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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Happiness is like a butterfly; not easy to catch !…
message posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Between Christmas an New Year, we took our time to make an inventory and to evaluate our racers. After this research, I can easily say that all pigeons on our racing loft, as well cocks as hens, already thrown their 10th pinion. These aren’t paired yet and this will only happen, according to our habit, on February 2nd 2013. We say and write now: December 28th 2012. We’ve just returned from the loft to observe and realise that all runs as it should and the moulting hasn’t been interrupted. This makes us very happy. Surely if you know that all pigeons present, race till half of September, which means, till and with the last national race from Gueret (567km). At that moment, they still were on 6or 7 pinions and those all are thrown before the change of year. We like it like this and to us, this also is the prove that the system we follow, is ideal.

Winter condition:
flying widowers
  Trust between pigeon and fancier
is of great importance

So we took our time to persuade us and many pigeons passed the revue. The more pigeons I took in the hand, the better impression I got about their new and very soft feather with which they have to compete in 2013. I still have the impression, and I will do it by this article, that I take the challenge that in 2013, “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT” will become very important on the national heavy middle distance races, organised by the KBDB.  We will do our very best to win another national victory…Hopefully the KBDB will remain with their decisions so the national calendar won’t be changed. Let’s be patient…
The last days of December 2012, we took a look at the Public Auctions, organised and presented by “LA COLOMBOPHILIE BELGE”.
It’s really wonderful how they describe and present each pigeon to the public. When you take your time and take a good look to the site on the internet, you will see that they do a great job by describing each pigeon with a lot of information.
When you watch the aspirant buyers closely, you can see clearly that nothing has changed in this scenario. People watch the pigeons, take them in the hands and take notes and this is what they do with each pigeon. But what do you see during the auction, when each bird is presented one by one? Only few or nothing at all of the pigeons they took notes, can’t be bought. The budget they intended to spend, isn’t enough to shut up the last bidder. I assume that those that go to an auction, already knows what he wants to buy. Those that are looking for a cock, will try his luck on some cocks for which he already thought about the hens he has on his own loft. Those that are looking for reinforcement and have a cock at home, will search for a hen to pair him with. But what do you often seen? When the selected cock or hen will be sold, the prize will be higher as expected and so the bird can’t be bought. I think it’s not a good idea when those people will exchange the one they couldn’t buy with a few others further in the auction. According to us, it’s not normal but later on it happens again and they start to bid on other pigeons, which they didn’t even take in their hands or checked.  Of course the one who calls up the pigeons, knows how to present the birds but in fact the buyer doesn’t know what he’s buying, whether it’s a cock or a hen. Here they just buy to become owner of the origins of the one who sells and I think this is wrong because you don’t get any further. We prefer to do otherwise. When we’re looking for reinforcement (who isn’t?), we’ll first take a close look at the auction program and afterwards we try and study it on the internet. Once we made our choice, we wait for the day of auction, where we can take a close look at the pigeons and take them in our hands. If we don’t succeed to buy the bird we prefer, we won’t buy another one for compensation. Of course, not all of us think the same way and we respect it.
But do you remember the Late Piet de Weerd?  When he had a pigeon in his hands to take a close look, he said: ” 90% of the bird in my hands, is orientation,” while he took its head between his thumb and forefinger. ”We can’t see inside its head but we can only guess about its aura. A dry, white nose, a shining well coloured eye that’s well closed and that’s it.  Remains only 10% to give us an idea about the bird I hold in my hands.” So Piet refered to the strength of its carcass, the supple wing, the trembling muscles, the well-closed coccyx, very closely to the end of the breast-bone. Here for we have to practice by taking as many pigeons as possible in our hands and the public auction is the ideal place to practice.  Here we can compare the pigeons in auction with the best birds on your own loft. And Piet continues: ”Of the 10% they offer us, there’s not even 1% that most fanciers can see, observe and appreciate.”
Luckily all eyes are different. What one likes, will be ignored by another one and that’s good. Imagine that we all fall in love with the same beautiful woman.  What would happen then? And yes, it’s the same rule with pigeons and women and that will never change.  You should both take them in the hands, to know about “the meat in the barrel”.

Proteins and Omega 3:
during the breeding period
available at the better veterinarian

BLUE HEAVEN LOFT : all our breeders, except for some pairs, have already dropped their first egg between the 9th and the 12th day after the pairing. Once they laid their second egg, we continued like this.  Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we moved all eggs of the breeders and put them under the feeders. We do this every year and so within two weeks, we have 4 eggs of the same pair. The second lay, they can breed and raise their own youngsters. The meaning of all of this, so the hen won’t get closed after we took away her first eggs. When you wait a few days longer to take away the eggs, it will slow down the second round of eggs, at least with 2 or 3 days. When you give them enough grit, little stones and vitamineral, you don’t have to worry and you won’t have any problems with the eggs.
Recently we read an interesting article about “Respiration problems and the herpes virus with pigeons”.  In the mean time, we already got the permission of the scientists to publish this article on our website.  You’ll find the total publication in the salutation of our next article.
Till then and in the mean time stay well…
Your servant


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