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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Finished business and done choices, don’t change back…
message posted on Thursday, October 17th, 2013

One more time about the position

I never told my wife that the position of the pigeon loft is very important to come to super results. But when I mentioned it, she immediately said :”Why did you never told me that the place you play with the pigeons, is very important for your hobby?” “Would you like to move?” she continued. This is the truth, it’s no fairy tale…
When we arrived in Belgium in 2002, at the last day of the year, nobody ever suspected or could tell, what we would do the next 10 years after living 20 years in Taiwan. A few months before our return to Belgium, I searched hard for an ideal place to live and play well with the pigeons.  Not all of us get such an opportunity and still I’m sure that I made a big mistake by buying this house, completely at the East side of the province of Brabant. Years before, I calculated many better places in our country, where we could play well with the pigeons.  At the beginning of my research, I pointed Anderlues, the place where Raymond Cobut scored his whole life long with top-prizes on the national races. Next it was the region of Leernes, where Marc Roosens astonished the whole world with his successes on the heavy middle distances and the long distances for years. But I had to forget about these regions because it would be too difficult to integrate. Another possibility I liked, was the region around Putte, Grasheide, Itegem, Schilde but we didn’t find a house we liked and the accommodation to race the pigeons. At that moment, I was 68 years old and I could not wait much longer by buying a piece of ground on which we could build a house and a pigeon loft. That was out of the question. My very last hope that was left, was Tessenderlo. There we found an ideal place, a house with a pigeon loft on which they used to play very well. Unfortunately, the price was too high for us. Afterwards, the complex became the property of the tandem Verrect-Ariën and you all know what they achieved in a short period? Us choosing to live in Zoutleeuw, was the wish of my wife, who wanted to live near by my oldest sister (Glabbeek) and also close to the Herbots family, with whom we have a good relationship for many years. But also because I saw the opportunity to build a Huyskens-VanRiel loft, very well oriented to the East South East side, just as I wanted. Of course, everybody was surprised when they heard about the news. There were much more better places to settle down and race well with then pigeons. Zoutleeuw was a place where it seemed to be difficult, practical impossible to win a national victory. Each and everyone of you know now how it all went till at this moment. Still, the question remains unanswered to me: ”What would have happened if I did come and live in Tessenderlo” But yes, as you know: ”No regrets about what you’ve done but you should regret of what you didn’t do!  Even if we don’t live in such a good position, we still were successful in 2003-2004-2005-2006. One national victory after the other. In 2013, we counted more than 20 among which a few Semi National and National Zone C victories, plus also some with the hens, which had a separate national double at the beginning. Because of our strong game with the hens and the yearlings, there was some trouble. The KBDB decided to abolish the national double with the hens on the heavy middle distance. Also the game with the yearlings was changed; no more yearlings could be doubled and no more weekly races (between 400 and 600 kilometres) could be organised for the yearling birds.

Excellent breeder in BLUE HEAVEN LOFT

Grit-Minerals-picking stone with clay
the pigeons also need this
during moulting

There came a reaction from Holland, where A.S. in the journal “DE DUIF” literal wrote: “All trouble and problems they have in Belgium at this moment with yearlings and hens, wouldn’t have happened if a certain MVL didn’t move from Taiwan to Belgium!” End of quote and end of story…
Also the publishing of my DVD “MICHEL VANLINT LIVE” (not made on my demand but on the demand of the public) did more wrong than good. This DVD awakened many fanciers and they didn’t like my quote that during my stay in Taiwan, they slept a lot and didn’t progress. Because many theories, which are written down very clearly, were considered as not existing…The evolution in the pigeon sport couldn’t be stopped any longer. This DVD, as the publisher, “DE DUIF”, can endorse, is still actual and available on the redaction or by e-mail
Get it quickly because you’ll get your advantage of it.
Now about the reaction of the scientist, about the use of Emdotrim 10%, to get a perfect moulting without interruption. This is what he wrote :
Hello champion,
I can’t teach you a lot but I read your Blog and it disturbs me as a scientist and a vet that you promote a blind cure with Emdotrim.
We already talked about this.
This kind of cure can be adequate if germs like salmonella are sensitive to your Emdotrim but you can’t say that when there hasn’t been a research with a  resistance test.
You get the idea to have conquered all infections but you haven’t. This morning, I did a research on 5 samples on E coli microbes in the throat and 4 of these 5 were resistant to sulfa-trimethoprim (theraprim, emdotrim, cosumix etc).
This proves that you have to be very careful with the preventive use of antibiotics.
Enjoy your rest,

easy to use

Experience and practice against science.  With all respect to our scientists of today, I concluded that other vets were positive about the use of Emdotrim.  They even used my photo print of the product, to inform their readers about it. It’s not the first time that scientists don’t agree with each other. Just like they didn’t decide yet weather the vaccination against Paratyfus is necessary or not. Some are for and other against…
But neither here, we want a discussion because I’m persuaded that it wouldn’t be possible do practice our sport on a high level without these scientists.
Now, I want to add something to my critics as an answer to a French article about the organisation of the national races, where our Walloon friends are always in a disadvantage. The over-flight, which we Flemish get every week (+-100 kilometres), has some other conclusions. Our pigeons will often get too tired and so they have to pass through their pain limits regularly. And when I only look at our own BLUE HEAVEN LOFT, this means that during a whole season (+- 20 races), it’s about 2000 kilometres that they have to do more. Those that race their pigeons every week (like we do), for 4 years long, will easily get at about 8000 kilometres they have to do more.  Yes, you hear it well…. May be an advice for our Walloon friends.  Personally I think that there’s a solution for them. Those that have the courage, can take his advantage of it. Learning the pigeons to fly alone on their way back home. You can only stimulate this by releasing them one by one on training flights at a distance of 50 till 100 kilometres.  It’s also good to go and play in a club, completely at the West of your own loft. On longer term, the pigeons will learn to leave the group sooner. Remember well : not at the East of your loft…
That’s all for now…We’ll be back on October 31st, the day before All Saints.
In the mean time, stay well …

Your servant


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