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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Those that brag about a yesterday victory, will have nothing to be proud of tomorrow…
message posted on Thursday, May 17th, 2012

It was Friday morning, the sun was shining early and there was not one cloud in the sky. The old and yearlings were already in the basket for a race from TOURY( 373 Km.).  Today would be ideal to start driving our youngsters of 2012. “Let’s do it” said my wife, while she put on her blue overall and I agreed. I put on my overall too, which is a daily ritual. Our pigeons are used to this and so they aren’t afraid, although they sometimes are without my usual blue overall, to do some inspection to see if their droppings are normal. Sometimes to see if the aeration is OK or to control the temperature and the humidity degree . This last one is regularly done because we think a dry and healthy climate is very important.

Excellent for the respiratory
Pigeons are fond of this too

Because of the bad weather, after three days in the basket for the race from Toury, the pigeons were brought back to the clubs. It was the first time that this happened.  After all, giving back the birds went well and we were very glad that all birds were back on our loft on Sunday night. But when I tell you what all went on before, you will think I’m a maniac and you will immediately ask yourself: ”Was it all worth it?” Well, what my wife and I did do.  It was passed over 22h00 when we arrived home with our feathered friends. At first, we prepared everything; put on the light and the heat till 20°C. We mad sure there was food on the lofts and water with BRONCHOFIT (HAP) in it. Afterwards we took out all pigeons one by one, first the hens than the cocks. In the mean time, my wife prepared a bucket with warm water and a bit of Detol. At first, each bird got a drop in their eyes, a tablet against cancer and cleaned their paws from the green droppings. Each pigeon was treated like that and carefully put back on their compartment. At 01:30 A.M. on Monday morning, we were very pleased and put out the lights with a good feeling. Outside it was cold and silent…all we heard was a dog barking in the night… once we got inside the house, we had something to eat and to drink before we went to bed. At that moment, neither my wife or I had nothing else in our mind than to sleep as quickly as possible.  It was a good feeling after such a busy day.
Today, a week later.  All pigeons that were brought back last week from TOURY, already left again for another race from Toury, organised by Petit club Fleurus.
This morning, the pigeons were released at 8 o’clock with a strong North-North Western wind and this wasn’t an easy job. Yes, the race from Toury wasn’t easy to do. Our first bird, the 2007064/2011 (click here for the pedigree), a hen played on total widowhood, exactly flew 5 hours and 1 minute to get home. She came out of the right direction and succeeded to win the first prize, as well in the club “De Hoop Rummen” as in the large game of OBRAFO Tienen, where she reached a speed of 1329 m/m and the fastest against 2846 pigeons. Recently, they even let us know that our bird also was the fastest of all competitors of  TOURY. Her father is a direct son of “BRUTUS” (son of the famous “231” of the Engels Brothers from Putte.) paired to “BARBARA” : 2190504/05, which won as a youngster 1 National Bourges “Krijgsgevangenen” against 32724 pigeons. You can see on the pedigree.
After the first prize from NANTEUIL(252 km.), fastest against 505 pigeons in Union Landen, and now also first from Toury.  “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT” didn’t miss the start at all.  But didn’t I already tell you that they were ready to start? I really enjoy it in the same way I enjoy being in bed with a woman. Why? Well, because this is our reward of all the hard work we do. Many fanciers want and do the same. But when the pigeons can’t handle it, all the work is lost. Hereby I would like to mention and make clear that “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT” already selects very hard for 9 years now.  This by playing our pigeons week after week on races from 450 till 620 km, Limoges included. And once the youngsters are on the track, they also have to leave every week till and with the last national race from GUERET (567km).  All that are left, can stay and prove their qualities as a yearling. Our 4-year old racers move to the breeding loft, where they are responsible for the descendants. In fact, we created a kind of pigeons that can handle a hard program of about 10.000 km per yearn. Many fanciers try to do this but soon thy have to quit because they lose too many pigeons.  Many want to but only few can do son. For some time now, since a few years after we returned to Belgium (2003), many spread the news that “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT” scored so well with pigeons from elsewhere. It’s logical that when you start all over, you only can do so with pigeons from elsewhere.  But I want to mention that the last national victories we won, all were birds born and breed on “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT”. We quote:

  • 1st National Bourges against 21940 Yrl.with “BEA”, 2105478/04
  • 1st National Bourges against 32724 youngsters with ”BARBARA”,2190504/05
  • 1st National La Souterraine against 17595 youngsters with “CHRISTINA”,: 2215116/06
  • 1st National Montluçon (S) fastest against 10397 pigeons with “FIONA”, 2190094/08
  • … etc.

Each and every pigeon has been breed on our own loft, by our hands.
We don’t need to explain. Or should there be more?
Just one more tip to all that read me and hopefully you do that with a lot of attention.   Personally I believe in it.  Here it comes: for a few years now we use “ALLICINE”…May be you never heard about it? Well, let me explain:  Allicine  is a stabilised garlic extract. To me, it’s the best concentration out of garlic. It’s important for their resistance against diseases. It improves the general health and supports the immunity system.  In fact it’s strong replacement for antibiotics. It has a positive effect on the intestines. It prevents the germs in the intestines and problems of the digestion. It also has a positive effect on E-Coli and Salmonella. It keeps away worms and it’s a natural disinfection. It kills microbes and it works actively against dangerous mould infections. Above all of this, Allicine is also used in science (especially medication). We buy our ALLICINE in Holland as a freezing product, which can be used till six months in the fridge after defrost. It costs us 6 hours driving by car (3 hours to and 3 back) but it’s worth it…
Well this was it …we will be back the week after the first national race from Bourges, which will take place on Saturday May 26th
Stay well and healthy.
Your servant


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