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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Time goes fast, use it well…
message posted on Thursday, June 14th, 2012

We’re already half June : the racing season runs fast. The first races of 2012 weren’t the easiest. Wind at their head and speeds between 1100 and 1200 m/m gave several lost everywhere. Specially from Bourges National, there seemed to be many pigeons which didn’t find their way back home, among these even some experienced racers. With cold wind at the head, the un experienced pigeons always have difficulties.
On “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT”, everything seems to be fine. We think that the condition is slowly coming and the results seem to become better every week. Chateauroux National, 512 km for us and the whole route had to be done by a constant Eastern wind. Normally no chance for those lofts at the Eastern side of the country, to score within the national top, not even to clock an early bird. Nevertheless our “LAILA” : 2068061/10 (see origins) succeeded to put an exceptional result on paper. She was the strongest of the whole OBRAFO team (732 active members), the First old pigeons on the result of 543 competitors. She also was the fastest bird against 1011 pigeons. Provincial Brabant, she only wins 5 against 823 pigeons and in Union Brabant, against 1312 pigeons, she  was 7th. But it’s astonishing that she scored with 2nd National Zone C against 3888 pigeons. What we mentioned before, seems to be right again.  We repeat one more time for the smooth running of things. It’s a sure fact that with  Western wind, there will never be an early bird at Western side of the country. On the other hand, we can see that with an Eastern wind, it’s possible that a few pigeons are capable to get classified early on the result. These birds are exceptional.
Since we opened the boxes half on the widowers loft, it seems that there’s more fire among the widowers. But when we pay attention, very soon there will be one bird who’s the master on the floor. His fellow widowers won’t get the opportunity to eat or to drink. When we don’t act, this will become a real disaster. What can we do? A good solution is to put a little pot in each box and so feed them individually. This is more work but the pigeons get used to it very quickly and they will soon reach the ideal weight. This is also the reason why we put two drinking pots on each compartment. We have to be sure that each bird gets enough to drink. Especially the last few days before basketing, this is very important.

Dietary supplement
of choice

By basketing for Chateauroux National (race of  9/06/2012), I concluded, even when I treated them with Suanovil, there still were some pigeons where the little feathers around their ears, weren’t flat against their heads.  At their arrival from  the semi-national race, we will surely treat them individually. The problem is a fact and when you play the same pigeons every week, without giving rest, on distances between 460 and 575 km, you have to help them a little bit, otherwise the lost will be too high. The choice is up to the fancier. I know : only few are as strict as we are, not leaving a pigeon at home. Even if this would be worth it, especially when you want to score at the top on certain flights. But we only want to hold on to those pigeons that are able to follow our program and bring this to a good end.  All our breeders, without an exception, are being selected like that. I recently read what seemed to be very important : “Why do men love stupid women? Cari Goetz, an American female researcher came to following conclusion: “Woman that seemed to be stupid, sleepy or drunk, are much more attractive to men  because they think it’s easier to get them into their bed. Many men prefer and look for these women for a  one night stand. And she continues : those men that don’t receive a lot of love and passion in their daily life, would abuse this kind of women more.” This is really something about men, by the eyes of women, and even a scientist woman. There usually will be a lot imagination. Especially men with little persuasion belong to this category. Although, this time I’m sure that this researcher is completely right. Nevertheless, I know that not all women are saints. This is the same with pigeons . Once the sexes are separated (widowhood), we can conclude that not the cocks but mostly the hens, can’t control their passion, and soon they look for an alternative. It’s not the first time that a “hot” hen will leave with a strange hot cock. This doesn’t happen a lot with cocks because they are more attached to their loft and their territory. As we see, this aspect not only happens among animals but also regularly with people. So you see: women and pigeons have a lot in common, but they’re both party games to a man. This is probably the reason why I love them both and never get tired of them.
More news in two weeks. And when summer comes, we hope to have good weather; a lot of sun and not too many lost with the youngsters.


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