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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Nobody can serve two masters…
message posted on Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Nevertheless there are many women who think so. How many times, women dream about having good sex with interesting men.  They almost always adore to be “taken” well.
This also happens with young hens that have been separated for some time.  They walk around with a dragging tail behind each cock. They almost beg to be “taken”.  Of course, nature has its secrets and it doesn’t always show them. But when you open your eyes, you can see a lot. When you close your eyes, you seem to be blind to all miracles of nature.
Summer has finished now as we can see in open air and Autumn didn’t miss his entrance.   Bit by bit, the birds are gathering together to move to the South. This is something we see every year again.

returning from a training flight
Even in the dead season, no risk
is taken in BLUE HEAVEN LOFT

On “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT”, all we see are feathers. Moulting has started fast. Of course, most pigeons on our loft still have to change many pinions. This is all because of the heavy program together with the trainings and the personal trainings in between tow races. These personal trainings made sure that our birds still had feathers to race the last national race from Gueret (572km) and with success.
We make sure that we vacuum our loft every day, especially in the corridor in front of each compartment. This is not only very good for the pigeons but also for us fanciers.
Our pigeons fly out every day on their turn. Twice a week, they get the opportunity to take a bath and they like it very much. In the water we use a well-filled spoon of BATH SALT (H.A.P.) for 10 litres of water and here we also add a spoon of vinegar.  This is very good for their feathers but also for their intestines when they drink it. I like watching my pigeons when they’re taking a bath.  I get a good feeling because it shows that nothing’s wrong with their health, sick birds won’t take a bath. Sometimes it happens that there are some that won’t go into the water and then we examine them.  Mostly there’s nothing wrong and the next time, they’re the first to go into the water. If they keep refusing a bath, they’re separated and we keep them for observation for a few days with light food that contains a lot of barley.  In the drinking water, we use “ENTERI DUIF”(H.A.P.) for several days.  This is a good product but not very well known by most fanciers. If you try it, you will notice a difference very soon.

With these products, you'll be fine.
They provide support and variety.
With "rui super subliem mengeling"
you have a good weapon in hand.
Wild cereal, every morning a handful
for 20 pigeons, it helps ...

From the beginning of October till half November we use several products in turn:  HERBIAL, ELDER BERRY SIROPE, SEDOCHOL and of course not to forget METHIO FORTE. All with the food, once a day in the late afternoon because in the morning, we prefer candy seeds. Like we already mentioned before, in the drinking water we still use EMDOTRIM.
So far, about the care taking after the season on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT.
Also this year, we have some youngsters (35 exactly) which we will use as testing pilots.  We moved them from the aviary to the loft of the youngsters. They stayed in the aviary from the end of April till the end of August and so they never flew out. Most of them are still on 3 pinions. They went outside for the first time on September 20th .  The evening before, we opened the window and the next morning, when we went into the loft, we panicked because we only saw about 15 pigeons on the loft. We let out our racing hens and yes… when we let all pigeons inside in the afternoon, only 9 were missing of which 6 returned the next morning. The other three arrived later on when we let out the young cocks. So finally, no lost.  Nevertheless, I have to mention that I interfered immediately when I noticed that 20 birds were still missing. On the section, next to where those test pilots stayed, there were a group of late youngsters, which were raised by the racers till the last race from Gueret. These late ones already went outside and they flew around a little bit and so we let them all together and a few days later we let them go outside all together. The result was astonishing… till now, all soldiers are still present and it all works out perfectly, even better than last year. It all demands some work but with good results. Some of those testing pilots of 2011, did very well in 2012.  In fact, our first bird from the national race from La Souterraine, was one of them.  This is also the reason why we continued this experiment. To me, these pigeons are the reserves for the future and that’s why they will meet the basket as soon as possible, when the weather allows it. We will inform you how it all went.

There’s still something I would like to talk about: the national championships and the classification of the ace-pigeons of the KBDB. What is my conclusion?  
The last national race from Gueret is only just finished so it’s time to relax a bit. But every year again, this gives the same inconvenience.  Too late to pass on the results if you want to participate to the national championships and the ace-pigeons of the KBDB. The results already have to be there one week after this last race and every year again, it’s the same scenario.  No time for us fanciers to let of some steam and relax a little bit because we have to count our points and send them to the KBDB. To us fanciers it’s not logic at all. It would be much better when we had time till September 20th . And there’s even more!  Why does the national championship and the ace-pigeons only count till the last weekend of August, when there still is a national race at the beginning of September?  As well for the youngsters as the old and yearling birds (on this race, the old and yearlings race together). Of course I know  that many fanciers already stop their old birds after the national race from Bourges, at the end of July. But don’t you think that those that know the art of continuing their old birds till this last race, should at least be rewarded.  So why not let this race count too for the national championships and the ace-pigeons?  It’s tradition and it’s much more easier to leave it all as it was. There’s evolution everywhere, even in our sport the competition has become much tougher.  Do our pigeons fly faster than before?  May be they do, may be they don’t but one thing’s for sure : nowadays the races finish much faster as they used to.  So why no adjustments?  Changes bring and gives new impulses.  We can’t compare the game with the pigeons with 30 years ago.  When you race the pigeons for 60 years, you know and so do we. There must be rules and they have to exist but sometimes there must be done adjustment, changes of the rules. That’s why we don’t understand why the last race from Gueret, with 2012 about 20.000 pigeons, shouldn’t count for the championships and the ace-pigeons KBDB. At this moment, those fanciers that participate on this race, don’t get rewarded at all and I think this should change.  We don’t think that this is what they want at the top…

Enough for today…the sun is shining and the sky is blue. There’s no wind and all you can hear is a car that passes on the street…
Stay well and in good health…

Your servant


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