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translation from Dutch by LCB
 One sows, the other mows…
message posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Blue Heaven Loft : Wednesday April 11th… good weather conditions.
Finally, it’s happening. Because we have the possibility, we gratefully used the opportunity. We took away all our racers (about 72) at a distance of +- 15 km. There was a West-South Western wind with the power of 3 Beaufort. The sun was shining but now and then some dangerous clouds passed by. Our racers are divided on 5 compartments. Baskets of our Cabine-express are brought to the loft upstairs by the elevator and when these are filled, they go downstairs the same way. This operation takes about 10 minutes because our pigeons are driven into the baskets. The old pigeons already know the system very well and they run into the open basket easily. The yearlings aren’t that used to it but the follow their old fellows. Take a look at our trailer with 9 metal baskets. In fact we only need 5; 2 for the hens and 3 for our cocks. On both sides of these baskets there is an opening to get in and one to get out.  Very efficient to use as well to get them inside as to release them. Roll-down shutters on both sides, which make it possible to release any time you want. (you can see it on the picture) . Info and commandments can be done with “GERALDY Kfz GmbH. Tel. : +49/68875111- Fax : +49/688788300- E-mail :


Things were beginning to liven up when they arrived home.  Cocks and hens meeting each other in their boxes where they breed and raised their youngsters. Again we saw that the yearling hens didn’t know their boxes, some even were scared of their partners. In contradiction to what I always advice (to leave them together on regular times), we waited to do this for 2 months this year.  Partly because it’s easier but also to avoid the stimulation of their fire. Here we succeeded well but also thanks to the darkening, which is very important about this aspect.

As well the old birds, the yearlings and the youngsters 2012 are being cured against cancer for about 5 days with Ronidazole (Ridzol) in their drinking water (you can get this by subscription of your vet).  This has to be given by 1 coffee spoon per 2 litres of water or with ½ kilo food. We do this for precaution… We noticed that especially the young birds were a bit down although they trained very well for about 70 minutes. They went high in the sky and they even left the loft the last half hour.  They were driven by the strong wind and it can’t be easy to get back against this wind. They fell out of the sky and they stayed some minutes on the shelve on which they have to fall.  I got them inside with my stick , their food was ready.  This is also something you have to watch out for.  Some pigeons start to eat immediately while others wait a bit.  That’s why you always have to leave the food on the loft for about an hour so each bird has the opportunist to eat well because it has to be prepared to 14 hours of darkening.
Both our groups of youngsters train about one hour every day and not only around the loft.  They fly up and down, sometimes helped by the wind and so we started to give them oil and/or Zell-Oxigen on their food, which we dry with  OPTIMIX (HAP) or WINMIX (COMED).
They have to get used to it because later on we will also add GLOBIGEN(*).
This must make them ready for the battle against the young and strong competitors of the East Brabant. WAIT AND SEE…
I didn’t talk about women this time because I think they still haven’t got over the things i talked about last time. Just let it pass on… I want to keep a good position with our women and I certainly want war. More next time…
(*) GLOBIGEN : What is it? “ Globigen is an immunoglobin rich egg-powder, which is adjusted to the metabolism of the pigeon. It stimulates their own immunity and it helps the stability of the natural and healthy flora.”
Question : a friend of the far East is looking for old things out of our pigeon sport; old certificates or old clocking systems are all welcome. He wants to pay for it all. If you have something on your attic, let us know, by mail(  ) or by fax : +32/11/696678. We will arrange the contact and settle the rest. Thank you!


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