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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Pigeons and women? They have a lot common... On the pigeon loft...
message posted on Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Feathers and more feathers, we like to see it and we don’t mind to vacuum the corridor in front of the compartments every day. It’s good for the human beings and the animals.
Those that followed our advice, will notice that the moulting goes well and without interruption. Reactions from everywhere, agree with our point of view.

moulting mixture
Super Subliem
A 10-day course at the end
of the moult and in
preparation for the
upcoming winter breeding.

In the meantime, we started to use 100 % stabilised Allicine for animals, the most important ingredient of garlic that we find in “ALLIMAX OLIEMACERAAT” (see picture), produced by GMP+, and available at the specialised vet.

It’s simple and easy to add to the daily ration of Super-Subliem moulting mixture (VERSELE-LAGA), which we give our separated pigeons in the late afternoon. In the morning, they still receive our own prepared mixture of grains : 2 parts candy seeds, one part P40, one part Energy-corn I.C. (Colombine: VERSELE-LAGA), one part  Nutripower (Natural), one part hemp, linseed plus one part diet mixture (Versele-Laga). Of this total composition, the birds only get half of the ration of what they receive in the evening. By this method, they aren’t hungry, they don’t get too fat and they keep eating with every meal they get.

Immediately after the last national race, all racers were separated and they moved to the lofts of the youngsters, where they can stay in the open aviary when the weather allows it. The lofts on which the old and the yearling birds participated to the races, are completely empty now. This gave us the opportunity to clean it all very well. Floors, walls and ceilings with sliding shelves, plus all nest boxes were all cleaned very well. The use of DETOL was a big help with it all. Once everything dried well, by the help of a gas burner, open windows and doors, we used “AVIBAC-Stabilizer” of Rhönfried (see picture) so every crack and all surfaces were perfectly clean. This product is an ideal Probiotic for the pigeon loft. It neutralises all harmful microbes on the loft. It also takes care of a good cover with the good microbes, so that the harmful germs don’t get the possibility to get attached to the walls.

We just returned from Kassel (Germany), the first pigeon fair of winter, organised by the journal ”TAUBENMARKT”.  Even it seemed to be all right at the beginning, we soon noticed that there were several empty places and it was remarkable that several famous firms were absent. We also noticed that most of the visitors were older people; a remarkable absence of the young ones. It seems that also in Germany, in the next few years, the number of members will decrease. Also less foreign visitors than the previous years. It seems that the economical crisis isn’t over yet. One thing that increased was the number of new products that appeared on the market. It becomes more difficult for a layman in the pigeon sport, to make choices among everything they present on the market. At the moment, there aren’t even enough meals in one week time, to test all new products. And since all the trouble around the forbidden products, there’s a kind of hesitation against all new products on the market. And I think that it won’t be enough to expand the list of forbidden products for pigeons, if the control labs won’t start to use all latest new technology. The price ticket could be much more expensive that they expect and then I’m curious how our leaders of the KBD will react.
Everyone who reads me, knows that I have a lot of experience with pigeons and women. With our pigeons, we all know that cocks give up much more easier and to them it’s also much more difficult to bring an difficult task to an end. There where the hens are more constant and they can stand much more at the condition that their health is super.

Read for you: “Men seen through the eyes of women.” The lust with men is biological stronger than with women, although we mustn’t underestimate the sexual lust with women.  The beginning of a good relationship is always based on passion and conflicts and slowly it will come to a feeling of safety. To a woman, a man doesn’t have to be virile only, but most of all, he has to be sensual.  L.A.P., a Belgian celebrity and a beauty, certainly not a stupid girl (otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten that far in the television programme of the “Slimste Mens” (the Smartest Person). Well? Recently, she was confronted with the adultery of her husband. Her friends all advised her to dump him but she knew better when she said: “I don’t judge anybody because of a mistake, not even my husband. Adultery isn’t a crime but more like a traffic offence. It’s not murder and that’s a crime all over the world.  Adultery isn’t!” “She’s not the person to blow up all bridges immediately.  Of course she admits that it’s a blow in their relation and that takes time”. Nevertheless, we notice that this is different with most other women; they pack and get out… I think they’re all wrong… Because men have always been chasers and they always will be. That’s what they inherited from their ancestors and this kind of feeling is not easy to control.  So, don’t panic and certainly don’t dramatize, in these cases this seems to be the correct decision and solution.  I also read H.L.N., that since the opening of the Largest Erotic Store of Europe, that sex toys are mainly bought by women (70% anno 2013).  And it seems, and I’m sure of it because I already know a long time, that when a woman buys some lingerie and toys, they always have to feel and smell it. Of course, hereby, sex and erotic is freed of their taboo and now they belong to the modern lifestyle. Born too early, you could say.  May be too old to be confronted with these kinds of things? Not at all, the world belongs to those that dare. A recent study shows that most women, even with the emancipation, agree to let her man enjoy it too.

The world upside down?  Not true…but just the way it goes. And those that get along with their time, will always be a loser. Would you like that? I surely don’t.
Not all is said about pigeons and women.

We’ll be back on November 14th.
Enjoy the holiday and remember that life won’t last forever…
See you soon

Your servant


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