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translation from Dutch by LCB
 People that can see are often more blind than the blind themselves...
message posted on Thursday, August 8th, 2013

It’s hot outside, the sun is high in a clear blue sky, birds are looking for water but on the loft it’s rather quiet in comparison to the previous days. It all has to do with the heat and it’s also hard for our birds to endure. Even with our vaporisation system, the high temperatures are present all over and it’s not easy to let circulate the moisture degree between 50 and 60°.

Since the last national race from La Souterraine, we spared our team of racers a bit. Partly because of the high temperatures and the constant East North Eastern wind, which is not in our advantage. But partly also because there wasn’t a national race for two weeks. As well the racing cocks as the racing hens had to go to Soissons (200Km.), together with the youngsters. They had to keep flying. At home, we have a kind of a simple aviary of 5 metres by 5, which we build ourselves.  In there we keep 5 chickens and no, there isn’t a cock present because otherwise the neighbours can’t sleep enough. These 5 chickens, which are well taken care of from my wife, they drop each day about 4 or 5 eggs. This is where the expression comes from: ”Hens that lay like chickens.” Also our widow hens dropped eggs without we wanting them too and my wife asked if we kept these hens for their eggs or to race with.  My wife always thinks that our birds look too tired but appearances are often deceptive. Because the light programme made those hens drop an egg one after the other and this at a moment that we didn’t need them because it was too early to let come on a nest. To me, this is the reason why they have to do all 7 national races, together with the youngsters. It started with Bourges(460km) on 27/07; Chateauroux(512km) on 3/08; Argenton(550km.) on 10/08; Issoudun(574km) on 17/08; La Souterraine (576km) on 24/08; Nevers(450km.) on 31/08 and Gueret(573km.) on September 7th  2013. Of course, the last few nationals will be raced on a nest. Here for the pigeons will be put on eggs artificially, while the feeding pigeons will make sure that the youngsters will be available at the right time, so these can be put under.

Now, Chateauroux National (512km.) has just passed. We put in 30 hens of which 28 were clocked within 50 minutes. But we started too late. No excuses. I should have known. Hens that are chased by their cocks a whole week long, some of them even had to lay an egg and so they missed the power. Some of them even were too impetuous. I already noticed when I saw them arriving at our back. The old and yearling cocks have raced Orléans. But these too were beaten and they had to compete with our youngsters. Chasing their hens a whole week long doesn’t leave them much reserves. But no panic, there’s no need to! In the early evening, after they returned back home, we put a warm egg in each nest bowl and believe it or not; most cocks immediately went to breed, while their partners, their hens, watched them suspicious. Of course, this work takes a few days before rest returns on the loft. They’ll have to race National Argenton on a breed of about 5 days, which isn’t ideal either but if you race the same pigeons every week, there’s not other choice;

Aminovit: not negligible
during the last flights

Let’s remember of what we said in the previous article, again we were obliged to let the youngsters jump of 200Km to 400 Km. because there wasn’t a race of +- 300 km on the program. It’s unacceptable and also the reason to look for other possibilities. Some fanciers of our region even tried their chances in the province of Limburg, others went to Brabant Walloon where they could play Angerville. Because the weather conditions didn’t change, they choose for this option. We were curious how this would end because next week we have National Argenton(550km.) and a jump of 300 km. to 550 km, is just as heavy in theory, then jumping of 200km. to 400 Km., as we did. May be the weather conditions will change and it won’t be as warm as it is now.  It’s possible but nothing’s for sure. But despite the difficulty degree, our youngsters did quit well from Orléans(400Km.).  They’ll be ready for the next national race from Argenton(550km.), together with the old and the yearling birds, among which also some of our testing pilots. Yellow drops in their beak and Clinagel in their eyes, all preventively to keep their heads clear. And if this wouldn’t be enough, we can always use ” Respiratory Extra “ ( see the picture aside). It can only be bought with the specialised vet.




Will we succeed to win a national victory in 2013? The chances always become smaller. But after Argenton there’s also Issoudun, La Souterraine, Nevers and Gueret, all national races. So a dozen of chances. It won’t be easy but let’s hope everything will be in our favour; the weather conditions and the wind and then it should be possible.  Of course it’s much easier said than done….We’ll keep you informed.

The publication about the Omega 3 fat acids (curbs infections) that we talked about in our previous article, was the reason to do another research. Blood analyses showed that a certain value had increased with 0.7 of the average. Of course, I panicked and reacted with disbelief. They advised me to do another test. It wasn’t urgent but I don’t have to wait another three months, so the specialist told me. These were three days of tension that passed after the test. Finally, they announced that everything was fine.  To me, this was the prove that 10 years of taking Omega3 (OMACOR), prescribed by my cardiologist only had a positive effect on my body and surely the article in the news paper had been covering the page.

Omega 3 fat acids aren’t only very good for us, human beings but also for our pigeons, they’re very important.  When you use it, you’ll surely get the advantage of it.

In the meantime, stay in good health, enjoy the good weather and we’ll be back on August 22nd. 
Till then…

Your servant


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