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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Attack is the best defense…
message posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2012

We keep on experimenting because that’s the only way to learn. When you always ride the same horse, it becomes dull and that’s what I want to avoid. This year we started darkening one week earlier as usual. We want to start sooner with our youngsters but that’s easier said than done. In the past, we started darkening on March 1st till the beginning of May with our old and yearling birds. With the youngsters we stopped in the middle of the month of June. But in 2012, this period will become shorter, especially towards the national races, which are on the calendar at the end of May.  This should give us more “power” in preparation towards these races. Since our new start in Belgium, at the beginning of 2003, we used and tried out several systems of darkening. Finally we noticed that 14 hours in the dark is enough to influence the sensitivity of the moulting. We mean to hold the large pinions and the change of the “cover” (little feathers) should be stimulated. At exactly 19.00 hours, everything becomes dark till 9 a.m. the next day. But from April 1st, we will start at 18.00 hours till 8 in the morning. This is closer to nature; they wake up when nature comes alive. As well the youngsters as the racers are darkened at the same time. This has to be done when you want to race till the last national race from Gueret at the beginning of September and always with the same pigeons.  In the mean time we heard that it’s possible that they will shut down this race because the French government decided to stop the races above Paris in September. When it will be like this, our gamble to stop the darkening a bit earlier, will be positive.  When we want to follow these plans, there’s no use to give our youngsters a lot of proteins.

So we will shortly change over to light food: JUNIOR PLUS I.C.+ (young pigeons) of the firm VERSELE-LAGA. This mixture should guide our young ones through their puberty. You should try it too…The proteins will be assured by a special kind of protein-powder on the moisten food. We are also taking care that they get enough of amino-acids, oligo-elements, electrolytes and all of this at least twice a week in the drinking water. Pay attention that they also get enough minerals. Don’t be frugal on the grit and other little stones. Every day fresh grit and minerals will avoid a lot of trouble. We change : one day all pigeons get HERBOMIX of HERBOVET, the other day ALL IN ONE of Colombine (VERSELE-LAGA).  Recently I read a very interesting article about clay written by Dr. Jean Pierre Duchatel and we would like you to read it : “Clay is a natural product.” Since the European commission didn’t allow the use of antibiotics for our feathered friends, they developed several additives to replace this antibiotic; products like probiotic, prebiotic, extracts of plants and organic acids. We can’t underestimate a natural product like clay, that doesn’t cost a lot of money. This natural substance can mean a lot in the food of our animals. Clay is composed of fine earth, that mainly contains silicium and alumina. Clay contains minerals (natrium, calcium, kalium, magnesium) and oligo-elements in variable amounts in function of its origin. Besides the nutrition value, it also shows absorption qualities, which are very interesting. When clay swells when it gets in contact with water, it’s not just absorption, which is an aspect of the structure of clay which contains a high degree of fixation. This allows to get writ of bacteria, viruses, gas and toxins through the droppings. Clay has always been used. The animals take it in nature. Birds get it by picking grains, insects and worms. They tested clay of volcanoes in the food of birds. The addition of betonite to the food of chickens, raise the efficiency of the food and the grow and the lay. They saw the same results with turkeys. A comparable effect was noticed with the clay of the type kaoliniet, montmorilloniet and attapulgiet. Another very important aspect should be mentioned. The aluminiumsilicates are capable of ruling the immunity system, the resistance of the body. Tests with mice showed that the apply of clay, stimulated the immunity system.  Also with young chickens, which got clay there was a rise of the weight of the purse of Fabricius, an important organ when it comes down to immunity (Ouachem and co-workers, 2009). Tests with pigs, which were experimental infected by the pig-circovirus, showed that when they got clay, they had a better resistance against the virus (Jung and co-workers, 2010). These experimental results are very interesting to us fanciers. Indeed, our youngsters get infected by the pigeons-circovirus and they get diarrhoea. When they regularly get clay on their food, the situation should improve and avoid many other problems, when we can count on the experimental results with mice and pigs.(text taken from “Duifke Lacht” with the approval of Joseph De Scheemaeker). Be reasonable and use the advantage because it’s proved by science…
But also the next thing is for sure for a very long time…
More than 60 years ago, I studied in Leuven. They couldn’t handle me any longer at home and so they send me to boarding school. Sint-Pieterscollege was where they ook care of me. Among priests with long skirts, was where I stayed more than 10 years. Of course, this was an experience. Every eight weeks we could go home and the first time was on November 1st  (All Saints). But me, I mostly got to get home at Christmas for the first time because I usually did something wrong.  I was the youngest of 8 and believe me, my mother often had a hard time to rule the family. Usually one of us wasn’t there when they should have been. I still remember one thing. You became a stranger to your family when you live on boarding school. You learn to be independent but you get your genes by birth and you can’t change anything about it. I liked to play and I was always looking for an answer to all my questions. When you got nobody else but yourself, you have to try and solve your problems all by yourself. When I started grammar school, I was very sure that I would never become a priest, even if they would want me too. Butterflies and tickles in my belly made me even more sure. And the longer the more my attention went to the feminine beauty that lived in Paridence, boarding school for girls and very close to our own school.  It was situated in the Minderbroederstraat just on the other side of the street of the BOERENBOND.  These moved nowadays but the school is still there and they even expanded. Why the feminine beauty always attracted me and still does? The temptation was too big and my curiosity unsatisfactory. Although modesty was a command in those days but I soon found out about the beauty of women by some different magazines… LINGERIE for women…You just have to take a look at it. The first designers of the sensual ladies’ underwear, were men. A true discovery that was very much wanted by women.  Till now there’s nothing wrong with it…on the contrary, it even becomes more beautiful when women are wearing it.
When you look at TRIUMPH, PLAYBOY, H&M, WACOAL… they all have something. All that changed throughout the years, is the style and the creation. But the use and the meaning of wearing it, is still the same: the stimulation of the attraction and the excitement, the seduction of men when they slowly move their fingers over the body of the woman. Still covered with white NACRYL or in  Pink Lady NYLON or SILK. Doesn’t this mean anything to you? It sure does to me….It’s great to have the experience over and over again. I just can’t get enough of it…
We should keep it short, it’s late… just this: who doesn’t know the difference between a woman and a towel.  With a towel, you always look for a dry spot and with a woman … It’s striking but it’s a fact, that each animal and human being is sad after they had sex. But that passes on soon…with me it does….
Next time more about the life on “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT”.
Stay well and healthy…


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