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translation from Dutch by LCB
 You can’t touch the nicest things in the world, you feel them…
message posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2012

It’s really a miracle the way our birds change their feathers. They change them all, the big ones and the small ones and this takes them a lot of energy. On those lofts, where the moulting go on without problems, you can be sure that their condition was good, certainly during that period.
On” BLUE HEAVEN LOFT”, the racers run a bit behind but they almost all changed their little feathers. Now is the moment to collect some large pinions, in case one of your favourites breaks a pinion, which can happen in a fight defending his territory or sometimes they can return with a broken pinion from a race. When you collected some pinions, can help out by glue a similar pinion. When you can’t do it good enough yourself, you’ll certainly find somebody who has done it before. This is very important when you want your favourite can keep his capacities. So beware of it and make sure you can solve this problem in future.
Also many women have this gift. Listen carefully: another woman that complained about her sexual life.  She lives in an apartment where the walls aren’t isolated well enough. Hereby she can’t enjoy sex as it should because she’s afraid the neighbours might hear. Of course this is a problem to those that get confronted with it. But the answer of the sex-doctor Kaat Bollen, specialised in sex and love, is very clear about it : “Silent sex can also be very intimate.”  Us men, don’t see it that way. We prefer to hear what we’re capable of. We like to hear the sound a woman makes during the action, as long as they don’t fake. Believe me, there are a lot of women who can do this very well, they pretend to like it…

After 20 years of profligate life in
Taiwan, I found my happiness!
With her by my side I feel safe, it
ensures peace, affection, friendship,
appreciation, gratitude and love ...
Few men who can and dare say it ...

To us men it’s enough to leave the boat, of course after we dropped our first load. It’s terrible and no Casanova can escape from it. The specialist, who we mentioned before, advised to wait till the neighbours leave home. This can take some time and a man already often has to be patient. When this appears too, it’s too much. Lust and passion appear suddenly, sometimes unexpected.  It’s a sin when you can’t give into it. This sex-doctor doesn’t see a problem by going to a hotel or to go camping sometimes. Bed and Breakfast is the ideal place to be in this case and you can find them everywhere. May be there’s something wrong with our society but it’s kind of a trend that happens. And recently, the Canadian Ashley Madison, came out with his dating site on the internet. He’s the one who promotes the affaires besides our marriage. Soon, Second, a Dutch-Belgian site followed. All of you, who want to go elsewhere, can visit here. It’s going that fast, so they already say the internet adultery makes a “BOOM” in the Flemish part of Belgium. It seems adultery isn’t strange any longer and it can save a lot of marriages. One of my friends can say it nice : ”I never go strange but I feel at home everywhere.”
Let’s go back to “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT” :
My wife got worked up about the danger of the food-troughs in wood. I already mentioned it before and I think it would be good to return to this one more time. When you regularly mix oil or other food supplies to the grains and afterwards dry it with bee yeast or another mineral mixture, you have to be careful. After some time, the sides of the trough in which you put these kinds of mixture are the ideal place for mould. When you don’t see this in time, you are in big trouble. It’s a solution to wash them out and burn them out but this is only for a limited period. Very soon the problem will appear again. It will become a coming and going of danger and this will have big consequences on the condition of your racers and breeders. That’s why we decided some time ago, to replace all our troughs. We already described the new ones before. They’re wooden troughs but the inside is covered with white plastic and you can take out these plastic parts.

The ideal trough: "HERWI"
for optimal hygiene!

