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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Don’t say everything you know but know what you say…
message posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2012

In one of our previous editions, we said that people talk a lot about sex but they don’t do it enough…
Well, coincidence or not.  A professor at the University of Leuven had a research about sex in general. By an appeal by a television program, he reached about 100.000 people, who wanted to participate to this research. By all their answers, he got to a very interesting conclusion, which you could read in several newspapers, on television or may be on some radio stations. The result of this research showed, that we weekly have only one time sex, not 3 times as they usually say. Of course, this is a conclusion based on statistics and as we all know, this isn’t always the exact reality. But still, it shows that the sex life of the average Belgian, is going down. What could be the reason? Is there an explanation? We think there is. If you know that one Belgian on 10 is taking antidepressives, which is very disappointing. Luckily that we men are always prepared when we get the opportunity. Women on the other hand, are always looking for excuses and they’re prepared to do everything to keep their men at a distance when he comes too close. What can we do about it? As a captain at a ship, you have to leave it as last one when it’s sinking. Stepping over to another boat is not always available for everybody. Not all of us have the courage, even i fit shows a possible solution. That’s what life is about : people are searching, chasing, get married, have children which grow up, leave the house and start their own family.  Then husband and wife are left alone to grow old together. Women still have to pass their menopause while men want to stay sexually active, which is very important for them to stay healthy. But he will slowly agree with the vision of his wife. The passion slowly takes off and the result is that men start to get problems with their prostate which mostly get paired with high blood pressure and the medication has an effect on the impotence of the man, which will take care of a definite decline. That’s our vision to life and surely not everybody will agree. We have to admit that he who’s happy with what he gets and has, is worth to be alive… So far, a portion of sexual experiences. I can’t ignore to write about it. From the beginning I mentioned that my life is obsessed with pigeons and women and that’s what I take care of every day. I admire both of them. I regularly noticed and experienced that there’s not a lot of difference between a beautiful pigeon and a beautiful woman. You have to take them both in your hands, to feel their qualities… That’s how it is…

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Let’s go back to the pigeons.  It’s winter and very cold, minus 12° Celsius with an ice cold wind, direction East, North-East blowing around BLUE HEAVEN LOFT and it’s not a good feeling. Inside the loft, the temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. Our ATX plates are on maximum and it’s good when the humidity meter stays around 50°. These take care of the ideal climate on the loft, without using oxygen. Really ideal with this kind of weather conditions.
Against our principals, our breeders and racers weren’t treated against cancer before the pairing in December and we didn’t do it during the breeding period. Nevertheless, all little birds seem to be healthy. We will do a preventive cure with our racers. Once the little ones are weaned, the cocks and the hens will be separated and they will get Ronidazole in their drinking water for about 5 days. In the mean time, we already made an appointment with our vet Raf Herbots, to vaccinate our youngsters against Paramixo /Pox. These are the first and second round of our breeders and the youngsters of the racers will be at that moment 4 till 6 weeks old. When you let them vaccinate that early (good for their immunity) it’s good to do this a second time when they are about 10-12 weeks. We do this for precaution because it’s a fact that when you vaccinate them on a very young age; it doesn’t always work well.  In between the two vaccinations, we’ll still have enough time to free them from cancer and 10 days after the second vaccination with PMV/POX, we can slowly start to learn them. At that moment they will be about 3 months old.




Seen from heaven :
Recently I got a mail of a French fancier who send me some photos, taken out of a balloon above the French region and the route, which our pigeons have to take when they return back home. After seeing these pictures (click on the image below)...

..., you will probably envy your pigeons about what they get to see every week. When you take a look to these pictures, we should ask ourselves what they look at and if they use what they see?
To me it’s a fact that our pigeons find their way home based on some things they remember. These can be certain points; high towers, castles, factories, high ways and water streams. At the River, the Leie, in the region of Gent, lives a fancier who plays super results. Of course the man has good pigeons but they have the advantage of what the Leie offers. They always can follow the stream on their way back home and as long as the weather conditions allow it, our pigeons will follow West-North-West direction from the start.  When it’s a real early releasement, they will always choose the direction of the rising sun and afterwards they certainly follow certain points they remember. We sa wit some years ago when we had some problems with the birds flew and we had to race from Germany (East). I already mentioned this before and I have to mention it again. Those 2 or 3 flights from the East, proved that those pigeons with a lot of experience, which already yearly raced about 10.000 km. These old and yearling birds all arrived back home in little groups of 3-4 pigeons, all out of the South. Our youngsters, played on the same race, all returned directly out of the East. This assured us even more that pigeons, with great endurance to return home, will look out for certain points, which they remembered. They are already trying to find about the orientation of our birds and how they find their way back home. But nature doesn’t show its secrets. This is the same with women who cheat on their husband, they always want it to stay a secret and ignore it all as long as the real lover will be pointed at the true facts.
Playing with pigeons and loving women is an addiction, which fills my whole life. Still it’s better than 1 out of 10 of the population, which are sensitive for stress and have to take antidepressives…
That’s it for now, keep your hope up, stay optimistic and carpe diem…

Till next time.


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