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message posted on Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Making choices… good and well…but when you chose one, you don’t have the other…

White gloves : it’s a habit of mine, always wearing white gloves when I’m taking care of my birds, in and around the loft. I started it when I returned to Belgium at the end of 2002. I’m sure you wonder why? Well, I will only tell at the end of this story. Most of you have already watched my DVD :”MICHEL VANLINT LIVE”. For a long time, I refused to make a DVD about what I do and don’t do on my loft. I always refused because I didn’t have the time and the interest. But one day, Jan Hermans and his team came to me with the same question.  Jan is the publisher of the famous Flemish pigeon-paper “DE DUIF”. For a long time, I had a good relationship with Jan, already from the time he wrote his articles in “DE DUIF” by the name of the “KEMPENAAR”.  In fact, Jan was one of the first who offered me pigeons when my loft was ruined by a fire in 1968 and that’s something I never forget and so I couldn’t refuse Jan. Some time later, the DVD was a fact but it all was without commercial intentions. Still, the DVD became a success and there still are some fanciers, who are interested. It was translated in 4 languages and it still can be ordered with ”DE DUIF”.

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Also our Dutch neighbours showed interest. One day I received a mail from a fancier out of the Northern part of Holland. He watched the DVD and became obsessed and most certainly about the fact of me wearing those white gloves and he really wanted to know the reason why I did it.  Because of lack of time to finish my mails, the question remained unanswered but one week later, the fancier called. “Mister Vanlint” he said,”can you please tell me why you’re always wearing hose white gloves when you’re taking care of your pigeons?” I’m a man who always want to give information when I’m asked but some things and experiences I don’t cry out. The man kept on going and so I finally told him my secret. I asked him not to talk about this to anybody. ”Certainly not” I hear him say at the other side of the phone. “Do you really want to know?” I asked again. “Of course”, he answered impatient. “Well” I said, ”you have to listen very well”.  “Cleaning, scraping, carrying baskets, some little works here and there, it all is hard for our hands. And if you’re not used to work hard, like me, your hands will become rough and you won’t have a lot of feeling in your fingertips any longer and this is a very important aspect for us fanciers. Hereby it’s not that easy anymore to control the muscles and the qualitiy of the feathers of our birds. As a fancier, this is very important. To me, there’s also another important reason. My wife is a young woman, who likes to be caressed by soft and tender hands. This is not different with our pigeons, they’re just like women; the more you caress them, the more attention you give them, the more you’ll get back.” ”Thanks” he said, ”I understood” and he put down de horn of the phone. Now it’s up to you, to get out everything you can….

There’s something else: “Wet sweaty hands”.  I regularly get visitors from Belgium and abroad and all they want to do is talk about the pigeons, how I do everything so it works out well. My wife often told me that I should keep my mouth shut instead of telling everything. But I can’t help it…Every time a visitor shakes my hand, I immediately know what kind of fancier he is. Wet hand always give me a negative impression and it’s not easy to turn him into a top-fancier and I’ll tell you why. When we hold a pigeon, it’s a fact for 90% that the bird will start to twist in your hands. So when a fancier has wet sweaty hands will hurt the bird and sometimes some feathers will get loose. The pigeon won’t forget and it will not be easy to get hold of the bird the next time. In fact, the pigeon will fear the hands of its master and this is a bit of a problem. To all fanciers, which have that problem, I usually say that they have to do something to solve this problem and it’s easy. You all know the powder women use to dry the bottom of the babies.   Well, every time you want to get hold of your birds, use this powder to dry your hands and there will be no more problem.  Your pigeons will be grateful and they will show it too. I’m sure they will reward you for your effort.

Again a new product : “RONI”(Regererating Oligosacharides Non ingested).  It’s a product which is developed for the health of the mucous membranes of the beak, the throat and the digestion by giving a mucus carpet of some special carbohydrate like. oligosaccharides. This combination stimulates the immune-system and is a guarantee for a good digestion. The composition feeds the intestine flora (saprofyten) while the destructive germs will be eliminated. By their interruption in the metabolism, these oligosachhariden take care of an acid pH which is positive for the minerals. They take care of a fast turn over to fat acids which can easily be taken in the plasma and this is the ideal energy source for the pigeons. Once their work is done, they will leave the body. It seems to be a revolutionary product, which takes care of a strong resistance system.  It can be used before and after the race. At the moment, we are testing it so we can tell you more about it next time… and surely…we’re also very curious about the result. See you soon…


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