You can easily wash it out every week with hot water. These troughs are not cheap.  In Kassel on the exhibition of the Taubenmarkt, we paid 30 Euro a piece for a trough of 100 cm. The German Hermann Wienekamp “HERWI” is the designer of this object and if you prefer hygiene, you can also buy them in Belgium with the Firm Natural-Haspeslagh. This is no publicity but when it’s good, it’s good. So if you have the opportunity and the money to buy these troughs, don’t hesitate and you don’t have to worry about de danger of possible mould infections. This can come like a thief in the night and before you know it, your birds will be infected and it’s best to prevent than to cure. So, be careful.
Recently we visited a fancier of more than 80 years in the province of Antwerp. This man attracted our attention because of his astonishing results against a strong competition on the short- and middle distance.
Without asking one question, this man started to talk.  A non-stop story of somebody with a lot of experience. For several years, his colony (in winter +- 70 pigeons) has been selected on cancer and he scored with good results. He still uses his microscope and every two weeks he examines his birds. Pigeons with cancer were treated individually. But do you know what he noticed after some time? In spite of the treatment, he noticed that it were always the same pigeons that got the infection. Do you know what he did? Every year again, he eliminated the birds that were liable to cancer and also those that regularly had red throats. Among them, even some that won a few first prizes. Now, (according to the man), his pigeons are free from cancer. He was so enthusiastic, probably because somebody with experience would listen to him. Close to his living room, in a little storeroom, he kept a bucket that he showed us.  Without saying a word, he took the lid of the bucket while he looked at me as if he wanted to say :”This is my secret, with which I keep my pigeons in good health!” So also free of cancer because this was what he wanted to make clear to me. And what did we see? The bucket was filled with water (15l.) and in the water garlic and onion sliced in little pieces. I nodded so he knew I understood. Without saying another word, he closed the bucket and brought it back to the storeroom. Besides this mixture and apple vinegar, there’s nothing else in the house for the pigeons…Afterwards, he showed us some pigeons and they really were astonishing. They had dry eyes, white noses and very soft feathers, which were as if we touched the buttocks of a woman covered with a pair of panties in nylon or satin.

"HERBIAL" a must
promotes the cleansing
of the body!
for better moult
much better than other soups,
but much cheaper!

The moral of this story :  with what we saw with this old but successful fancier, many of you will ask themselves questions. And yes, I know too that health is not for sale but you can influence it. We can’t underestimate the power of nature. We saw that it’s possible to keep our birds healthy in a very simple way. It’s possible, on short- and middle distance with only one night in the basket.  But let’s be clear : when you play every week with the same pigeons, with two nights in the basket, you’ll see that the birds do very well at the beginning of the season but after 6-7-8 weeks (depending on the care-taking), they will become weaker, a relapse, with at the base an infection of cancer. When you don’t look out well and don’t get in action immediately, you will pay the price at the end of the season.
My experience… it’s not possible to race from half of April till half of September with the same pigeons every week, on races between 450 and 625 km., without a treatment against cancer. Those that don’t agree, are playing with fire and sooner or later, he has to change his point of view.
One more story to finish with and to confirm all of this :
About 40 years ago, I visited the Late Jules Rijckaert from Sint Amandsberg near by Gent. Jules was a famous and big champion with very good pigeons. I visited him to write an article for the “BELGISCHE DUIVENSPORT”,  a weekly pigeon-journal for which I wrote. This Jules Rijckaert was known for his pigeons to remain healthy all by themselves.  All he used was tea and some cheese to keep his birds in good health. When I had taken enough notes, he guided us outside through the kitchen and passing through, I noticed something.  I asked my partner to wait outside and I asked Jules back inside. Why? I noticed a large pot of EMTRYL near the cooker. So I asked Jules some explanation. He was shocked and stuttering he said that he only used it for his chickens, not for the pigeons. I didn’t ask more and left the house. On our way home, it all became very clear to me. In those days, medical guidance wasn’t that obvious but the big champion Rijckaert already had a big pot of EMTRYL. He, just like Jan Grondelaers in his days, was 10 years ahead of his generation.
It’s regrettable that Emtryl can’t be found in Belgium. It was a strong but good product to treat the pigeons against cancer with success.
As you see, you don’t always have to ask or talk a lot to find out something.  All you have to do is observe.
Next appojntment, in two weeks, the moment when already many pigeons will be paired to start the winter breed.

Take care and remain healthy.

Your servant


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