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translation from Dutch by LCB
 All has its limits…
message posted on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

In 2011, during spring races, we had unexpected visit. A vet from Flanders had to be in our neighbourhood and he asked if I had time to talk.  As usual I was very curious. We talked about many things and most certainly about our pigeons.  What was the main subject?  We didn’t talk about the food but mostly about medication and my experience with it. You can’t imagine this man of science reaction, when I told him I never used BAYTRIL(*) on my loft.  He asked to explain and our point of view about this product. So I explained that we always were a bit scared to use Baytril. I know how to use it but till now, we succeeded to avoid the use of this strong antibiotic. Of course, we know very well that many fanciers use it on regular times, correct or not. On these lofts, all pigeons, which they bought on other lofts, get a cure of 10 days with Baytril.  It has become a habit from which they keep doing. We can understand they do it with pigeons that come on their loft because they don’t want to take any risk. But to use this in the middle of the season is a sign of irresponsibility. To us, it seems like someone who wants to kill a mosquito with a canon. Besides, resistance appears on many of these lofts, which use Baytril a lot. The product is no longer efficient and it will bring more bad than good. The only positive aspect is that the product doesn’t attack the intestines, however sensitive this is with our pigeons.

Only on prescription
with the better veterinarian
On 1 May I changed from
"DARK PLUS" mix to
Now is the time to start using

We also talked about SOLUDOX (Doxycycline) and the good it does by the care-taking and the treatment of the upper bronchial tubes. At this moment, Soludox is the best known product, used by a lot of fanciers, surely at the beginning of the season. But like all medication, also Soludox has advantages and disadvantages.  This product has an influence on the intestines of our birds and so we advice not to use it too much. Nevertheless we gave  Soludox to our racers but not too much. We still prefer SUANOVIL (spiramycine) when there are problems with the eyes or the heads of our pigeons. The liquid Suanovil that cold be used to inject but this is no longer available. The powder of Suanovil is still for sale but you always have to get a subscription of your vet. About 40 years ago, I visited the master of pigeon sport; Jan Grondelaers from Opglabbeek. Jan and I, could talk forever about our pigeons and I used to be his banker too, hereby our relationship. Already then, Jan used the Suanovil powder.  He used to give it to all his racers in the drinking water but in very high concentration.  The result was that his birds seemed to be drunk and a little bit down.  The almost fell backwards while they tried to find the support of their tail. In fact it was not easy to look at but soon the birds got back to normal. Did it work? The results of Jan wrote history and we will never forget this incident.
(*) DICORAL : is a cheaper version of Baytril.
For some time now, pigeon sport is more than feeding and drinking them. Nowadays it’s a lot more than this. You always have to watch out and most certainly observe them. I already mentioned before that we use a basic mixture to which we add other seeds and grains, which all depends on their need end how many energy they use. Recently, we bought some bags of this basic mixture and I immediately noticed something different about the volume of the bags.  They seemed to be bigger than before. On the outside we saw no difference but we were curious to take a look on the inside. It seemed that everything was OK. We were very surprised after the second meal, that our pigeons had left many grains.  Of course, by the sight of this, I panicked a bit and so I contacted the firm. I talked to a co-worker of the firm and he listened to what I told him.  He promised to do some research. This was Friday afternoon, just before the weekend when he had to go to Germany. After this weekend, I soon got an answer. The problem seemed to be the cardy they used. When they weigh the cardy, they came to the conclusion that the weight was much lower than normal. So they had to add more of this to come to the exact weight. That’s why the bags were more like a balloon. “We will replace the bags that are left”, the man said, thinking that this was the answer to the problem. At first, this doesn’t seem to be a big problem but to us it’s terrible and unbelievable.  But what could we do?  Little causes can become big problems. There also was a bag of little Cribbs corn, that only lasted till the end of May. We only noticed it when we put the bag on the elevator to bring upstairs to the loft (our mistake).  Our pigeons also left this corn till the end, which wasn’t logical either. So we cleaned it up and threw it away, you can never leave it up to coincidence. The difference is to be found in little things because winning and loosing are very close. Watch out carefully!!
Conclusion : on our loft, the radio is playing all day long and rather loudly.  My wife doesn’t like this and she often asks me if I’m deaf and then she turns the button. The pigeons are used to it and I think they rest better and more. Nowadays, you hear and read all kind of things.  The VIPS do everything they can to show of with the number of women with which they made love. We are more modest about these things and we don’t like to get the attention. Although painful knees and elbows are the prove of this. As I heard on the radio ( sometimes Club FM, JOE FM or Radio 2).  A mother of two teenage daughters mentioned that her daughters forgot to wear their panties. It seems the world is changing. In our days, the waterfall was a well-closed place with a strong fence. It was not very easy to get to the most sensitive spot of a woman. You had to take of a lot of clothes or roll them down. Nowadays it’s all different, you can drive inside just like that, there are no fences. But this isn’t all.  In one of the recent weekends we read something else and we would like to share it with you. It was written down in a weekend-magazine inside the newspaper. By Sex and Relation, a therapist, calling herself a specialist concerning love and sex, explained and answered:

“For 14 years now, I’m married to my husband.  For a while now, I’m no longer satisfied about our sex life. The penetration only lasts 15 minutes and this used to be longer before. The more I complain about it, the faster it goes. What can we do about it?”   
Her answer :
You seem to ask the question if your husband has an early ejaculation.  But that’s not the problem. Normally a penetration lasts between 3 and 8 minutes. So if your husband can penetrate for 15 minutes, that’s already long. Of course you sense it differently. But the more pressure you put on your husband, the faster he will be. The less pressure, the less he has the feeling that he has to score and the better it will be.  If your not satisfied, you should ask yourself about the foreplay. Are you content about that aspect?  Do you spend enough time here? Is there the game of seduction sometimes?  I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with a good foreplay and a short penetration.

Conclusion :  women which are not pleased about the achievement of their husband. But how many men aren’t pleased about their women? How many men are looking a relation elsewhere because they don’t get what they want at home?  How many have to beg and fall on their knees to have sex? They only talk about the problems of the women in those magazines. What happens to men and how they feel, even when their gun is loaded and ready to shoot and they get rejected? There are many falls reasons and women like to use them : “Not tonight darling!”

Some news about BLUE HEAVEN LOFT: our racers did Momignies (110 km) and today 29/04/2012, Nanteuil(+-250Km). At the beginning of May , Saturday 5th will be the first middle distance (376Km) and we don’t want to miss it. They are ready … and at the beginning of May, when the weather is good, we start to drive our yougnsters, every day if it’s possible because we want to be present when the season for the young pigeons starts on May 19/20. We’re curious what it will bring.
P.S. : thanks again to all those people that send a mail concerning the old things of the pigeon sport for our Chinese friend. We collect all the information and we assure you an answer as soon as he’s back in our country.
To all who read me : stay well, stay healthy and a lot of success for the season of 2012 ….


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