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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Everybody wants to live long but nobody wants to be old…
message posted on Thursday, July 12th, 2012

It all goes very fast. Races follow up very fast, one after another. Enough choices but we can’t do anything about our position or the wind, we just have to accept it as it comes…
Our yearling birds and their old colleagues are getting back the good form; 6 old birds within a minute from NEVERS (451 km) gave us hope again. Not only our medical help but surely them dropping their first pinion made the change. In general they say that the top form only comes after they dropped their second pinion. We surely can expect something.

Your servant, after a mandatory training.

Till now, our racers, as well the old as the yearling birds, had to work on a very heavy program. More than 4700 kilometres, only by participation to the weekly races till July 7th. Next they have to go to Limoges (yearlings), while the old pigeons have to go to Blois (460 km), before going to Salbris, Bourges, Le Mans, Argenton, Blois, La Souterraine and Gueret National. Yes, yes, as you can see, they have to work hard every week. We regret there’s no heavy middle distance race in between La Souterraine and Gueret. The French government doesn’t allow releases in France.
It’s also going well with our youngsters. They flew 2x Momignies(110 km) and once SOISSONS (192 km). We darkened them till June 1st, the beginning of Summer but we wait to give them light because we want them to keep their large feathers a little longer. As always, we intend to let our youngsters participate the 4 national races for young birds. Two weeks ago we separated the cocks and the hens and at the same time we put a chip on their paw. The young hens got a yellow sticker on their chip, that way it’s easier to separate them when they come back home from a race. In the mean time, they already flew Soissons and we didn’t escape unhurt. They were released in the afternoon (13h40) with a strong South-West wind and threatening clouds, the first pigeon still did 1900m./m.  Many youngsters were surprised and miscalculated. Lost were expected even on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT. After searching long enough, too many youngsters still reached their loft. Not enough experience must have been the reason and it’s not easy for them to choose the right direction in these conditions. A.S., a man with a golden pen, once has written that you shouldn’t underestimate those birds that fly into the top with wind at their tale. They must have a good orientation that makes them choose the right direction and the shortest way back home. We can keep on discussing about the release of our pigeons. We all know one thing for sure : if they do decide to release with irregular weather conditions, it’s best to do this as early as possible and not wait till late in the afternoon. Also the Barcelona race 2012, released on Friday at 14.00 hours in the afternoon, again is the proof of this point.  
Normally we drop our pigeons before the race and afterwards too. But we stopped doing this because we noticed that some birds have damaged feathers around their ears. We are sure that dropping the eyes and them leaving every week to spend 2 nights in the baskets, are at the base of this problem. We also think that pigeons with “naked” ears can’t defend themselves as it should.  They can win a prize but certainly not at the top. 
At the moment, I’m no longer the boss in the house and I regularly have to be inferior. With two women in the house (our daughter Linda is on holiday at the moment) you just have to.  Mother and daughter always pull the same string and to keep the peace, I have to get along with the majority. You should always agree with women even if a man thinks differently. After years of experience and relations with women, I concluded that there’s not a lot of feminine beauty without complexes.
One thinks her breasts are too small, another would like an operation to get a smaller cup size.  But not everybody has the opportunity to get this kind of operation. Being a man you should know and certainly not forget that many women deny their needs out of fear.
It’s up to you to pay attention to it!

The most desirable condition powder
The ideal energy source

Last Friday, the evening before the arrival from Barcelona, there was a BBQ of “LOFT 24”, of which we are part, a young fancier approached me to ask my advice. It seemed he had a problem with his loft, build in Ytong blocs and exits at North-North-East side, a roof covered with clicking tiles and he immediately added that these were no fast-build tiles. In spite of little difference of temperatures between day and night, he thinks his loft is too cold and he asked me about the cause.  His pigeons scored but very irregular.
We already talked before about the orientation of the loft. I can’t mention enough, the importance of a good loft with exits at the East-South-East side. When I asked some more explanation, I soon found out more.  The young man had bought a piece of building land on which he build his house and his loft. It all was done by the rules of urbanism.  So he wasn’t allowed to build his loft in the ideal direction ESE. The result: all kind of problems. I told him about my own experience. In 1980, when they stole my pigeons and set fire to the loft, I thought about it for several weeks, to quit the pigeon sport. But once you have this virus, you just can’t stop and so I decided to build a new loft.  It was completely build by the standard of several experienced fanciers.  René Somers from Oelegem owner of the famous DOKUS ) draw the plan and my friend Jos Deno from Leefdaal build it.  The loft was also build in Ytong blocs, with an opening in between and again an Ytong bloc of 9 cm on the inside.  Windows and doors with double glazing and a roof covered with tiles.  After the loft was finished, Jan Grondelaers from Opglabbeek came by and do you know what he said:
“If you want to play well from the beginning, you should change something. You should cover the inside of your loft with plates in Gyproc (these are plates of lime of +-9cm, on both sides covered with paper)”.  These plates are also used in houses to make falls walls in bedrooms. And so we did and really, Jan was right because I did very well already the first year.  A year later, with the yearlings, we even scored 24/24 on the national race from Limoges Yearlings. It was a pity because in 1982, I moved to Taiwan and so it was no longer possible to do more experiences. This was how my conversation went with this young fancier, who really has enough ambition to get far within our sport. Of course he has to do some adjustments to his loft if he wants to get better. Nevertheless the NNE orientation will be in the way throughout his career as a fancier. 
Also this : this weekend all our yearlings will leave for the national race from LIMOGES (625 km) it’s their ultimate test. We will inform you about how this race ended.
You will hear from me in two weeks, when the national race from Bourges of July 28th will already been done.
Keep well and to all those that read me, I wish them a lot of success, a good health, a lot of love and affection at your home…

Yours truly


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