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 Crows and pigeons never fly together...
message posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Here we are again after being away for a short time.  Our webmaster also has the right to have some vacation and that was the reason why I had a little interruption of my blog. But that’s over now. From now on, you will be able to read my articles again every two weeks. Thank you for your attention.
Last time I talked about my good friend Peter Trost from Essingen (Germany). Peter is going to be a fancier again, after an interruption of several years because of his journey around the world. I talked to you about how he saw everything, think over and how he put his decisions and brought them to a good end. I just want to add something, to be complete. I forgot to tell you, that in his urge to find the super pigeons, he also regularly visited the Herbots family in Halle-Booienhoven.  The “ ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NUMBER ONE LOFT”, the one and only loft in the world with the most national winners and ace-pigeons on their breeding loft. Also this investment was profitable for Peter Trost. And with Jos Deno from Leefdaal, o none of his public auctions in 1982, the year I moved to Taiwan,  Peter Trost bought, together with the late Jan Grondelaers, the ”002”, ace-pigeon BRABANTSE UNIE.  Buying the “002”, has brought up more money than the prize he gave to buy the bird. His descendants were true winners and also super breeders, which is rare. This kind of pigeons aren’t born every day. When you can get this kind of quality birds, you are sure for several years and Peter used this with pleasure. Like nobody else, he knew how to handle this “002”. So it must be clear to everybody that Peter will start searching again for such pigeons.
Now I would like to tell a little bit about the BLUE HEAVEN LOFT. The pigeons are doing well.  Early pigeons every week and even some successes like the 1st Provincial  Brabant and the fastest pigeon of the province against 3.484 pigeons at a speed of 1.160m/m on the national race from Argenton (540km.).  This was good for a 2dnd National Zone C, only beaten by a pigeon of the front, who raced  60 km shorter. The week after, there was the Semi-National race from Moulins (495km) and again 1st Provincial Brabant at a speed of 1.538m./m..  And now, last weekend Limoges National for yearlings (625km.) . We don’t start with the first prize but still 6 pigeons at the 25th prize in OBRAFO Tienen, 6 pigeons at the 16th prize in Obrafo Tienen, Zone East against 288 pigeons.
As you can see yourself, the season passes on very quickly and the number of old and yearlings are down every week. With most fanciers, this is something that happens every year again. The results are and stay low…their old and yearlings don’t score that well any longer. Their attention goes to the game with the youngsters because they are their hope and as you know:”Hope gives life!” Why not searching for the reason of the failure of the racers? There probably is a kind of infection, latent present.  May be the pigeons are infected by cancer.  Each and every fancier should be able to limit these parasites because you can be sure that they don’t score any longer when they are infected by cancer. In fact, it’s proved  by science, that this infection is a seesaw for other diseases. That’s why I like to mention the idea of a specialist, Jean-Louis Jorissen of the firm COMED. He’s very competent scientist, a man who knows what he’s talking about. Here’s what he told in a very simple way about “the yellow” or “cancer”(Columbae):
Cancer can be found all over the world on every loft. The germs survive very well in the drinking water for several hours.  In fact 80% of the grown up pigeons are carrier, without showing the symptoms (sometimes they show a little bit red and/or swollen throat). The disease is passed on from beak to beak and especially by feeding the little ones. Mostly, the youngsters are the victim of the complications.
By little wounds in the mucous membrane, the germs of this infection get inside. When the illness breaks through, there are different degrees of infection depending on the aggression of the stem but mostly depending on the resistance of the pigeon.
At first, the throat, the larynx and the crop slime are positive on the cancer. As long as the bird shows resistance, the yellow, slimy marks in the throat, don’t show. But when they get weaker by viral illnesses like Herpes, the infection of cancer can get deeper into the bird (liver, navel, large veins, intestines…)
The classic medicins: dimitridazole, carnidazole and ronidazole have several side effects and have an effect on the condition. Besides, the resistance against these products grow every time.
Cancer is almost always present on the mucous membrane of the bird and their purpose is to get inside. It’s important to keep them out of the blood.
A healthy pigeon can do so… by the help of a good fancier…with good nutriceutics…
What we can see and feel? When the pigeon doesn’t feel dull but smooth, doesn’t sit sadly or eats bad and when the test is positive, you have to be careful, not necessary to treat with medicines.
Research : can be done by taking a sample of crop and/or throat. With a drop of water, enlarge 100x under the microscope. Moving cells are positive.
Decision : let’s hope that with this advice, for all times, the doubts around the cancer will be solved. You must know that this disease is not easy to catch by pigeons, also women regularly have problems with it . This is no comfort, just a conclusion.  And men, who have many different partners can hand over the infection. You must know that making love is soft talking and lying out loud. The longer, the more I experience that a man without a woman is like a hors without a rein. Besides, I know for sure and since a long time that a drunk woman is an angel in bed… mine is.
Don’t run away, stay with us because we will be back… till next time.


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