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translation from Dutch by LCB
 I became homesick for home...
message posted on Thursday, December 12th, 2013

The Far East : Every time I leave Taiwan with destiny P.R. China, or back home, I always feel a bit sad. It always feels like I’m leaving something close to my heart at the moment that the present takes a distance of the past. My stay and life in Taiwan; I still think of it being the best period in my life.

“The Lost Son”, thinking
about what is to come

Loving women unconditionally, is not something for everybody. It often happened to me. It’s something that takes away your breath.  Among those that I loved even were a few lesbians, who normally didn’t need a man but it seems they were flattered by my attention and the kind words that I shared with them and gave them a feeling of safety. These are all circumstances, which I’ll always remember and of which I thing with pleasure when I’m alone abroad. No, I don’t want to live of memories yet, here for I still feel to good, I still like to chase and love the female beauty.  And dreams aren’t always fake. Sometimes, our unconscious, creates phases in which we leave ourselves and do things with which we’ve been intensive busy for some time. By tradition we know that the needs slowly change by getting older, although the lust normally stays. In the mean time we’re back safely in the plane.  After being frightened by some turbulences, we safely landed in Beijing at 22:40 p.m..  Our flight had a delay of 1h40min. because the plane of Hainan Airlines, took off too late in Beijing. The difference in temperature between these two capitals; Taipei(25°) and Beijing(+4°) was more than 20°. And you surely feel it…

Back to the pigeons : For a long period, Taiwan made the import of the pigeons very difficult. This position came as a repayment for the boycott of the European Union, not to import any meat from South-East Asia. But this is all over now and back under control. For the export of pigeons to Taiwan, everything is back to normal like it was before. But that’s not the case for P.R.China. The problems here are from a total other kind.  They negotiate a lot to try and make it all  well again and to make sure that the import of pigeons will be possible again.

“The Lost Son” at Cipex
(China International
Pigeon Exhibition)
Langfang 2013

Langfang : Pigeon Exhibition 24-26 November 2013 : Two days/nights in Langfang for the 13th International Pigeon-show. Again, this edition was a great success. More than 400 stands, not only with pigeons but also many with all kinds of products, which all had to do something with the pigeon sport. This well organised exhibition got the attention it deserved. From the moment the doors opened, thousands of visitors entered, looking for reinforcement for their won loft.  All curious about what the market had to offer of new products for pigeons. They offered that much that it’s almost impossible for an ordinary fancier to make the right choice.  But it was certain that this exhibition had all it needed to fulfil the needs of the fanciers from all over China. It’s for sure that thee pigeon sport is still well alive here and it even knows an evolution with an unknown future ahead of it.

After the Exhibition in Langfang, we immediately drove back to Beijing. Most fanciers of our group prefer the big city and Silkstreet is the ideal place to do some shopping before they return back to Europe. But our stay didn’t end yet, we still had a second pigeon Exhibition: 30 Nov.-1 Dec.  on our agenda. Wu-Han was the place to be, located at a distance of a flight of one hour and 40 minutes from Beijing. This exhibition was well organised too but it didn’t get that many visitors as they expected.

Also here, we stayed for two days/ nights and immediately after the exhibition, we returned back to Beijing, where we could prepare our journey back to Europe.
For the first time in my life, I felt my stay of about three weeks in the Far East as being too much. The last few days, I really wanted to return back home. To my wife, daughter and my pigeons, which are all part of my daily concern.  I just couldn’t miss it any longer. May be my age has something to do with it. And a man gets tired of chasing and conquering all the time. It’s a human symptom that recently showed up with me. Homesick for home…I never had this before. It’s something that happens to you, it comes like a thief in the night, unexpected.  Within a few hours, it will happen. We’re saying goodbye to Beijing now at the moment that the Chinese are firing a rocket to the moon, where they expect a soft landing during the second part of the month of December. Also at the moment that statistics showed that the number of young people, infected with AIDS and H.I.V., is doubled as opposed to the sounding they did between 2008 and 2012. The conclusion to this, of some Chinese experts is that it’s high time to give the young ones a better education for sex at a younger age. That’s what we saw in a Chinese newspaper before we got on the plane. It has been good. Later on, after a flight of more than 10 hours, I will be back in Belgium. Full of expectation and desire but mostly curious of what has happened in the mean time on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT.

December 3rd 2013 : Safe and well, back home in my own environment, with my wife and daughter and of course my pigeons which has been taken care of very well like always…it’s a feeling I can’t describe… Just arrive and what do you hear on television?  The French are trying to expand prostitution. They want to work on it, they even already voted a law about it. Those men that will be caught, will have to pay a lot of money; 1000 till 1500 Euro, which isn’t a little bit…So, after the approval of the marriage between gay, with a lot of fuss, now prostitution has to disappear. It won’t happen from one day to another, that’s for sure.  Some French psychologists already reacted and they all agree that they can only eliminate prostitution if every woman will satisfy and approve of the fantasies and the lust of their husbands and this without taboo.

This surely is something to think about…And those that still aren’t convinced of it, they have to read “VIJFTIG TINTEN GRIJS”, a suggestion for women with doubts but of course also for men, who like changes…You have to know, you can’t loose what you don’t have.
Next time, more about pigeons, the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 is coming up…If everything goes well, we’ll be back on December 26th, the day after Christmas. In the mean time, stay well and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Your servant


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