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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Do not walk on the ice of a night...
message posted on Thursday, June 27th, 2013

The preparation towards the national race from Montluçon went well. Nothing stood in our way to score well during that weekend. On the advice of my wife, I turned out all warming plates. She thought the climate was to dry on the lofts while her nose was irritated by the smell of the presence of pigeons. And I know very well that my wife has a good nose for this kind of things because when I went to another woman, she always smelled it. The result was that I always had the same soap in my pocket that we used at home. So the problem was solved.

Since I turned out the warming plates, it seems that there’s a better circulation of oxygen on the loft and the smell is gone too. We’re curious how the pigeons will react.

"BRONCHOFIT": cleanses and
supports the respiratory organs.

Recently, we separated our breeders. Also the feeding birds have some rest now. They all did a good job. Here and there, we notice that a hen of 7-8 years, has some difficulty to lay her eggs or just lay an egg sometimes. Hereby, these older hens were put on rest earlier sot eh younger ones of 2-3-4-5 years, have the opportunity to prove their qualities.  It’s not easy to eliminate the old breeding hens when you’re a bit sentimental. But it’s something that has to be done because there’s an evolution on the breeding loft and we have to replace them with the younger ones.

And not playing hens during the weekend, made sure that we found two eggs of drift at the beginning of the week.  Even the hard program they have to do and the daily training, didn’t avoid this. Of course, we don’t like it and we can ask ourselves how it’s possible?  So it’s necessary that hens have to race every week and we have to pay attention to their food. When we look at this of another point of view, I know some fanciers (and not the least) who put in a lot of money on hens that lay an egg of drift, the day of basketing. You can’t leave those pigeons at home, you have to let them race. Still, there’s a risk when they have to lay their second egg.  In the old days, before I left for Taiwan, I raced the pigeons on a loft with large windows. It happened several times, that a strange hen came inside through those windows together with one of mine that arrived home.  The strange hen sat down beside the drinking pot where she dropped her egg and left immediately to continue her way back home. So you see, what can happen….

"The Lost Son" of

In the meantime, Montluçon is over. Our pigeons did very well (60% on the result). We miss the super condition but with this speed, you have to be careful.  Last weekend, we had the national race from Gueret (571km.) on the program. The whole team was present again. They announced S.W wind of 4-5 Beaufort. We had to wait and see… And today, Gueret National has been done. The first birds did more than 1800m./m and hereby you know enough. Except for some top pigeons, we didn’t reach our weekly coefficient of +- 60%. Only a few pigeons arrived from the good direction and the rest all returned from the back. Nothing we can do about it. It’s not every week celebration. But we don’t worry because when we took them in our hands, it seems that their physical condition didn’t suffer from this last race.  Next week should be better and we won’t look for excuses. That’s not our habit. Children become adults by falling and standing up. Pigeon sport is not a constant but we hope for it and it’s not easy to do. One thing’s for sure, usually it gets better after a punch. Each and every one of us has to get a second chance on the next national race from Argenton on June 29th.  Also this race, we have already written several times on our name but at that moment it was a semi-national race. This week, we’ll do all that’s necessary to make sure that our whole team will be able to compete with the very best.

At the end of the season of 2012, I made a promise to mention the name of the product that helps with Herpes. In the mean time, I already received several mails in which they remind me of my promise.  You should know that pigeons that are infected with the Herpes virus, don’t get writ of it that easy.  In fact, they always compare it with “One eye cold” and that’s wrong.

"ZOVIRAX" and "VIRGAN" useful for
Herpes disorders.

“One Eye cold”  is a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics and Herpes is a viral and very contagious disorder.  Concerning the treatment of Herpes (because you can’t cure it), there area few antiviral products (aciclovir and ganciclovir) that decrease the frequency and the intensity of this disorder. Too much sunlight, stress and fatigue are probably at the base of this annoying problem. There are two possibilities: you can use “ZOVIRAX” ointment for the eyes (GlaxoSmithKline) or “VIRGAN” eye-gel of the firm THEA. With these products you can use to drop or put ointment on and soon you’ll notice improvement and the symptoms will disappear. You have to treat them in the morning and again in the evening, if you have time for it.  Otherwise only in the evening, one drop or a bit of ointment in each eye.  Pay attention, never use the two products at the same time.

Lost of youngsters: we don’t want to be a fortune-teller but throughout the years we found out that the circulation of fresh air is very important on the loft.
Everybody saw it coming; the lofts remained the same but everybody started to breed more pigeons. The result: too many birds in too little space (practical closed). Result: all kinds of diseases. I know these mostly are child diseases but still they are the cause of the lost. Also pigeons that don’t find a place to rest during the day won’t sleep well during the night. When this happens more than once, they will find their “home” elsewhere and this explains what is happening with the youngsters 2013.

Of course the darkening has an influence on the growing and the natural development of the youngsters. With this in our head, we stopped the darkening on June 20th, two weeks earlier as planned. It’s a kind of test.  On some exceptions, all youngsters still have 10 pinions. We’re sure we can play them every week till and with the last national race from Gueret, at the beginning of September. But before then, we’ll know if the season 2013 was successful or not. If it all continues in the same direction, we’ll be able to talk about a successful season 2013.  And this, I wish to all of you, my readers.

Your servant


In BLUE HEAVEN LOFT the crows ensure that the hawk stays away. Look for yourself...

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