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translation from Dutch by LCB
 In love and war everything is permitted…
message posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012

The reactions keep on coming in concerning the use of medication with pigeons.
Recently we made a remarkable conclusion about this.  During a meeting with a very big champion, who’s known for not using any medication at all, I heard following: “It’s not because I didn’t use any medication to keep my birds healthy, that I can’t or may not start using it in 2013.” Isn’t that clear enough?  He’s somebody who followed another road for years, but now he’s probably meaning to start with medical guidance to prepare them for the season of 2013. 
We won’t continue talking about this but we do respect everybody’s opinion. To us it’s clear, it’s necessary to use medication in the present pigeon sport if you want to belong to the top.


Chinese food and
a young woman ... the secret to
a long and happy life!
"Concentrated beet juice":
also to be used during the breeding.
Available at vet Raf Herbots :
tel: +32 (0)475 24 65 89

Philosophy: didn’t you notice that the desire for something repeatedly appears in a man’s life? A beautiful woman or a super pigeon for example, which you can’t get, something that always passes on to you? That can trouble you and finally become a desire that can easily change into hardship.  I know all about it because I often found out in my life. Some of us will suffer and cry as if they lost something they never even owned. That’s really senseless and exactly the same as if somebody’s mourning about something that never was there…

Science against nature:
I would like to talk about the high blood pressure that regularly appears but which is not wanted.  Especially with women this problem makes big changes in their hormones.
Housekeeping. As I already mentioned before, in a housekeeping there has to be a lot of understanding and mutual respect to accept the changes in lust and desire. Every time I have to make an appointment with our doctor to get a new prescription for the medication for the high blood pressure of my wife, we never agree. It doesn’t matter that our doctor is a woman but every time I try to change her opinion concerning this medication. By experience I’m sure that women who have to take this medication, completely change in a very short time. Their desire and their lust for sex disappear like snow to the sun. Our doctor always tries to rip me off by saying that this has never been proved by science. But recently she must have felt sorry for me when she said without realising it : ”You’re not alone in this situation.  I know many others I treat, who have the same problem.” Finally she admitted from a medical point of view. Now we knew enough… But there’s also this…recently I read an article in an American medical magazine and do you know what I found out?  “High blood pressure” : “The Silent Killer”… Those who want to know more about it, can best check in the following link, which many among you will read with a lot of interest.  The report us in English but it’s written in an understandable language that everybody can read. At this moment, my wife follows this natural treatment and I can say, the result is perceptible.

Click here to read the article

Just returned back home from another country and again I have to say that my wife did a remarkable job. The pigeons on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT were very well taken care of. And concerning the moulting : almost no more feathers to find but each morning it’s like a bed of white fuzz. This is the sign of my birds to be super healthy.

For better fertilization during
the breeding period and also
for a richer and softer

In contrast with previous years, we didn’t pair our birds yet and we talk and write December 10th 2012. With what we try for some years now, is to pair them a bit later, so to postpone the winterbreed with about 3 weeks. In fact we found out, after reading our notes and archives, that our youngsters of the second round of our breeders, do as well or even better as the youngsters that were breed earlier. All though it’s not easy to compare, I still believe that the cause should be found in the fact that when you pair around Christmas, the youngsters that are born then, only get outside around the last week of February.  At that moment the weather conditions aren’t that bad anymore, the days are already a bit longer and you can darken these youngsters already from March 1st. 
A reader wanted to know where I got my roll-down shutters with the automatic system.  I think every firm that’s specialised in roll-down shutters, can place it. Here’s somebody who looks forward, with a plan and who’s up to date. I want to repeat it one more time: without a plan you can’t have success in the present pigeon sport. Our pigeons on Blue Heaven Loft will get together around December 20th… may be exceptional late.
But who knows.  When this test seems to be positive, we won’t hesitate to pair them in 2013 /2014 around February 2nd.  I remember very well, about 50 years ago, everybody used to pair his birds on February 2nd.  These youngsters didn’t get darkened but they still flew the national races for youngsters: at first Argenton, next  Bourges and Angoulème. To be honest I must mention that these youngsters were brought on a nest by paring them to an old partner, so they remain in their feathers as good as possible. They used to do the last races with success on a “grain youngster” of 10 days or older. And the results as yearlings, didn’t get in danger at all.
Don’t let us run ahead but wait and see what 2013 will bring. As long as we don’t get high blood pressure and my wife can control it in a natural way, we won’t complain. Let’s conclude and say : ”Those that are satisfied with what they have, are worth to live!”
Before the end of 2012, we will meet again. In the mean time, keep the courage and your health and know that tomorrow will be better than today.
I greet you from the wet and stormy Zoutleeuw…

Your servant


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