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translation from Dutch by LCB
 When the need is high, salvation is near by
message posted on Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Finally, the vaccination product against the Paramixo Virus, Colombovac PMV ( 10ml/50 doses) and Colombovac, Paramixo/Pox will be in the running again by the firm Pfizer. It’s necessary to get in contact with your vet and make an appointment, so he can vaccinate your pigeons as soon as possible. You can imagine, after such a long time of waiting, that everybody want to be helped as soon as possible. It’s an obligation, this vaccination against Paramixo. But when there’s not enough vaccination product, there’s nothing you can do as a fancier. Isn’t this a task for our leaders of the KBDB? They should be able to do something about it. They know the proper authorities and they can explain the need of the Paramixo Virus vaccination. Hopefully this will all soon be solved and they will be no more shortage of the product in the near future. All they have to do is make sure that there will be a balance between the demand and the offer.  When is the best time to vaccinate? This can be easily done at any time without a negative impact on the feathers and the breeding. Nevertheless I received some reactions of several fanciers, who think that this vaccination against Paratyfus is all about money. As I already mentioned in a previous article, that the vaccination product, Colombovac Pt(Paratyfus) was back in the running and my advice to vaccinate, isn’t accepted by many of us. Of course it’s not an obligation to vaccinate against Paratyfus and everybody does what he prefers. But I can’t ignore the feeling that there’s a danger when you don’t let them vaccinate against this fatal diseases. And there’s nothing wrong, when you want to be sure. If you mean well with your pigeons, you won’t leave anything to coincidence. There’s not much you can control as a fancier but those things you can control, you should be thankful for.  And I repeat that a vaccination against Paratyfus will exclude many problems. And what do you prefer?  I’m sure you prefer your pigeons to be clean and not being carriers of Paratyfus.  Many pigeons are carriers of this disease.  Till shortly, pigeons remained carriers, even after a treatment. This can be excluded perfectly if you give the treatment they should have, like I described before. When you don’t let them vaccinate and later on your pigeons don’t score well, you will stay behind with a bad feeling, wondering if it’s not because you didn’t let them vaccinate. Well, I couldn’t live with it… But who am I? A 76 year old man, who still doesn’t have to live of memories but who works for the future, with all kinds of plans and motivation to remain within the team of the better fanciers. Breeding and playing with the pigeons, the relation with the animals, to guide them as well as possible. Although I don’t have to prove anything no more but I’m sure that many fanciers are waiting for me to fall of the stage. And may be, that day will come but I will do anything possible to postpone that day as long as possible. Surely it won’t be tomorrow. I believe in those that look for the truth but I doubt those that think they found it…. Question of a reader : somebody learned from his father that the white stripes at the outer tail-feathers should be as long and white as possible, till the black part. What do you think about it? My answer: well I don’t pay a lot of attention to it but sometimes I catch myself that I do look at it. We move the tail-feathers to the left or to the right and do search for that white part. To us to it’s a positive point and when we should choose between two equal pigeons, we surely would chose the one with the largest and widest stroke.  But we do think it’s too much to withdraw a pigeon only for this quality. In fact, when you want this quality, you just have to breed with pigeons that have this quality. And after some time, your whole loft will be filled whit such a wide, white stroke. Then you can ask yourself if the orientation of these birds has improved too.  I don’t think so but there are always exceptions. Till here about this aspect…. Somebody else wanted to know, if we let vaccinate our pigeons a second time against Paratyfus, just before the season? Here a short answer. Those that read us regularly already know how we do this. After a double vaccination (with an in-between of 2-3 weeks) at the end of September, beginning of October, we are sure to pass winter. In March 2012, we will let our racers vaccinate again against Paratyfus, which should give them a boost so they can conquer the season with success. But pay attention!  No more double vaccination in spring, like the firms prescribe. With each vaccination, there’s a preparation period in advance; 7 till 10 days EMDOTRIM in the water, then let them vaccinate and again 4 till 5 days the same cure. But it should be clear : you don’t have to do all of this for me. My pigeons and me feel well with this system, which we notice the way they behave in spring and how they react to the vaccination….What about BLUE HEAVEN LOFT? The pigeons for the winter breed are chosen and all are written down on paper, where we find all kind of information. All we have to do is take them in our hands and put them together in their boxes. By certain circumstances, we will only be able to pair them around December 15th, about three weeks later than last year. But this shouldn’t be any problem and I’m sure that these youngsters will do as well as the earlier ones. In 2011, we already noticed that the youngsters of the second and third round, did as well as their older brothers and sisters. May be, we should go back to the old system; to pair on February 2nd.  I still remember the seventies, when we still were playing till and with the last race from  Angoulème (more than 600km.) One thing you had to do; you had to bring these youngsters on nest, paired to an older partner and there wouldn’t be any problem. May be the big lost with our youngsters nowadays, is the result of the winter breed and the darkening.  Recently I asked the leaders of the KBDB, to sell the rings a month later, on February 1st. Surely they never thought about it before and nobody ever asked it before. The only disadvantage could be that they wouldn’t sell that many rings, although I doubt it. We’ll see what will happen to our youngsters 2012. If the lost will remain like before, may be they should do something about it. You can be sure that there’s a solid way in life: if one door gets closed, another will open up…..Straight out of life : I’m not that young anymore and I always have been obsesses by women and pigeons. For many years, they are part of my life. Luckily I have a very good wife and I should take her on my two hands just like my friend Filip. Very recently, we had a little quarrel and suddenly my wife asked: ”You didn’t take Viagra, did you?”  What would you think, I don’t need these things yet….Later on, after we both calmed down a bit, she put her arm around me and looked me in the eyes, while softly saying: ”Why don’t we open a BAR? You could be the GIGOLO and I can do the recet?... What does a man want to hear more of his own wife?  It sounds like music in your ears.  And if that even wasn’t enough, there also was the song of Julio Eglesias:”To all the girls I loved before…” Life can be so beautiful!  

Finally : I almost forgot to tell. When you’re looking for reinforcement (who doesn’t).  You will get the opportunity of your life at the auction of the DENO-HERBOTS from Leefdaal, which sell all their old pigeons on December 17th and 18th 2011, a date to remember. Are there super pigeons in this auction?  Everything will be sold, a real unique offer. When you need more information, you can get in contact with LCB :    0496/780034-011/729047   Be there, we will be there too.  Yes, also BLUE HEAVEN LOFT has some DENO-HERBOTS pigeons. Our “EUSEBIO”, Semi-National winner Chateauroux and our “DAMIAAN “ Interprovincial winner BLOIS, both are sons of a direct DENO-HERBOTS. Do you think this is coincidence? All of you has the opportunity now to reinforce your loft. Don’t miss it…This is no publicity but I just want to show my gratitude to this colony DENO-HERBOTS from Leefdaal…spread the news…


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