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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Those that live, shall see…
message posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Life on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT continues undisturbed. When you read this, our racers will have finished their very last task of the season 2012; the national race from GUERET September 8th , a distance of 537 km. The national race from La Souterraine (576km.) was a success.  As we told, we went for a place on the podium and so we did with a 3rd National with the old and the yearlings (which raced together). We succeeded with 39 of 63 pigeons within the prizes in Club de Fond de Wallonie (C.F.W.) against 2180 pigeons. This means 62% prizes, more than we normally want (60%).  The youngsters didn’t do that well, an early bird and that was it.  We didn’t score with the number of prizes we want. In between the races from La Souterraine and Gueret, there was a race from Melun (+- 300 km) on September 1st.  This was a general rehearsal and in preparation of the last national race from Gueret. Has this race been a success for BLUE HEAVEN LOFT?  With a fresh northern wind at the head, the first pigeons reached a bit more than 1260m/m. It certainly wasn’t an easy race.  No way that they flew in the wrong direction and than return. To be honest, it was a long time ago that we saw our birds come out of the wright direction. And if you know where we live, at the East side of the province of Flemish Brabant, close to the province of Limburg, you know it all. In OBRAFO TIENEN and C.F.W. we played 54 old birds of 65 within the prizes and with the youngsters 23 of 31 on the result. Together 77 prizes of 96 pigeons we put in, more than 80% prize.  As a fancier, you could be pleased with less. We certainly enjoyed it!  And if I will do nothing wrong the last few days before the basketing for Gueret, you can be sure that we will score with good results on this last national race of 2012.  I hold my heart because they predict Eastern wind, so we don’t have a chance to score within the top of the national result… But it can change… they are often wrong when it comes down to the weather reports. But no matter the wind will be, BLUE HEAVEN LOFT will participate on national level…
All racers will get their last chance to prove their capacities. The boxes on our racing loft remains limited. There’s no way out. Over and out…On Saturday evening, September 8th, we will draw a line under the season 2012. Later on, we will make an individual evaluation.  But not yet looking forward. We will inform you in our next edition. Let’s talk about something else…

Thanks to her I can play
with racing pigeons
in a professional manner
BOBBY, one of the guards

Women and pigeons always were and always will be my fads and fancies.  All of you must know by now. But my experience of the last time taught me that you can learn to manage the pigeons. With women it’s a bit different. Managing women must be in your genes, which you get at birth. Pigeons are much more obedient than women, although there are exceptions. Recently we read a publication of a British Social Scientist (Catherine Hakin) in which she showed that adultery is good for a relationship, for a marriage. And we quote :” Sex is like a good meal. Eating at home can be good but everybody likes to go out eating now and then.” She thinks adultery is good for each relation. Many marriages go wrong because the man or the woman or both of them are sexually frustrated. They feel like animals that are locked inside and can’t explore wild nature.
Adultery or have a bit on the side, are the only solution. Pigeons do that too sometimes. Mostly hens on nest, which can’t resist the charms of a cock.
Sexual meetings with somebody else as your partner, should be as current as going out to eat in a restaurant, according to this scientist, as she writes in her new book : “The New Rules”. How she did she come to this conclusion? In countries where they don’t tolerate adultery, the divorces are much higher than in those countries where they allow it. The difference between the rigid Great-Brittan and the conservative United States against the free thinking France, is very big, according to Hakin. She praises Japan, the land where meeting Geisha’s, are part of the daily life and where pornography isn’t taboo either.  Hakin says that ”a successful affaire”, in which everybody’s happy and where nobody gets hurt, is perfectly possible. It’s much better not to talk about adultery and fraud, because this sounds rather negative. Better to call it a parallel relation or playing dates.
There’s also the story of a woman who complains about her husband. She says: When it comes down to sex, my husband and I never agree. I like to have sex more than he does and that can be annoying sometimes. He doesn’t like me to take the initiative.  I sometimes like to have exciting sex, like a quick one just before the visitors arrive or at work (we work together) when our colleges already left. He thinks I can’t surprise him and that I’m oversexed. Or he thinks he won’t succeed. It always ends up in a quarrel and then I feel abnormal”.  And I thought that the woman is always to blame! A sexuologist and a criminologist answers: “There where a man and a woman have satisfying sex, the marriage is perfectly in harmony. Our conclusion: many men will feel unhappy and they ask themselves why they don’t have such a woman as the one that complains about her husband.  Yes, the bill van be made easily and the line can be draw fast. More than a quarter of a century ago, we had the same dilemma and we draw the line fast. Our Taiwan adventure could begin. And now, almost 30 years later (we live almost 10 years in Belgium), I never regretted of the decision I made 30 years ago. What more can I say!  Man, you have to look and find your happiness yourself. Try to be the smith of your own happiness. It can be done, it’s possible but you need a lot of courage. We leave it now. Women that read this, will be flattered, but some men will be irritated. We won’t be a spoilsport but we would like to say: carry on man, while there’s life, there’s hope…
Till next time,

Your servant


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