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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Beautiful songs never last long…
message posted on Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

It’s hot outside, the sun burns like hell, birds gasp for oxygen and water and also our pigeons sometimes lie on their side gasping, with their wing wide open in the sun.
When you take a close look these days and observe their attitude, you can find out many things about their condition.
Of course it’s also hot on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT. More than 30° Celsius isn’t rare, even with our vaporising system, which brings some freshness and humidity on the lofts. Nevertheless, the temperature remains above the normal, even with all doors and windows open day and night, the heat remains muggy sultry and I can’t stand it.
Although I recently heard that our pigeons can stand the heat better than we think. I know I need to explain because many fanciers don’t believe it.  Well as you know, we brought our old and yearling birds on a nest at the end of July, after the national race from Bourges. As you all know, it’s not easy to them training well because you have to take them of their nests.  But I think I found the solution. In the morning, the hens are on their nest and so very early (today, Sunday August 19th ) they got outside at 06:10, together with the young cocks. At that hour the birds are a bit nervous but this gives them more speed. After one hour of good training, which still happens with our “THEFLYINGPIGEONTRAINER” ( website   where you can order), we call them inside, where they are fed all together, while the hens are still on their nest. But then, at 14:00 hours in the afternoon, they change on the nest. The cocks on the nest and the hens (which have eaten the rest of the cocks) have to go outside, where the temperature has climbed till 35-36° Celsius. At first we meant to keep them in the air for about 20 minutes, but we soon noticed that the longer they flew, the better they trained. When the normal training hour was finished and the THEFLYINGPIGEONTRAINERS (4 of them) were taken inside, they remained in the sky for about another quarter of an hour. When we finally got them inside, they didn’t seem to be tired but they all, without an exception, ran to the drinking pot. Hereby I think that all of this only depends on the condition of the pigeons. When something is wrong or when they don’t feel well, they don’t stay in the air that long, all they want is to get inside no matter what. Pay attention to this…
We want to give you more information about the use of “CONCENTRATE OF RED BEET JUICE”. We had a lot of reactions, mails and phone calls, about the previous article of this juice…they all wanted more information about the red beet juice. A capable scientist (JL of the Firm COMED) was friendly enough to give me more information. We offer it integral and we hope that it will make it all clear.

Read this carefully :

Red beet juice: myth or truth?

For a long time, we already know that the red beet juice lowers the blood pressure. In February 2008, a scientific article appeared about the effect of the juice on the blood pressure.  It appeared in a journal of the American Heart Association, the ‘ journal of hypertension’.

In August 2009, Professor Andy Jones of the University of Exeter published a study, in which they say that the red beet juice improves the performances of the athletes.
In this study with 8 experimental subjects, it seemed that by drinking the red beet juice, their performances improve with 2% in time. (for example 2% running faster, 2% riding faster)
It confirms that it lowers the blood pressure.
The reason is the high percentage of nitrate in the juice.
They already knew for a long time in child science, that nitrates make it more difficult to absorb oxygen. This is the reason why babies can’t drink well-water in certain regions. Or why you can’t give warmed up spinach to children. Nitrates are absorbed by the small intestin and it gets out by sweat, urine, mother milk and saliva. Of this nitrate in the saliva, under the influence of the present microbes, a large part turns into nitrite, which is not good for little children or babies. The nitrite lowers the absorption of oxygen and they can get the so called “blue disease” (methemoglobinemie) with blue lips and blue finger tops.
This isn’t going that fats with healthy grown ups and the nitrite will take care of an “upregulation” of the enzymes in the cell, which take care of the absorption of oxygen. This means that with the same amount of the absorbed oxygen, this adequator can be used to provide you with energy.
Besides red beets, there are several other vegetables that contain nitrate like celery, endive and spinach. In meat we often find nitrite as an additive.
Nitrate is and remains a toxic product in higher concentration. So be careful not to take too much, certainly with children. That’s why the EU and the World health organisation made several prescriptions: only a certain percentage of nitrate can be present in vegetables and they advice not more than 7mg nitrate per kg/day. In Belgium the daily take per adult is estimated at 110 mg.  We still can take some more to keep within the food security. They estimate the deadly dose of nitrate at 33 mg/kg for babies and 250 mg/kg for adults.
Personally I think that when you get enough variation of vegetables or juices rich of nitrate will surely do no damage to our health. It probably has a positive effect on our health when you eat in a proper balance.  Be careful with children!
Does it improve the results? The effect is very small. No need for amateurs to start drinking litres of the red beet juice. May be they can think about it for the professional athletes. On scientific view, there are a lot of other factors, which have a certain effect, independent of each other. It’s clear they have to do a lot more study.  The English study with 8 test subjects or the group of 6 on television (tested on people) are not enough to make the whole world drink this juice.
Judge for yourself :
Eating healthy with a lot of variation with 3 pieces of fruit a day and a lot of vegetables (also with nitrate) and not a lot of fat, is essential for each athlete who wants to stay healthy.
The future and some more studies will bring us more information!

It’s all worth it to give you the information. ”Something for everybody”, I would say.
And by reading this, the second last national race from La Souterraine (576Km.) is on its way. We already could write down this national race on our name. In 2004 with the old birds with “ADONIS”, the 085/03 and in 2006, “CHRISTINA” : 2215116/06 won against 17500 pigeons. And when the weather gods like us, we will compete again for a place on the stage. Those that live, will see…
Stay well,

Your servant


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