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We've noticed that our combination "Michel Vanlint-shen Jianfeng" has an exceptional pigeon (B09/2068245) racing in the Grand Prix race in Hungary this year.
In the first race from Lajosmisze (100Km) our pigeon made 2nd place against 396 pigeons.
In the second race from Budaors (150Km) again a top result with a 4th place against 354 pigeons.
In the third race from Komaron (207Km) she ended again in the top with a 2nd place against 349 pigeons.
And in the final race from Malacky (331Km) she made again the 2nd place against 349 pigeons.
Finaly she got rewarded with the price of "Ace Pigeon Prix Hungaria 2009"
(See attached PDF file).
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