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translation from Dutch by LCB
 It’s nicer to give something than to receive something…
message posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Life is as it is on “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT”
Nevertheless, spring began with a lot of sunshine and temperatures of +- 20° Celsius, with morning and night temperatures around 5°Celsius, there always is this nasty East-North-East wind of 3 Beaufort. This kept us from leaving with the old and yearling birds. Don’t forget that this returns every year again and spring without storm is like women without good shape.  In the mean time, our pigeons train very well without pushing them. As well the hens, which are much calmer than last year, as the cocks fly their rounds around the loft. They go very high and from one side to another in the sky. They really like to train. After an hour, we have to call them out of the sky. For some days now, they are a bit nervous without being scared. Also the cocks found their rhythm and they stay in the air for an hour. It seems the darkening of the loft, did its work. The heating plates are turned off and the humidity degree fell towards 42°, too low and not good for the mucous membranes, which can lead to dry mucus. Our vaporising system isn’t turned on yet because there are too many differences of temperatures between day and night. As long as they don’t show aberrant behaviour in their training flights, we’ll wait and try to keep the temperature and the humidity degree on the loft, within the limit. As soon as the wind turns to the South or South-West, our racing team will be ready to leave. A few times 15 km, once 40 km., then 80 km. And after that they should be ready to leave for their races with the club. This preparation can be done in only one week when the pigeons got enough training at home.

In the mean time our racers regularly get a product in their drinking water, at least twice a week. Our vet, Raf Herbots succeeded to create a combination of electrolytes and oligo-elements.  It’s a powder without addition of vitamins.  We advice it strongly especially to those that feed very lightly at this moment.
“GLOBIGEN” : remember the name. Three or four years ago, we had good experience with this product. We received some samples of ”Globigen” of the firm to try it out on our pigeons. But it’s much too expensive and you have to buy it with a minimum of 10 kilo, so we didn’t use it for some years now. Finally, we could persuade our vet Raf Herbots, to help us out so this product would be available again. It’s a real blessing to our old, yearling and even widow hens. At their arrival of a race, add 2-3 days on the food, moistened with oil. Also our youngsters, which get a light food, this “Globigen” brings the solution by giving light digestible proteins.
Try it out… I won’t say any more. It’s already enough that I inform you about it. Sometimes I wonder if I do well?
Our youngsters, the first group of about 80 pigeons, train for about 35 minutes at this moment, obliged.  We got our “THE FLYING PIGEON TRAINER” back from the stable and yes, to be honest, it does its job well. To those that don’t know the system yet, we advice to take a look at the videoclip. This will make it all clear. More information and to command :



Our second group of youngsters, which are 14 days younger, have to go into the sky too one of the next days. But this will only be after April 2nd, when all youngsters received their second vaccination against Paratyphus. Till now, everything is under control and we are at least 3 weeks ahead when we compare to last year. We’ll see. That’s what our women do…some only know short pleasure but long pity: just like “MONICA”:
Nine and a half hour flaying to go about 10.000 kilometres further.  It doesn’t only seem to be long, it is long. Recently, a Boeing brought us to the land where rich people only get richer and the poor ones become even poorer. As usual, all visitors, did get a task to fulfil from their wives, their daughters or mistress.
This time, we had to look for handbags . There were four of us, like the “Three Musketiers”, which also four of them.  I knew the place we should visit because I was there 20 years ago, coming from Taiwan. In those days, it all was to be found in open air. Now, this business and very big market is done in a very big building, with many different floors, as well above and under ground.  All you look for, can be found here, if you look very well. We nearly reached the place to be when a woman addresses to us, in perfect English.  She was around 30 years old and she knew what we were looking for.  In the mean time, one of my companions, showed a picture of the kind of bag we were looking for. “Come on”, she said.”Follow me.” The four of us, in a row, followed her down the stairs to another floor. We went through a narrow corridor, when she suddenly stopped, turned around to make sure everything was OK. Some moments later, we walked into a cracking door. It was a big storage with a lot of handbags. Everything was in good order and the only furniture was a few chairs. “Where are you from?”, she wanted to know. Almost all together, we answered :”From Belgium”. “Belgian chocolate and guns and Brussels?” rolled over her thick lips. “But what’s your name and what are your roots?” I curiously asked. She was proud to tell, that she was a cross breed of a Thai mother and a Chinese father.  And yes, she was beautiful. Also with the pigeons, the most beautiful and the best racers are almost always out of a cross breed.
“My name is Monica”, she proudly said. “Sancta Monica?” I asked. “What do you mean?” she said.
She probably had studied some years in the U.S.A., just to learn the English language, which she spoke perfect. But I anticipated and asked her: “You must have had another motif to visit Sancta Monica and studying English seemed to be the reason to get a residence permit and a visa?” She looked at me, there was eye contact while I observed for from her head to her toes. Her strong and defiant breasts, betrayed my suspicions. Sancta Monica in the States is known as the place to be for plastic surgery and silicones implanted. Especially young girls and more mature women of the far East, like to visit this place to get this kind of surgery. I visited the place a few times, to a acquaintance of mine. Three and an half hour from the airport to get there by taxi. She also had done a surgery: enlarging of the breasts. But she had stress and even remorse. She could use some confort and who better than me could give it to her? Monica found out about me and said : “Hey Playboy, how many girl friends do you have?” I wanted to say something that made sense but she was quick and continued by giving an answer to the question she asked: ”Many Girlfriends, for sure! And do you pay for the sex?” Again I couldn’t answer because she quickly replied:”Don’t do that Playboy, sex is for free…remember that well!” Yes, my age, with all my experience, but I never heard anything like that before and certainly  not out of the mouth of such a beautiful woman. She was married with an Italian man, Romario but he spend a lot of time abroad for business…
In the mean time, my three companions finished choosing handbags. And the price…Monica took care of it. They bought them at the price of just a bit more than 10% of the opening price. You can’t believe it.
Books closed and leave…Monica mentioned:”Nothing earned today”. ”But you have room for a new collection!” I said, while she closed the door of the storage. On the way back upstairs, she said goodbey and I was the last one of four. When I just passed by her show room, she called out to me:”Hey Playboy, don’t forget : SEX  IS FOR FREE!”…
The moral of this story : women should think about the fact that they don’t always expect compensation for all we do and ask!  “Anyway SEX IS FOR FREE!”…
This is not a April 1st joke…


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