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translation from Dutch by LCB
 On each lock fits a key…
message posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Recently they asked me following question :”What to do when the little feathers around the ears of the pigeons, aren’t tight flat  to their head?” ”It’s a sure fact that these pigeons are disadvantaged in the race.” The man who qsked that question, noticed this with several pigeons by basketing in his club.
You can’t read much about this problem but for sure it’s a problem of the head. There are several causes but first of all you should find out that cause. Usually it’s caused by a cold and/ or when the upper bronchial tubes are stuffed up with slimes. Mostly the pigeons bring this back home when they’ve spend some nights in the baskets of the transport. The difference of temperature between the lower row of baskets and those that are higher can be rather big. When they don’t get enough oxygen in the baskets during transport, can be another cause. You should also take a close look to the loft on which the pigeons live. Too much are not enough oxygen is also very important. When you observe and take note of the boxes in which you have that problem every year again. When you use automatic conveyor belts to clean, it’s best to close the openings through which the belts move of one to another compartment. We used a strip of plastic, which closes down these wholes perfectly, even when the conveyor moves. Many fanciers, created aeration wholes below the windows and also these should be closed, certainly with a strong Eastern wind.
Another reason which can be the cause of thick heads with pigeons are the wooden slices in the baskets.  These give a lot of dust when the pigeons start to fight during transport. It’s a problem but we don’t have any control over it, once our birds are put into these baskets.  Once you find the cause of the problem and you want to treat them individually, after you adjusted the loft, can best get in touch with his vet to vaccinate these pigeons with 0,4ml Lincospectine + 0.1ml Catosal,on Sunday and once again on Tuesday. Hereby, you can just let them race and put them in the basket again on Thursday. This should be an improvement or a solution to this problem.

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Distorted flyers : they appear again now and than. The rough springtime has its demands. Pigeons, which have passed their limits, are very sensitive to it. Pigeons that used all they had and recently scored with a top-result, will suddenly show fear to fly out with their companions. It’s a first sign, that something is wrong.  When you make these pigeons go outside, the problem will get worse. Observe these birds very closely and be patient. It can be approving when you let them rest but they won’t often be cured totally. It’s good to feed them a mixture poor of carbohydrate. Too many sugars in the muscles can be the reason why the wing won’t function as it should and they will be in pain. In the past, we succeeded to improve the functioning of certain distorted flyers by giving them “DUPHAMOX”(oral) of Pfizer Animal Health , ¼ till ½ tablet in the morning and in the evening during 5 days. We also used “OCTACOSANOL”, a powder based on wheat oil, over the food moistened with oil. When you are patient, you will be rewarded.
BLUE HEAVEN LOFT : After 8 weeks of heavy middle distance without rest, we had to make some conclusions. We notice that our hens do much better than our cocks. As always, the weaker sex does it all, certainly with irregular weather conditions. But I know by experience that at the end of the season, when our birds have a nest, the cocks will get in action too.  What did we notice now? After the last race from Montluçon (532km.), they dropped feathers on all compartments. It’s also peculiar that several pigeons dropped their first feather at the same time. Of course, they all live in a community and they all get the same rules, the same food and water and every week they have to do the same race. But it seems that this phenomenon also appears in a nunnery, where they all live together too and they get their cyclus all at the same time. A lot has been told about dropping the first feather. Some fanciers are afraid to let these pigeons race when the stubble hasn’t opened totally. We don’t have a problem with it because, in general, every week there will be some pigeons that drop a feather. In fact, when you don’t open the wing regularly, you don’t know that they just dropped a feather. And those that have a problem with it, have to keep several at home every week again. No use, for those that like to start with a  lot of pigeons. We know, by experience, that this has no influence on the results.
In one of the previous editions, I mentioned that we were looking for the cause of our irregular results on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT. Sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Finally, after days of research, we found what we were looking for by our vet Raf Herbots.  We offered one of our racing hens, to send her to the lab for research. The scientists did all that was possible and examined the pigeons on all viral infections and microbes. And what did they found out?  They found an isolation of yeast in the crop and traces of Chlamydophila.  This is something that can be found with women who often have another partner. Most of them don’t even know what’s wrong. A man who meets a woman like that, will soon find out, certainly those that have sex without precautions. We delivered the bird on Monday morning with our vet, who send it the same day to the lab. On Friday, we received the result. In fact too late because our birds already were on their way to Montluçon. We could only start the treatment on Monday,after they arrived back home, because we couldn’t get the medication during the weekend.
We treated them on Monday, Tuesday till Wednesday noon and on Thursday, they already were back in the basket and what do we notice? An improvement of the results and about 60% prizes, which is the target number we prefer for each race. So you see, you should never give up but keep on looking for the cause of the problem. A lot of fanciers would loose their patience and their trust in the capacities of their feathered friends. Death always has a cause, that’s a fact. I can tell you, that we were very glad, they found the reason for the irregular results of our racing team, with ups and downs. In the mean time, we got writ of all grains and by-products, which easily get caught by mould and rot. From now on we will be careful. As the proverb says :”Once bitten, twice shy.” Although, women do but that doesn’t mean there stupid. A recent publication sais :
“Women always say nothing’s wrong, while surely something is.”
“Women always talk too much.”
“Women always ask what men think?”
“Women always try to win a fight with tears.””
“Women never admit they’re wrong.
For some days now, we know that it can be dangerous to tell somebody the truth.  Discussion, quarrel and even aggression can follow. Be alert and don’t always demand your right.  It will save you a lot of trouble, jalousie and envy.
See you soon.

Your servant


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