes and with the youngsters he started with the 11th, 30th and the 71st prize and here he wins the first national serial of 2 pigeons. Our host who plays his racing team of 18 cocks and 18 hens on total widowhood, made them end up with a nest on this last flight. From La Souterraine these birds flew on over breeding and for Vichy they had to score on little young ones and this surely took care of the right motivation because Michel clocked on this last national race 35 pigeons in 30 minutes. The 1st and 2nd national prize won by "Anita",NL03/112 and "Amanda", B03/865 were almost clocked at the same time at 13.53 at a distance of 537.219 km.

Beauty contest
They are so lovely and nice, sir, and... because we would like to stay as objective as possible, we leave it up to you to make your choice.
- "Anita", NL03/114112

This bleu hen is a direct Willem De Bruijn of Reewijk (Holland)as a daughter of the B00/4108907 (Gilbert Meire) with the NL01/1892402 (Ad Schaerlaeckens/de Bruijn)

Prize list

2003 - Toury Interprov. 1984/1st ; Argenton Obrafo 629/1st, Interprov.1631/4th, Nat. Zone 4723/2nd, Nat. 17.129/44th ; Vichy Obrafo 561/4th , Interprov. 1099/5th, Nat. Zone 2980/6th , Nat. 11.488/15th

2004 - Laon 282/4th , 682/9th ; Soissons 584/3rd ; Pithiviers 1070/13th ,1742/22nd ; Toury 595/67th ; Vierzon 106/17th ,231/23rd ; Bourges 346/8th ; Blois 254/2nd ; Chateauroux 472/8th , 903/19th ; Montluçon 237/23rd ; Argenton 380/79th ;Toury 466/3rd ; Bourges 179/9th ,353/17th , 1567/46th , 4372/65th , 824/18th ; Argenton 464/41st ,1445/57th ; Bourges 107/3rd , 339/7th ; La Souterraine 352/64th ;Vichy Reg. 1st , Prov. 1st , Nat. 1st ,Nat. hens 1st
- "Amanda", B03/2107865
This red hen is a direct Oliviers-Devos of Kumtich. It concerns a daughter of the "Son Vele 091/00", who again is a son of the "Vele 311/95"
(1st Semi Nat. Jarnac) x "322/95" (Sister 1st Jarnac as a yearling). Mother is the "Steketie Hoebrechts 489/95", daughter of "Grandson 1st Nat. Argenton 018/93" x "Sister Ace-pigeon Brabantse Union 411/93"

Prize list

2003 - Bourges 417/90th , 1337/266th ,1414/269th , 10.218/1451st , 45.684/5.569th ; Toury 138/16th , 661/26th ,501/48th ,721/50th , 1984/75th ; Argenton 105/9th ,175/12th , 629/30th , 427/41st , 1631/186th , 4723/358th , 4453/430th , 17.129/2110th ; Sens 126/32nd, 296/52nd , 514/102nd , 551/121st ; La Souterraine 4003/943rd ; Sens 79/25th , 159/39th , 165/40th , 142/37th

2004 - Soissons 584/97th ; Toury 595/24th , 977/44th ; Vierzon 231/26th ; Bourges 174/12th , 346/29th ; Blois 254/72nd ; Bourges 166/32nd ;
La Souterraine 171/2nd , 1361/21st , 3071/29th ; Argenton 380/39th ; Limoges 159/34th ; Toury 104/18th ; Bourges 107/11th , 339/19th ;
La Souterraine 352/14th ; Vichy Reg. 2nd, Prov. 2nd , Nat. 2nd ,
Nat. Hens 2nd

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