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 Don’t postpone till tomorrow what you can do today…
message posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
BORIS 2200650-04

As I promised, I’m going to tell you the story of “BORIS” : 2200650-04 (see picture), father of “LEONA” : 1 National NEVERS (KBDB) and fastest against 14987 pigeons.
One day, at the beginning of 2004, we received a phone call from P.H. He just had bought the National Ace-pigeon KBDB Heavy middle distance of René Sterckx from Begijnendijk and now he could distress on the second round of youngsters 2004 of this loft. He wanted to know if I wouldn’t participate and if I still had enough space to place some more youngsters.  This case soon was decided. P.H. chose the uneven numbers and I would get the even numbers of rings. Among these, there was the 2200650-04, a strong build cock, which was baptised later on as “BORIS”. Because of his super results on the races; among which also a National victory from Gueret Zone C., Ace-pigeon Union Brabant and also Ace-pigeon Club de Fond de Wallonie (C.F.W.).  Within this group, there also was “BIANCA”, the 2200620-04 that won top-results and 6 National Ace-pigeon KBDB Heavy middle distance, plus “BEAUTY” 2200612-04, which won top-prizes from 100 till 600 kilometres. “BORIS” was a pigeon on which you could always count. He was a bit too heavy but once he was motivated well, he could move mountains. Several times, he arrived as first on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT. Several children of him, race with success in Taiwan and also in the United States and in England, many of his children race very well. In winter of 2012, my wife noticed that something was wrong with “BORIS”.  At the time he was separated and stayed together with all other breeders. He didn’t leave his shelve and that was a moment of panic. When we examined him, we found a rather big tumour underneath his wing.
Full of doubt and fear, we moved “BORIS” to the compartment of the sick and wounded pigeons. To be honest, at first I thought the tumour would fall of and disappear by itself but I was wrong. The tumour became bigger and my wife wouldn’t wait any longer to go to the vet.  His diagnose was very hard to us when he told us there wasn’t anything he could do. One day, his health was better than the other but some days later, his condition became worse. At that moment, he stopped eating, he just took some Nutripower. A few days later, the moment had arrived, he almost didn’t move any longer and his wing was always hanging besides his body. I couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to do what was needed. Only this was without thinking about the boss. “Don’t you touch him” she strictly said and now way I argued. After some thinking, we decided to dump “BORIS”. We just had to visit my elder sister (84 years old). But on our way there, we forgot about “Boris”, sitting in a little box behind my seat. In the early evening, we arrived at my parental house. After saying hello to my sister, I noticed my wife didn’t follow me. When I asked my daughter about her mother, I soon knew what was going on. A few minutes later, she joined us a bit secretly, almost in panic. Only on our way back home, she told me that she left “Boris” among the vegetables in my sister’s garden. But this wasn’t the end… The day after, at about 10.30 A.M., the phone rang… My sister was calling me, blaming me and saying that I should be ashamed to leave a sick bird at the door of her kitchen. Luckily, I was able to explain it all… She noticed my phone number on the sticker on the ring of the bird and so she knew that it was one of us. It seemed that “Boris” walked from the garden to her kitchen door (distance about 100 metres) because he wasn’t able to fly any more. When my sister opened the door, he strangled inside with his hurt wing dragging on the floor, more dead than alive. I immediately jumped into my car to get him back and at home I put him back in his box. He only stayed alive a few more days, probably thanks to the Nutripower we gave him every day. But one morning, when I arrived on the loft, I noticed he was gone. My wife buried him on h-our little graveyard (a few metres square).  It still is with a lot of pain in my hart when I think about this story. There always be the questions : how did “Boris” could orient to get to the door of my sister’s kitchen door at night, in a place where many cats pass through.  We’ll never get the answer. The moral of this story : “We’ll never know about the orientation system of our racing pigeons.”

DAISY 2190513-05

So now about the mother of “LEONA”, which is also a special story. Her name is “DAISY”,2190513-05 (see picture). When she dropped her first feathers, I passed judgement, my wife will never forget. When we paired “Daisy” for the first time, I said to my wife : “If there’s one bird that will never leave Blue Heaven Loft, it’ll be “Daisy”.  When we looked at her pedigree later on, it was a miracle when we noticed that she was a daughter of two national winners: “ADONIS” 1141085-03, 1 st National La Souterraine, paired to “ANITA” 1141112-03, 1st National Vichy and also Olympic Ace-pigeon in Porto. Of course my wife knew “Daisy” because she was the one who put her ring around her paw.  But we didn’t pay any more attention to this. When some friends from Taiwan came to visit us, they wanted to take some pigeons in their hands and as you know, they always want to see another one and another one.  When I put “Daisy” in their hands, they were very surprised. This was the one they wanted, without any doubt. “HOW MUCH” it sounded and all I said that they had to talk to my wife and she was the one to handle this all, while I walked back inside the house. And them being all Chinese, which talk the same language, carry the same blood and as you know, the blood crawls where it can’t go.  But nevertheless, my wife made it clear that this bird would never leave our loft.  Then she told them the story from A to Z. So our friends from Taiwan left a bit disappointed but that how it goes in Blue Heaven Loft.and of course I’m very proud of my partner.  In life, not everything is for sale fro money…And now, “Daisy” has become the mother of “Leona”, 1st National Nevers, which was in fact one of our test pilots that only moved in September 2011 from the aviary to the racing loft and here she did her first rounds around Blue Heaven Loft. When “Daisy” dropped this egg in 2011, I never believed that from this egg our LAST national winner should be born.

In our next article, we will bring you the reaction of a competent scientist, which reacted on my advice of using Emdotrim to get a perfect moulting without interruption. I don’t have any problem to publish this mail as I received it and so in the mean time, I got the permission to do so. And so I will, because I’m sure that experience and practice sometimes have difficulties to follow the scientists. I also notice this when I have some discussion with my daughter Linda, who just started her third year in Pharmaceutical Science. But I always keep in my head that it’s not all gold that glitters…

for an optimal moult

At the moment, you have to make sure that your pigeons get the opportunity to take a bath at least once a week. It makes the moulting easier and it decreases the itch. Our pigeons need this at the moment. Sometimes, you notice that they put their head in the drinking pot while opening their feathers.  This is a way of showing us fanciers, that they need a bath. Who said that the prizes in 2014 will be won by those pigeons that passed a perfect moulting in autumn 2013?

There’s also this : make sure you have your pigeons vaccinated in time against Paramixo. It seems that there won’t be any at our disposal before September 2014. Always good to know…

In the meantime, stay well and enjoy the quiet period.  We’ll be back the third week of October.

Your servant


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