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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Who finds me bread and cheese, it’s to his tune I dance…
message posted on Thursday, November 1st, 2012

My last news report provoked many reactions. I got mails from the U.S.A, Canada, Scotland and of course from different European countries. All with the same request and question for the name of the alternative product for ZOVIRAX, which can be used in case of an invasion of the Herpes virus. There even was one person that said :”When you say “A”, you have to say “B” too.” Of course this will happen but because the racing season is finished, you can easily use “ZOVIRAX”. I don’t want to provoke a rush by searching the alternative product against the Herpes virus. It seems to have become a worldwide problem. But be patient, you will hear it in time, when the problem appears again in 2013. So there’s no need to keep asking about it.
Another common phenomenon is that women demand our total attention, not only in politics but also in business, they try to reach the top. Besides this, there’s also the judgement of Hilde Sabbe, editor of the journal “HET LAATSTE NIEUWS” about the book: “THE END OF THE MEN”, and the rise of women, a bestseller, written by  Hanna Rosin, an American journalist. She claims that leading jobs slowly become more female. She even claims that women are better in crisis situations and last but not least, she even adds, believe it or not, that more and more women get their diploma and so they can become breadwinner themselves. Hilde Sabbe mentions that all this will not go that fast and that we men don’t have to worry that much. Also Paul Buysse, President of Bekaert, agrees more or less with this opinion when he literally sais :”Suitable women or rare.” But we can say that women’s emancipation keeps on evolving.

The ideal product for the winter
breeding to succeed. We give it
together with 2 ml. allicin per liter
of drinking water

But don’t we see the same phenomenon with our pigeons?  When you play double widowhood, you have to admit that at the end of the season, all is in the advantage of the hens. And as we call our women as “THE WEAK SEX”, while they do everything to be freed of this name. It’s not that long ago, that we saw that our hens always were beaten by their partners, the cocks. But nowadays, we can easily say that well trained hens, often are at the top of the result of the heavy middle distances or the one day long distances, a disadvantage for the cocks. It’s something we can’t ignore and now, the hens are the strong sex within our sport. We know fanciers that prefer to play only their hens and it’s because of that reason. Their cocks stay at home, to wait patiently for their women. Years ago, this was totally different. In those days they only sometimes played their hens and this on a nest. Nowadays, our sport has evolved that much so it’s possible to race as well with the hens as with the cocks and this thanks to the double widowhood. It’s a fact, that with difficult races and with bad weather conditions, we almost always find hens in the top 10 of the result. You can check it if you want…
Only racing the hens also has another advantage. Hereby, the fancier gets a precise view of the value of the pigeons that participate to the races every week. When you can choose between well played hens at the end of the season, will soon find out which excellent breeding material he has to use.
Recently I read that erotic dreams mostly happen to women as to men. This is something I find hard to believe.  It certainly is not a truth in my own family. Almost every day, my wife tells me: ”You only think about your pigeons, sex, football and sleeping…and all jobs in the house are left for me.” And I have to admit it’s the truth. My wife is always right and I allow her too. Realy, I love my pigeons and to me, sex is a must, which is at the top of my list of gifts wanted. Football and sleeping give me the opportunity to get some rest and let my erotic dreams do their job, almost every day, yes every day. And am I happy?  Surely I am. I’m not born yesterday and I keep control over my condition because I know very well that a cock can’t be too fat. 

“Innovations for the loft"
seen on the Kassel pigeon exhibition

We only just arrived back home from Kassel, Germany, wher we visited the 23rd International Pigeon Exhibition on October 27th end 28th 2012, one week earlier as usual. We got the intention that there weren’t as many people as the previous editions.  Probably because of the weather conditions (There was snow the night before) and also because of the crisis in all countries that now also strikes within our pigeon sport. They didn’t buy that many products or other things. Those fanciers that rented a stand to sell their pigeons, were disappointed and not happy. Selling one or two pigeons in two days is really disappointing and certainly not enough to pay all costs. The positive side of it all is that many foreigners are present every year again and it’s always very well organised.  It also gives great pleasure to meet people you know and to greet them.
When you read this article, the month of November has already started. As you all know, the early winter breed starts at the end of November. When you want to start the breeding period  with a good conscience and a good feeling, it’s best to take some samples of the manure (5 days in a row) of your pigeons to take it to a specialised vet to do some research.  If you want, he can also take care of a large examine in a lab, specialised in the research of pigeons.
Enough for today. My wife is calling me upstairs. Normally she doesn’t has to call me twice, only we I didn’t hear her the first time.
Hear from you soon, stay well and in good health.

Your servant


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