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translation from Dutch by LCB
 After rain comes sunshine…
message posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2013

“BLUE HEAVEN LOFT” : Speaking about stunts… Till now, we have been very carefully with our pigeons. We didn’t force anything but waited with patience for the good weather to come. But it didn’t arrive. Our birds flew an unstable Soissons (198 Km.), but with the first national race from Bourges coming at the end of May, we finally had to send our birds to Orleans (400Km.). It was a gamble for many fanciers but it had to be done.

Orleans was released at 9.30, the weather conditions were far from ideal. No sun, many clouds with rain showers here and there. The first arrivals raced at a speed of 1200 m/m, which means they must have had many difficulties on their way back home. Of course, I was afraid of what should come. All our birds were gone and in fact we played with fire. But nevertheless the stress and the fear, our birds succeeded to dive one after the other. About 50 pigeons arrived in less than half an hour. The result was good with 41 prizes from 66 that got into the basket (63%).  We hope for the best for the first national race of the season; Bourges on May 25th.  To us, it was another prove that you can take some risks with well trained pigeons.
And, the week before Bourges. The weather still hasn’t changed and they train in between the showers and it’s best the fancier stays home. But nevertheless, even if the possibility was there, the weather didn’t allow us to take our birds away at 30-40 kilometres, as we do every week, to give them more faith and to stimulate them. In fact, they always arrive back home playing. The loft and the windows stay closed for about 20 minutes and you can imagine the party after they meet their partner again. Once they get inside, they are separated and they are fed. The day of basketing, it’s all a bit different. First we make sure that all birds have eaten and drunk enough.  Afterwards, for the first time this season, the nest-bowls were put on the loft, we let the hens free and they could enjoy being together like playing children for about 10 minutes. Once the cock and the hen are in their box, they get closed inside. A few minutes later, they are taken out of their nest-bowl and put in the basket. My wife is very handy doing this.  In a minimum of time, she takes the pigeons and passes them on to me. The bad weather they announced, couldn’t keep on going and so we hoped, the birds could be released in time on Saturday 25th of May. We look forward to it.
A reader reacted on my previous article, in which I talked about the lesbian hens. He send me a mail in which he sais that his lesbian hens score the best. Our answer to this is short. When you play single widowhood with the hens and so the cocks are waiting for them to arrive back home, it’s probably possible that the lesbian hens do well. In this case, it’s not important how the home coming lesbian hen shows her feelings towards her cock. We, who play the double widowhood (cocks and hens that leave every week for the same race), well in this system these lesbian hens don't fit. Our cocks are not that stupid to realise that his partner doesn’t show enough interest towards him. Do you think that in this case, the cock will do some effort to hurry back home?  No way! A cock on double widowhood, prefers a passionate hen that jumps on top of him when he’s calling out in his nest-bowl. That’s what we call motivation because of which the cock will give the best of himself. With us, human beings, it’s all the same. If your wife doesn’t care about you, doesn't show any interest in what you do, doesn’t care about the love you show and on top of this, she regularly turns you down when you want to have sex.  Well this will cause big problems and I’ll bet that 9 times out of 10, this man will go and find it elsewhere. A man, which misses passion, love and kindness at home will go and find it outdoors. Men are born hunters and women are always prepared to be caught. And if the woman starts to complain, you should answer: ”Would you like to have a man, which they don’t want elsewhere?”
Success assured!
Saturday, Bourges National 25/5/2013: has been raced…
It was hard work with a variable wind, turning from E.N.E to NNW.  This surely had to be a tough task. Our suspects became true when the first arrivals reached their loft at distances of more than 1100m/m.  On “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT”, full of expectations as always : released at 09:05 a.m., it was clear that we should clock a bird before 16.00 hours p.m. (distance 460.720km.) to score in the national top 100.  We had put in 64 pigeons of which at least 38 prizes, so about 60%, with 7-8 birds in the national top 100.
Not so bad for an old man of 78, who’s birds only raced above 400 km for the second time this year. In OBRAFO: 3-6-7-10-14-15 etc against 870 pigeons.

"LAILA" of BLUE HEAVEN LOFT wins last weekend
at Bourges National:
12th Provincial against 1969 old birds.
Click for the pedigree of "LAILA"
Foundation Birds


Something remarkable: the discussion about vinegar and other acid products in the drinking water of pigeons. A few scientists made their point about the use of vinegar and other acid products for our birds. Till now, vinegar and co were always announced to be good for the health.

A must in the current weather

But what does one of these scientists say? He claims that vinegar and co. in the drinking water of our pigeons, will stimulates E-Colli and Paratyphus. The second source is also clear that says: ”We also thought that vinegar could prevent Adeno and E-Colli but this doesn’t seem to be true because every year it appears on many lofts, just wait and see. ”Till now, the exact cause isn’t clear yet. We too, as you could read in our previous article, had some problems this year and it’s not easy to treat. It’s important to find the exact diagnose and treatment, together with light food, it could help you out. We’re also curious how long the Herpesvirus will stay away because we vaccinated against it.
At this moment, our youngsters train very well, more than one hour a day. And yes, I know, when the weather changes, they will have to get into the basket….it’s high time for them to be trained properly.
We’ll keep you informed, because after rain comes sunshine…
Have a nice day and till next time.  Then we will be back with another text we read for you : “A Dutchman discovers the first Viagra for the ladies : New tablet makes women want more.”
Till next time

Your servant


In BLUE HEAVEN LOFT the crows ensure that the hawk stays away. Look for yourself...

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