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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Good health leads to success…
message posted on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Reaction on Paratyphus : 
As we already mentioned, on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT, all racers; old birds and yearlings included the hens which are played on double widowhood, have being vaccinated against Paratyphus. Before we did a cure of 10 days and one after the treatment of 5 days with Emdotrim. This treatment in preparation to the vaccination, is very important. We didn’t see any pigeon that had problems after the vaccination with COLOMBOVAC(Paratyphus) of the firm Pfizer. Nevertheless all pigeons were a little bit calmer for a few days but they didn’t seem to have real problems.
We received many letters and mails of several fanciers, which also had their birds vaccinated but afterwards showed some problems. After I asked them some questions, it seemed that they didn’t treat their pigeons before the vaccination, neither afterwards. Nevertheless, I’m sure that they will also know success the following season because when the birds react that strong, you can be sure that the disease was there, may be in a latent form. Luckily for them, the vaccination will make sure that there won’t be Parathyphus when they become a little weak. Because we only saw positive reactions, we decided to let them vaccinate every 6 months from now on.  Why so strict?  Never before we saw that the pigeons get a kind of boost, 2 weeks after the vaccination.  Hereby they are able to stay in the air for a whole hour without extra energy. Still they come down when we want them too and they get inside as if a bird of prey was chasing them.  We like it that way.  And those that still aren’t sure about the vaccination, please make note for 2013.  We’ve only observed positive aspects.
Now our youngsters will be next. They’re more than 8 weeks old and this seems to be the ideal moment to let them vaccinate against Paratyphus.(can already be done at the age of 6 weeks). It’s always very important to repeat this vaccination after three weeks and then 6 months later. A good advice: do it like science tells you to and don’t forget to repeat three weeks later. It has to be done as it should otherwise you better leave them be. Half work isn’t a guarantee and it won’t solve anything.  A woman who visits the doctor to know if she’s pregnant….Rather she is or she isn’t but half pregnant isn’t possible.
I know there will always be fanciers who think differently and they have the right. But I know for sure, after the vaccination I can sleep without worrying and with a good conscience.  Later on, during the season when it all isn’t as good as it should be, it won’t be me but my feathered friends. In our sport, it still is the same…Good pigeons are necessary and it makes it all much easier. You still have to give them a honest chance and prepare them to what you expect. So you’ll have to take them away, so they find their way home very well.


It’s a general knowledge that pigeons easily get caught by cancer and they can surely miss it. We all know that these little animals are the cause of many other diseases.(diminution of their resistance). The solution?  Keep them free from cancer. Easier said than done. Although I’m not a vet but I know a lot of medicines and I regularly get questions about this disease. About a week ago, I had a fancier on the phone, who wanted to know what I do against this disease.  This man wasn’t just a man but somebody of which you should think that he knows what to do.”Well” he said, “I recently visited a national winner of 2011 and you never believe what I saw there.”
This national winning fancier had bought a microscope and a screen to couple to his computer. He took slime of the throat of each pigeon to take a close look at it.  You could see the result on the screen, filled with those little animals…
This reminds of 40 years ago, to the firm BOSMOLEN, by guidance of A. Scheers, specialist in poultry and living in O.L. Vrouw Waver….  He also had a microscope, which was really something in those days. I remember like it was yesterday.  SPARTRIX didn’t exist that long but we received some samples to test on our youngsters. Curious as I was, I really wanted to know if this helped against cancer.  We gave our youngsters a tablet and the next day we visited BOSMOLEN with our youngsters. A. S. showed why we visited him. Spartrix did work, we saw the little dead animals on the screen.  But we also noticed that some of them still were alive… So A.S. said: ”You cured but the result isn’t good enough!”

Luckily, I may say or we should have returned home thinking that our youngsters were completely free of cancer… reality was a bit different… Hereby I would like to say that these cures must be done very secure.  It’s important to give the right dose. You can cure by the drinking water, a cure of 5 days isn’t too much.  We prefer an individual treatment; a little tablet you can give whenever you want too. Before or after they eat, in the morning, at noon or in the evening, that’s not important because the pigeons don’t feel anything.  Before ending, we would like to tell you one more thing. We don’t have a microscope and no screen to search for those little animals. But nobody who plays with many pigeons, is able to examine them one by one every week.  So they do research on some pigeons and leave the others alone. Thos that have cancer, are treated and the others not. But who can tell that these other pigeons aren’t infected? So what’s best? Individual treatment or a cure for all pigeons? We don’t take any risks and treat them regularly one by one. If you know that all pigeons on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT, spend more than 40 nights in the basket among other pigeons, you must realise that the chance of infection is very big. That’s why we treat them regularly, without a microscope.
Next to this, there’s also the infection with worms.  You or your vet will examin some pigeons. When nothing is found, you don’t have to give anything. Logical, isn’t it. But who can tell that there are no pigeons on your loft that are infected with worms? So what can you do?...You can do nothing at all or you can cure them before the season starts; one day with LEVAMISOLE(Rippercol) of Janssen Farmaceutica: 5 ml. per litre water.  It’s best to give them 3 times water so they drink all the medicine against the worms. If you find something, it’s best to repeat the treatment two weeks later. If you are afraid that it will effect the health of your pigeons, you can give some condition powder (OPTIMIX of HAP or WINMIX of COMED) in the water. Your pigeons will be grateful and they will award you during the season on the races starting at the beginning of May. Isn’t that what all fanciers want? Get as much as possible for all their hard work? A healthy mind in a healthy body is important and makes you happy. When you’re sick, you think about your life and your money… Today I didn’t talk about women and I’m sure they will be happy… See you soon, till after I get back home from China.
Kind regards,
Your servant


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