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translation from Dutch by LCB
 Keep your mouth closed more and your eyes less…
message posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2012

The pairing of our breeders during the second week of December 2011 didn’t go as well as in 2010. The reason was easy to understand. If you take away all breeders, which were born in 2003 and 2004, you know they have to be replaced by younger and more dynamic forces. This isn’t an easy job to do. Luckily my wife, who is very patient, knew how to put everything in the right direction. Aren’t I a lucky man? I learned a lot of a life of 20 years in Taiwan. I also learned that when you’re looking for a beautiful, nice and clever woman, you don’t look for one but for three. A good advice: look out for a economical woman for yourself even i fit takes you a pair of shoes. Don’t forget that a woman is only beautiful when she’s more beautiful naked than half-naked.  I know now by experience, that one woman isn’t enough but three is too much.

“Producten die Winterkweek
succesvol doen verlopen”

It’s not an easy job when your pigeons have to get used to a new breeding loft. There are some cocks, which fly into the wrong box time after time. If you’re not there in time, you surely have a lot of problems. It’s best to close them inside one by one so they get used to their now boxes. Of course this takes a lot of time and energy. Nevertheless, it wasn’t that bad and we could replace our first round of eggs under the feeding pairs between Christmas en New Year. This means that, like in 2011, we will have the opportunity to get 4 youngsters of each breeding pair with a difference of age of only 10 till 12 days. That isn’t bad, is it?
The racers in BLUE HEAVEN LOFT are also together since a few days before Christmas. My wife wanted it that way and as you all know, it’s best to say they’re right than to prove they’re wrong. In fact we should look at our own wives as we look at the one of somebody else. That’s probably the reason why I can’t get enough of women and pigeons.
I myself, prefered to wait till the beginning of February to pair our racers.  The reason was that several pigeons, as well cocks as hens, don’t have a full-grown last pinion. Because of this small handicap, I had to spend much more time to make them get used to their now boxes. It took me 5 full days; close them inside and release them one by one, it really takes a lot of time. After 3-4 days, I opened half of the number of boxes for some hours. It’s also important at that moment, that they have something available to take into their nest without too many problems, which is very important. When the pigeons have a fight, there’s also a winner and a looser. The winner is proud and happy although he got hurt here and there but it’s always worse for the looser. He’s hurt more and it’s even worse because he lost his trust and that’s not easy to recover. This takes a lot of time. It’s not much when you only have two or three months to “cure” him and herefor it’s better when you pair them around New Year, because then you have more time to make him feel better again before the season starts. Nowadays, we use a lot of PROVIT-FORTE and SEDOCHOL in the drinking water and the food is lightly mixed with 4 OILS and BMT beer yeast.
Two years ago, we already decided to close the boxes on the ground but this means that we have to miss 9 cocks and 9 hens on the loft. By the time we have to move the younger ones, it’s too difficult to eliminate the pigeons so the boxes can remain empty.
A reader asks :” What’s the best to do, when your pigeons can’t get writ of the old fuzz.  I didn’t pair them”
Answer : pigeons that are too fat, can’t get writ of their fuzz easily. It’s best to let them fast for 2-3 days and only give them a bit of grit, no water either. Mix SEDOCHOL with the food for about 3-4 days is another good solution or you can do a cure with buttermilk for some days: one litre buttermilk with three litres of water.  Or do a cure for a week with tea (THEE FORMULE HERBOTS) or give them some sulphur flower : 1 soup spoon per kilo food, moisten it with Omega 3 oil.
Another female reader asks : “I bought some heating plates with an hygrometer.  How high does this metre has to stand to have the ideal loft and do you leave them on throughout the year?”
Answer : heating plates in combination with an hygrometer?  This should be the solution to get an ideal loft. Don’t think so!!!  This combination system isn’t as simple as they say.  In reality the ideal degree of humidity is different for each section. (the value is what the hygrometer shows). There are two positions: one you prefer and can program. The other position is the one that gives the humidity degree automatically of the moment. In winter, there’s no problem and it’s even useful to use the heating plates. These heating plates produce their warmth till the right humidity degree is reached. But what to do in summer? Then the humidity degree will go down and usually under the degree you programmed? Who thinks these combination system will solve all problems, is totally wrong. Of course you can turn of the system during the racing season and then you will see the values of the hygrometer go up and down automatically. We, in BLUE HEAVEN LOFT, chose for the ATX system from Switzerland.  The advantage of this system is that the plates give heat without using the oxygen on the loft.  We also have a spraying system in combination, with which we can install the quantity and the time of spraying. Hereby we can influence the humidity degree. But don’t get illusions because the temperature on the loft, which is the cause of the humidity degree will get bellow the installed value and this will make the spraying system start and this will only lower down the temperature on the loft. There’s one big advantage: the climate on the loft will feel better. Also the pigeons will feel better in this artificially created environment. In winter, the ideal humidity degree is 65, during summer it’s best this doesn’t get under 50 degrees.
Now something else:  we just took a close look at the calendar of  C.F.W.. We thought they would eliminate some races but instead it all remains the same, which is probably the easiest solution.  In fact, when we compare it to 2011, now there will even be more races.  It already begins with the first national race from Bourges 460Km. on May 26th 2012. That same day, Fleurus also organised a race from Toury(373Km.) and one from Dijon(+-400Km.from Brussels).  This can’t be true, can it? But it’s all here written down black on white. Then let’s take a look to the first weekend of July; Toury, Nevers, Brive, Libourne and above all, also Barcelona. Five races in one weekend!  Too much. The consequences will be enormous. These are probably the last tricks of the old leaders.  We’ll see, at the end of September. Believe me, the new leaders can’t do anything else then work on this. It’s still true that new brooms do the best job. But this is too far away, 2013 still is far away. They say that  2012 will be a year of transition, I can’t believe it. Hopefully we are mistaken and this year will be a season of many pigeons on all races. But if it isn’t, you can’t stay awake of things you dream of.


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