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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Once it’s done it’s not a habit…
message posted on Thursday, October 18th, 2012

About two months ago, we had a visitor of an experienced scientist, a professional on the area of ornithose and viruses. Our conversation was very interesting and we learned a lot about it.
By coincidence, of a very good source, we know that many fanciers have problems with infected eyes, especially with their youngsters. Till now, all pigeons have been treated with eye-drops that contain one or more antibiotics. Almost everybody uses Fucithalmic eye gel, Aureomycine eye salve, Gentamycine(Clinagel), Neo-Bacitracin and many other products. A vaccination with Lincospectine isn’t an exception either. In the past it all worked well against “one eye-cold” or the so-called “film” on the eye.  But now, it seemed that all of this doesn’t solve the problem any longer.

"Zovirax" is used as treatment
Visit from Russia

When I told my partner in this conversation about this problem, he smiled and he told me that this probably was an attack of the Herpes virus and he explained. In the months July and August we had a lot of sunshine and a lot of sun has its influence on the immunity system of men and animals. The resistance, build by the immunity system of pigeons, will get lower. Their resistance mechanism will be attacked and of course at that moment, the viruses will take the opportunity to get inside the body. As you all know, the treatment with an antibiotic has not at all an influence on pigeons that are attacked by a virus, in this case the Herpes virus. It was remarkable that at that same moment, this virus also attacked many people and certainly those that had a lot of sun. A long time ago, a famous veterinary already mentioned a certain treatment against the Herpes virus with pigeons. He advised “ZOVIRAX” and about this product we know that it stops the growth and the multiplication of the viruses. But the disadvantage of the product is that it leaves a black greasy string around the eyes of the treated pigeons. Our scientist knew about it.
Personally we already noticed it when we had some pigeons on our loft, with swollen eyes. We also treated them with Zovirax and after a couple of days there was improvement but the real cure took another two days. To us, the recovering time took too long and I had to let the treated pigeons rest for one week. So now we asked our specialist for an alternative and he had one.
It was late in the afternoon when we said goodbye to our friend, the scientist, we thanked him for his visit and the information we received. The man had only just left when I, incredulous as I am, ran to the nearest pharmacist to buy the “alternative product” to treat pigeons against the Herpes virus.  When I arrived back home, we started the experiment. There still were some pigeons that draw our attention and showed signs of infected eyes. We dropped a line of gel in each eye. One day later, we repeated it again twice and what did we see? All disaster was gone and no sign of a black greasy string around the eyes. Both pigeons got back in the basket on Thursday evening on a heavy middle distance race and we won prizes per 10. So our experiment succeeded and this with an optimal effect. We specially remembered not to mention the name of the product. Attention!  Don’t worry, it’s not on the list of the forbidden products. And next season, when there’s another attack of this feared  Herpes virus, we surely will tell you about the product. As you see, a good conversation with a scientist can do you a lot of good but of course it’s based on mutual confidence and feedback.
It’s calm on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT.  The moulting is going well. Per 20 pigeons, we give them a hand full of candy seeds and in the afternoon, they get a rich dose of moulting mixture Super Subliem of Versele-Laga, enough so there’s still a bit of barley left fort hose that are very hungry and for the morning of the following day.
In the mean time, they all start to celebrate the champions. Every weekend, you can go to one or another celebration. I must ell, that we try to limit the giving of a coupon for a pigeon because we found out that some people visit many feasts where they buy the coupon at a very cheap price and some months later, they try to sell your pigeon on the internet for a lot more. Surely this is not the intention of those fanciers that give these coupons.

Consultation and planning, two
important concepts in
our pigeon sport
Two non-negligible nutritional

We became more active again. A few weeks we stayed longer in our bed and now our batteries are reloaded. No, we didn’t start the “big” cleaning, we’ll wait till after the moulting, around half November. The breeders and the feed-pigeons are already separated for some months. They only have to change one or two pinions. Some of them already have their last pinion half way. So all goes as we wish.  This week, we took a large basket to the open aviaries, where the breeders and the feeders live separated. Again, we took away all pigeons that were born in 2004. Here we also took some hens that didn’t give us any eggs in 2012. My wife writes it all down and so it’s much easier to take these birds away. We do this every year again, when Autumn arrives. What can you expect of pigeons that will be 9 years old at the beginning of 2013?  They certainly had their best time and we prefer youth. A good breeding loft must contain several promising pigeons that are full of energy and very vital.  It’s important that they pass on these qualities to their descendants. This is the only way to assure our future.
On the racing loft, all places are already full.  All racers, older than 2010, were all moved to the breeding loft, without an exception. They have to take care for 2013, to provide us with the birth of a promising generation. Those that live, shall see. We look forward to it.
We read something for you and it’s good to know. They recently published a study in the International Journal of Sports food.  They found out that men, who drink one or two cups of coffee before a large effort, will have less pain and problems to their muscles. In fact it’s the caffeine that stops the pain in the muscles by blocking the chemical product Adenosin, which is liberated by infection or worn-out muscles and this activates the pain in the body. Attention! Caffeine is on the list of the forbidden products so don’t start to experiment with it because you surely get in trouble and that’s not our intention.

Have a nice day, stay well and healthy. We will be back on November 1st . See you later...

Your servant


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