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translation from Dutch by LCB
 “None so blind as those who will not see.”
message posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013

“BLUE HEAVEN LOFT” : We know now, that pigeons aren’t machines. It’s also clear that they need some kilometres and rhythm in their wings and that they need a good effort and pass the pain border, before they are able to pass all kinds of obstacles.  This is what we remembered on the national race from Chateauroux (512km.). It’s not that we scored bad with about 53% prizes but we started to clock 10 minutes too late to score within the national top 100.

A must in preparation
for an important flight.

We’re not looking for apologies but we’re sure we did something wrong. When we put them in the baskets, our pigeons felt well but a bit too heavy. It’s easy to explain how this happened. We like to feed our birds rather richly. This is possible because they have to train hard twice a day for about an hour. The days before the race from Chateauroux, some training flights couldn’t be done because of the weather conditions at the moments they had to train. Next to this, we started to experiment and this was a big mistake. Via via, we received a few bottles of so-called feed supplies from a French laboratory of which we had to use 5ml per 3 litres of water or 3 kilos grains. When we try out something, we prefer to use it in the drinking water so this is what we did now. We noticed a layer of the substance at the surface of the water but we let our pigeons drink it. But how big was the surprise? All birds that drank it had brown noses. Of course we panicked. We immediately threw out the water and gave them fresh and clear water but in the mean time, the disaster had happened. Pigeons with brown noses as if they were infected by Coryza. Not clever of us to try this out just before a national race. Do we have to have reached this age? And now, a week after Chateauroux, we still notice pigeons with this annoying look. Of course, we all have to make mistakes but we have to learn of it. And… so we did…Now, we’ll wait and see what next week will be.
And if this all wasn’t enough already, we had our first oblique flyer of the season after the race from Chateauroux. It was a yearling hen that had been classified at the top of the result from Orleans, Bourges and Chateauroux. On Sunday, some days after the race, she didn’t want to get outside. Every time I notice something like that, it flashes through my head : ”It isn’t true, is it?” And yes, it was. Probably the training flights around the loft, aren’t enough and they don’t compensate against the rhythm of the races and the kilometres they have to fly to get back home. Even with the regular training flights almost every day even in winter, we still get these problems. May be the intensive training and the large jumps in between the races are the cause of this problem? We took this hen downstairs and treated her with DUPHAMOX and besides this she also had to drink a solution of Magnesium and Calcium for some days. We always have these tablets in the house and these are very important to increase the muscle damage and to improve the healing. When the other pigeons have left this weekend, I will bring her back upstairs, to the racing loft. We’ll soon notice how well she’s recovered. But normally she will be, we learned by experience.
I don’t know what’s happening these days but I hear a lot about wounded pigeons on many lofts. We too got our part of it.  One of our best pigeons returned from Bourges; the skin was completely open at the side of the breast bone. My wife was sad about it and she wanted the bird to get a medical intervention. A vet of our neighbourhood just visited us to give our three Jack-Russels their yearly vaccination. He did the job in no time. Also this bird will take its place on the loft this weekend.
And now something else…  the national race from Poitiers, organised by the K.B.D.B was on the programme the weekend of June 9th. It took some time before we decided what to do. Poitiers is totally situated in the West. The province of the Western Flanders play this race regularly but now it’s on national level and on the East side of the country, where we live, it’s a very difficult job to do.  We surely aren’t able to score on national level. We won’t participate with the wind they announce; East North East and 3-4 Beaufort on Saturday and on Sunday. With regret and aversion. I feel not sportive but you have to make choices and there will be enough national races for old and yearling birds to prove our capacities. So this time we chose for safety. And won’t participate to the race from Pithiviers (352 km.) either. We’ll do it all ourselves by taking away our pigeons ourselves at a considerable distance. This in preparation of the next national race from Montluçon on June 15th.  This race used be a semi-national and it’s situated much better for us. In fact, we already won this race a few times. So we’re going to put in our whole team and go for it again. We’ll see!

Training pigeons around BLUE HEAVEN LOFT

And now, as we promised in our previous edition, the text we read for you in the newspaper: “Dutchman develops the first Viagra for the ladies.” New tablet gives more liking for sex. Will we hear more female groaning in the bedroom in future? A Dutch researcher seems to have developed the first “lust tablet” for women.  Something new in the world because already for 15 years, several scientists are trying to find the female variant of Viagra. “Women want be filled with lust by taking one tablet but they’ll get more liking for sex”, it seems. Already for 15 years, since they developed Viagra for men in 1998, many firms of medication were looking for the miracle tablet to pep up the female libido. Among others, the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which developed Viagra, tried to create the female version. Without result!  The female Viagra grew to become a wet dream of the pharmaceutical firms. HORMONES : Now the Dutch researcher, Adriaan Tuiten with his firm Emotional Brain, succeeded  to create two tablets that give the women more sexual lust. More than 800 Dutch and American women tested the tablets ‘Lybrido’ and ‘Lybridos’ and the results look good. “The sexual lust and the number of orgasms increased, according to Tuiten in the newspaper ‘De Morgen’. The results were published the scientific journal ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine’. And the famous newspaper, ’The New York Times’ was very impressed about the creation and they spend 8 pages to this subject. ”Tuiten is the saviour of the monogamous relations”, so they say.
“The tablet Lybrido is developed for the ladies that have no lust in sex because their brain is insensitive to it” Tuiten explains. “The other tablet, Lybridos, helps women that have developed an brake system because of the bad experiences they had with men.” Both lust tablets mainly have an influence on the brain. On the contrary to Viagra that only takes care of getting an erection. “Researches show that women with sexual problems, often have a disturbed hormone household”, Tuiten continues. ”They have a shortage of the hormone Dopamine while they have too much of the hormone Serotine. As well Lybrido as Lybridos make the percentage of these two chemical substances change.  They also change the Dopamine in the brain and they can take care of an increase of three hours of Dopamine.” According to ‘The New York Times’’, Tuiten has come a far way with his research. “This summer, I would like to present the tablets to the American Food and Drug  Administration, the agency that controls and guards the medication in the United States. Normally there will follow several tests afterwards and I will get the opportunity to get an approval for these tablets”, he tells optimistic. The scientist hopes to get his female Viagra get on the European and American market in 2016. Prescribed by the doctor and at a rather good price of 8 euro. BREAKTHROUGH: The motive of Tuiten was a broken heart. As a teenager he was dumped by his girlfriend. “Hereby, I wanted to study and understand the female emotions”, he said. His pangs of love probably lead to a scientific breakthrough. But there still will be the question if women feel bad when they don’t have sexual lust? “I absolutely don’t want to force someone to take this tablet when they don’t feel like having sex”, Tuiten underlines. ”But this medication can solve the problems for many people.” Till her, the text we read for you.  And then to know that 4 out of 10 people aren’t happy with their sex life (according to recent sources).  Now there’s still hope. Those that live will see.
Have a nice day and till the next time.

Your servant


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