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 An early bird catches the worm but the night brings out all secrets and truth…
message posted on Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Necessity is the mother of ingenuity

Those that didn’t pair already, may need some advice. Especially old hens sometimes have some problems to lay their first round of eggs. Some time ago, before pairing, we used to give a cure with Ampicilline but now this isn’t no longer available. So we had to find an alternative. Not easy to do because the use of antibiotics becomes very difficult the last few years and then it’s up to the vet to search a solution. We can’t that much any more, without his interference.

Our search brought us with PENTREXYL(ampoules of 2ml). Contact your vet for this because he has to dissolve the ampoules in 100cc NaCl.0.9%.

And those, with whom the pigeons are still seperated, mostly the racers, and who turned over to a light food with a lot of yeast, do well to add some Calcium a few days a week. But because Calcium demands to add vitamins D, you can use D-Vital Forte of Will Pharma or D-Cure solution of SMB, a few drops over the food, easy, practical en very cheap. It really helps, especially with the first drop of eggs. Afterwards you can even add some MAGNESIUM, once a week and here you can use Promagnor (Merck). It’s a substance that dissolves in the water and you see your pigeons recover very fast. When you want to keep it easy, you can use FERTIBOL(COMED) and also here you have to add vitamins D. A very good product: PROVIT FORTE of the firm HERBOTS ANIMAL PRODUCTS, which you can give from the moment of pairing till the youngsters get weaned.


NEW!  Versele-Laga just introduced a new mixture of minerals :”All-In-One” of Colombine. We will test it some weeks to find out about the result.  


Another mineral mix which is already on the market and very efficient is “HERBO-MIX” of Herbovet . You can find out for yourself.


There’s also something new for the widowers loft; little wooden boxes in which you can put some Candy-seed or peanuts and it’s very easy to make. (you can watch it in the attachment). One little disadvantage is that they may be a bit deeper.(Hermes, Germany)

Now something else…We found out of very good sources, that there are some disagreements at the top of the KBDB.  Let’s hope that the best may win.  But he who got the most votes on his name, he can demand the presidency, which is very logical and democratic. In the interest of all fanciers, let’s hope that common sense will win and not political friends. Wait and see…

When you’re not sure that your pigeons are totally free from cancer, it’s best to do a cure during the breeding period. There’s a new and soft product on the market : “STOMORGYL” (Merial), a French product. Your vet can easily provide this after a good microscope research.

Don’t forget it’s also time to do a bacteriological research. Collect some manure for about 5 days, mix it well and bring it to your vet to ask for a microscope, parasite and bacteriological research. He will send it to the lab where they put it in culture for a very good research. You will get the result after 3 or 4 days with a very clear answer and all of this for about 30 €.

When you let vaccinate your pigeons against Paramixo and Paratyphus, you can also test them on worms. You really should do this because you can’t go to the vet with all your pigeons. So it’s best to do a short cure. “LEVAMISOLE”(Rippercol) of Jansen Farmaceutica is a very good product.  Use 5 ml. per litre water for 1 day. Leave your pigeons without water from the previous evening and feed them a bit in the morning, noon and in the evening. It’s necessary they drink 3 times a day, so they get enough of the product inside of them. When you find worms, you should do another cure for a day after two weeks. Be sure to clean your boxes and the floor very carefully, you can even use some “fire”…but be careful. It’s best to do this one time very well than two times not enough.

Pigeons always fly home but our women like to be away from home…That’s why the most honoured women are those we don’t talk about. And by experience we learned that the first decision of a woman is the best, the last one is very dangerous…That’s why it’s best to hide your straw in two sheds: when one burns down, you still have the other… Be warned...


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