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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Christmas, peace on earth for everybody...
message posted on Thursday, December 26th, 2013

But as we can see and hear, you can’t endorse this claim because in Australia, the government annulled the marriages of gay people, which were allowed by the local authorities. And then in Belgium, they let fly over an American football player, who introduced him being gay, to kick off the game AA GENT-ANDERLECHT. Two complete different points of view… a minority against the opposition… which is very well understood with the Western people. I really don’t understand, even after the rather rough life I lead.

At this moment, there are already many Christmas youngsters in the plates on many lofts, which will get their rings on the last few days of December 2013. Make sure, you support them a bit and give the breeders an ampoule D-CURE, Vitamin D, every two weeks.  This will gives trong build youngsters with strong bones.


Recently we received following message in our mailbox.


Dear Michel ,
By reading your article, I would like to know which dose I have to use of Allimax oil macerate on 1 kilo grains? And how often do I have to give it ,….
Thanks very much and thank you for your articles of which us young fanciers, can learn a lot !!!!!
Kind regards H. G.


Brewer's yeast: something you
should always have in-house

Our answer:  When you want to start by using Allimax-Oil macerate, you best give a cure of 7 days, at 5 ml (1 coffee spoon) per kilo grains. Stir it a bit and let it dry. It’s not necessary to add something else but if you want you can also add some beer yeast.  Here by the mixture will dry faster and it’s ready to give it to your hungry pigeons. Afterwards, we give this twice a week (two days in a row) and this a whole year long. During the season, it’s best to use it the day after their arrival and the next day. It keeps the intestines free of parasites and it purifies the blood in a natural way. I also know : Allimax-Oil macerate isn’t cheap but it still remains a good advice.

New on the market :
These days, there are a lot of new products on the market and so it’s not easy for the firms to get people to buy their products. Sometimes, the time is bad chosen. Especially during winter, there’s no need of new products. Nevertheless, they can create the needs and the interest by well-chosen publicity. Recently we received some documentation of the high North, in which they announced a new efficient and natural product to treat cancer with pigeons ( TriColi STOP), developed by Pigeon Vitality. Of course, we were curious and asked to get more information about the product. A few samples of the product, allowed us to make a good judgement about the use of it.
You can read all about the scientific research of this product below.



A Remarkable & Natural Product Discovery


Dr Frode Brakstad nutritionist and CEO for the Norwegian company Pigeon Vitality, is delighted to announce the release of this innovative new product discovery,

“ TriColi STOP ”

After many years of research and recent extensive testing at one of the Worlds leading laboratories, scientists discovered that with the application of only 1 x capsule of TriColi STOP given to a pigeon it removed and KILLED 99.8% of Trichomonas gallinae, (canker) within 3 hours of administering without any resistance developing as a result of its natural content.

Dr Frode Brakstad

In the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Pathology, Bacteriology and Avian Diseases at the University of Ghent, numerous adult racing pigeons naturally infected with Trichomonas gallinae, (canker) were at random assigned into 2 groups. Prior to capsule administration a swab was taken to measure the presence of the disease. Immediately after swabbing, 1 capsule was administrated to each bird of the first group every 12 hours for 5 days, while the second group served as a positive control group. In all pigeons from both groups with the administration of 1 x TriColi STOP capsule and swabs then collected after 3 hours, proved continuously that 99.8% of Trichomonas gallinae, was positively killed.

Findings were in practice that after the administration of a capsule given on the evening of returning from a race or long training flight on that day, all traces of canker evident in the pigeons under stress were removed within only a few hours.

Recent studies of racing pigeons have revealed a negative effect on performance even in the mildest cases of canker. Perhaps more importantly to be aware of, even a subclinical case of canker in pigeons stressed from either shipping, training or from racing can open the door for more serious viral and bacterial respiratory problems.

TriColi STOP, this revolutionary and innovative product is a major breakthrough for the world of racing pigeons and is the latest product creation from the team of expert nutritionists at Pigeon Vitality who have been producing tried and tested natural products for many years, which are widely used by some of the most successful and best racing pigeon fanciers in the World.

As with all the products manufactured by Pigeon Vitality the TriColi STOP capsules are produced using only a 100% mixture of the finest natural organic substances and quality vitamins available and one of the major benefits of this is that unlike other pigeon medicines and antibiotic products on the market today, which tend to have poor pharmacokinetics and bacteriological efficacy causing unwanted side effects. With the use of TriColi STOP the pigeon cannot develop any resistance against the capsule neither can it develop any side effects from them as it is not a medicine but a natural manufactured product.

The capsule is guaranteed to work on every application, thus making the pigeon healthier and stronger for future breeding years and bring the pigeon into its peak racing condition much faster, week after week. With the use of TriColi STOP it also resulted in a rapid recovery of the pigeon’s condition, cleaning the liver and greatly suppressing the E. Coli and Salmonella diseases within the pigeon. Pigeon Vitality, specialise in developing natural products that encourage healthy pigeons and therefore lead to winning performances.

This exciting product announcement is being well received by both customers and resellers Worldwide and the first batch of capsules will be readily available for delivery around the first or second week in April, in time for the start of the new racing season in the UK.

TriColi STOP is manufactured and supplied in tubs of 100 capsules. For more information please visit the website at:- , there you will find a list of the world wide  resellers, details on the range of natural Pigeon Vitality products and the successful racing product application schedule.



Hereby we can make the conclusion that TriColi STOP is ready to be used with success against  cancer with racing pigeons and without side effects.
May be there’s one thing that have been better to use.  We preferred  it to be in a round capsule, which is much easier to push down the throat of a pigeon. Nevertheless, if you put the capsule in a bit of water, it also slides better down the throat of the bird. So it’s another advice of which the use is approved by the scientists too.

We will be back after New Year, around January 9th, if all goes well.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Your servant


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