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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Precaution is better than after-care…
message posted on Thursday, October 6th, 2011

September 29 th  2011 : today, day to day one year ago, my friend Willem from Holland called me and said: ”Congratulations with your birthday but don’t forget that today is the start of the last term of your life.”  At this moment, one year later, he called again, asking how I was doing and how I felt.  He knows very well that our daughter Linda is out of the house.  During the week she stays on a student apartment in Leuven where she’s studying pharmaceutical science. My answer was short: “I feel fine, I feel like a cock which is chasing his hen but she refuses to lay an egg.” He laughed and said: ”I hope this won’t create problems and that it lasts.”. When you reached the age of 76 and so just 5 years old when the second World War started; never took any medicines, never antibiotics (although I studied them and read a lot about it) can call himself to be a lucky man and so I am. When I was born, the last one in a row of eight, (I came later, in fact I was the rest of the module and 6 years difference with my elder sister, who will be 83).  They didn’t now how to call me and so my mother searched the calendar: September 29 th 1935, holiday of the angel Michaël. But Michaël wasn’t easy to remember and they finally decided to call me Michel. This seemed to be a good choice because I certainly don’t feel like an angel…Ups and downs in my life took care of this. Many others will ask the question how anybody can get 76 years old, after such a passionate and adventuress life like mine. Well I’m going to answer quickly, I don’t have any secrets. For more than 30 years I take every day 1.000 milligram vitamins C (C-Will). Linus PAULUS, the Nobel price winner, mostly known because of his study and research about the flew and the results of it, he also took 5 gr. vitamin C. per day, the last days of his life.  He became over 90. I also take 400 milligram vitamin E (200mg pure vitamin E and 200mg natural vitamin E) , which take care of more energy and vitality. Besides, the vitamin E also prevent tiredness and early obsolescence. Then there’s also a tablet of Selenium ACE+D (supports the resistance of the organism). Also a tablet of Supradyn (energy), which contains 12 vitamins and 11 minerals to activate our natural energy. Next a capsule  OMACOR (Omega 3 fat acids 90) so the hart muscle Works at its best. And last but not least a natural product; PROS-TAMINA PLUS (no copy!!!) for the functioning of the prostate (two a day). About this last product, I’d like to tell you a story. I was 49, already living in Taiwan for about two years and I decided to get a general check-up (research from the head to the toes) because they were just running a campaign about it. I had to stay a whole day in one of the largest hospitals of Taipei. I was very surprised, when a specialist-doctor of about 60 years old, came to me afterwards and said that I had an enlarged prostate gland.” I will prescribe you some medicines, which you’ll have to take your whole life long.”  This was his verdict while he looked at me harshly and his glasses stood at the top of his nose. It was like I heard the thunder in Cologne…That was the second time in my life that I didn’t agree with science and I was furious…The good man had three nurses at his side, who got scared because of my reaction.


So he named three products of which I knew to have several side-effects on the sexual life of men. Also the specialist himself was frightened when I told him that, while the nurses disappeared one by one to another section. I remember exactly what happened then… I told the man: ”May be you don’t care any more but to me, still very active, this prescription is no option and I can’t accept it.” “Takei t or leave it” he said, while he took me with him to the section for blood-control. Here too they all were surprised when I asked them to test me on H.I.V. too.  This was rather unusual because not one Chinese ever asked to do this. Yes, that was 1984…and they still fought with daggers…And as you know, when you play with fire, can get burned. Nowadays, times have changed…luckily… But you know how it goes when you feel lonely in a strange country all alone, a country where they live like God in France. One week later, I received the verdict, nicely printed. Everything was OK and negative, except my prostate. By coincidence I met an American, passing by in Taiwan. While talking about all kinds of things, I told him about my diagnoses I recently received. It was that man, who advised me a natural product and food-supplement: PROS-TAMINA PLUS. I trusted him and ordered it immediately so I had a provision for about 6 months. And yes, from that moment on, I used the product and I still enjoy it, after 30 years I still have the feeling that my organs function well. But, some time ago, it went wrong…I ordered another provision of the product (twice a year). The 6 boxes of tablets were taken by the customs.  For 8 years all went well and safe in Belgium but now… problems.  I received a letter, a charge in which they subscribed me breaking the law of July  28 th 1981, which contains an approval concerning the international business of threatened kinds of wild plants an animals. These tablets namely contain substance of the Prunus Africanus (African Cherry), a plant or a tree which is protected and so it’s not allowed to import it.


In the States, in Taiwan all ingredients are clearly mentioned on the box. The fact that I already use the product for 30 years to keep me in good health: ”Has nothing to do with it” they told me in the office of the customs in Brucargo, where I went to do my explanation. Can you believe that breaking the law can cost you 6 months till 5 years in prison and also pay from 1.000 till 50.000 €…. You see how it can turn out… I hope you will visit me when I’m in prison....May be we can continue talkin gabout the pigeons and women, both important to us. I also heard that it’s very cold there. Finally I would like to tell you that my young wife is at the base of my healthy condition too …


Rest in BLUE HEAVEN LOFT :  these days, complete rest has returned. The bad things that happened on Gueret (the last national race) are already forgotten. At the moment, the whole racing team is reorganised and all pigeons are already staying on the section where they will be played on next year. The moulting is continuing. We use a powerful vacuum cleaner of 1500 Watt and this is our job every day in the morning on all lofts. Believe me; the dust and the feathers are not only bad for out health but also for the pigeons. It’s best to take away the dust and the feathers and then give the birds a lot of space. For now, they all stay inside but they can enjoy the sun and a lot of oxygen by staying in the open aviaries. We still feed thel twice a day; in the morning a mixture of wild seeds (Versele-Laga). In the afternoon, after 15.00 hours, the futur racers get a moulting mixture; Super Subliem (Versele-Laga).  This regularly is mixed with 4 Oils (H.A.P.) and dried with Methio-Forte or B.M.T. (beer yeast)(H.A.P.). A blessing for the pigeons is COMBI-MIX and HERBOMIX, a mix of vitamins and minerals, mixed with little seeds. When you use it, you can see your birds change and they also like it very much. In the water, we still use a solution of Trimethoprimum + Sulfadiazinum(Emdotrim 10% Sol.) Now, you also should notice how the borders of their eyes and noses turn much whiter, which is a prove of good health. Later on, when we have our vaccination product, we let them vaccinate against Paratyfus. It’s not because they show symptoms but because of precaution. In fact, we already made an appointment with our vet Raf Herbots.  After the season, he already vaccinated our total colony against Paramixo, not with Colombovac, because this wasn’t available at that moment but with a kind of milk; LASOVAC PLUS at a dose of  0,5ml per pigeon. Why all of this? Not because it’s necessary but to be careful and it gives us a feeling of safety.  With pigeons and illnesses it’s no different then with us people; the enemy never sleeps and is always closer as we think…


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