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translation from Dutch by LCB
 We have succeeded : "A DREAM HAS COME TRUE" in "BLUE HEAVEN LOFT"
message posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Mission accomplished… August 11th : was the weekend when the national race from ARGENTON (540Km) was on the programme. The whole racing team and all youngsters 2013 went into the basket. And I’m very proud to announce that I did what I wished for in the season 2013: ”To win a National victory” and my wish came true. Our “LILI”: 2007064-11 won 1st National Argenton against +- 6.000 pigeons. You can take a close look at her prize list at the added picture. Her origins can be found in the added information. This victory brought along many emotions. The release was big. Being rewarded for all efforts and a lot of work, that does something to a man. But where does the name “LILI” come from? Well; I’ll explain it immediately.  During my stay of 20 years in Taiwan, I got to know a very beautiful woman. She was the owner of a very busy “Caféshop” on one of the busiest avenues in Taipei. She was much taller as I am but it was love on first sight. In fact, there was a friend of mine, who was visiting me at that moment, who also liked her very much. Her name was “LILI”.  And as it goes in certain circumstances, one thing lead to another. In fact, life is a search for happiness and good luck.

pedigree - palmares


But rather soon, I made the conclusion that I couldn’t give her what she wanted and that she came short of what I wanted. So we couldn’t talk about “the perfect pair”. One day, some time later, she phoned me to say that she was going to move to the United States of America and she asked me if I didn’t want to leave with her. I  answered that I loved the Chinese food too much and I didn’t want to eat hamburgers in Mac Donalds! End of story. “LILI” in Blue Heaven Loft is one of the pigeons that does more than 1.300 m/m. Normally she had to be our first signed but because of a small misunderstanding, she wasn’t. When I passed her on to my wife, I asked her to put the hen in the first compartment of the basket but my wife put her in the 6th.  Chinese people read from the right to the left. I noticed this when I was basketing my pigeons in the club and because I didn’t want it to become complicated for me, I put her in as 6th signed. Nevertheless, she didn’t disappoint us.

I already saw and experienced a lot in my life.  But what happened now on Blue Heaven Loft, is something I never experienced before. I already mentioned it before that my test pilots (pigeons of 2012, only moved to the racing loft September 2012) would be trained and played together with my youngsters 2013. After the national race from Bourges (27/7), I noticed a well build young cock, which was seduced by 3 ladies; two of 2013 and one of 2012. Very soon, there were eggs but it took some time before they found out how to breed. Sometimes, you could find three pigeons on the same nest. One was on top of the cock and the other was under his paws and tale. You can imagine that he didn’t mind at all but bit by bit, the three ladies started to get jealous. Each of them wanted to be alone with him on the nest. Till now, all of this went rather well but suddenly the jealousy became stronger and they started to fight. I really had to do something about it. Especially the yearling hen wanted to be alone on the nest with Don Juan (cock). But of course, the two young hens weren’t happy with it either.  They accepted one another but they started to hate the yearling hen. I regularly had to avoid a fight, by bringing the yearling hen to another compartment. The question was, what this would give on the following races. From Argenton, all 4 of them won their prize and this weekend, the national race from Issoudun(486Km), they repeated it one more time. Now, I’m going to give them a “grain youngster” and we’ll wait and see what this will bring. The National race from  La Souterraine (576Km) is already waiting and will be done next weekend (August 24th).  This national race has already been won twice by Blue Heaven; first with  “ADONIS” : 1141085/03 and the second time with “CHRISTINA” B06-2215116, against 17595 pigeons. May be we can do this one more time? Who knows?

The National race from Issoudun was one for the fast pigeons. When the first pigeon had a speed of 1582 m/m, all fanciers know that you had to watch carefully because they pass the loft and if they have to return, it wasn’t easy with such a strong wind. We clocked 60 pigeons within one hour, about 50% prize. But because most pigeons were mislead by the strong South South West wind, we’ll do everything to put things back in a row for the next race from La Souterraine that will take place next August 24th.  We’ll see what will happen. In the mean time, we’re still enjoying our Nation al victory from Argenton.

To finish, I would like to show you what I recently read in the “Wereldatlas van Seksualiteit”: in the mean time, we found out that the Belgian people don’t make love as much as they did before but they do go more elsewhere.  Only the French and the Italians do it even more besides with their own partner.  May be that’s the reason why the number of birth dropped in our country. This can only be because of more partners of the same sex live with each other but recently a very famous Russian athlete that this kind of conditions don’t appear in Russia because there only boys and girls or men and women live with each other. I don’t know but this is what was written in my daily newspaper.

Indispensable in the loft if something
goes wrong with the intestines.

Also this : be careful when you use different by-products at the same time. I know that the number of meals we can give in between two national races, aren’t that many. This is why the fanciers want to give as much as possible in this short period in the drinking water and in the food. We’ve already experienced ourselves. When pigeons start to vomit after they’ve eaten and drunk, points that they had a too high dose of electrolytes and amino acids. In this case, you should take it all away immediately and give them clear water and pure food. Afterwards, it’s best to give them PRODIGEST(HAP) in the water to recover better and gives a better metabolism, which will make the manure better and there’s no more danger. If you want to use more than one by-product in the drinking water, you have to make sure that it dissolves well before you give it to your pigeons. We always use two carafes (see picture). At first, we mix it well and then we pour it in the other carafe. Also be careful with fluids that don’t dissolve well and leave some residue in the drinking pot. All small details that can have large consequences. The eye of the master should see it and make sure that everything’s all right. I’m sure that if you pay attention to what we mentioned, you will have the advantages.

The season 2013 will soon be ended but there still three national races on the program. To all that read me, I wish you all a good end of the season 2013 and who knows, may be there’s a national victory to come. Of course, you have to participate to every offer you get. Good luck and I’ll be back on September 3rd, if all goes well. That’s the day of basketing for the last national race from Gueret (573km). Till then…

Your servant


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