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translation from Dutch by LCB
 What the heart thinks, the tongue speaks…
message posted on Thursday, December 29th, 2011
the breeding season
IDEAL during
the racing season

Cobbler stay with your job...

Just one more time, I will give some information about the vaccination against Paratyphus, at request. We personally prefer the vaccination COLOMBOVAC PT of the Firm PFIZER. The shortage of the product and later on also the price were the reason why some scientists looked for an alternative, which they found. Remarquable that we received some more questions about this product, with some comment. That’s the reason why we would like to explain by this way. Scientists that were occupied with the imported vaccination, are very sure that this product has the same capacities as the previous one.  But good sources told us that this alternative is of a limited composition, created and based on a certain case of Paratyphus. That’s why they explained that this product has no side effects. But how can this be?  It practically contains anything. So be careful and play for sure. Let this be clear to all of us.  We won’t talk about it any more even we know that there will be more questions about this product. But in this cold and sad period, which comes together with a time of reflection, it’s good to think about it.
Let’s talk about the SPORT itself…Without giving negative criticism, we still know that the province of BRABANT is still the only one that doesn’t transport its pigeons with CABINE-EXPRESS. Only Limburg, as first of this transport, can talk about it. Their investment of several years ago, already brought them success. They were followed by the provinces of West-and Eastern Flanders, a bit later Antwerp. Only the province of Brabant stays behind. But if they can d it elsewhere, why can’t they do it here. May be the KBDB can provide some money for those who want to use this kind of transport for our pigeons and so they can do it in Brabant too;  This would give more equality and balance in the Belgian pigeon sport, as well on national as on provincial level. May be this is the task of the new chosen ones.
Yearlings : Another aspect to talk about. Our representatives of the KBDB don’t succeed or are afraid to delete the clubs that don’t have enough pigeons or enough members to participate to the organised races.  Sometimes you get to see results with only 58 old birds and 49 yearlings or even less. Why not let these race together; old and yearlings? Even without a special double result for yearlings. That’s what they already do for some years in Holland and sometimes even with success. In this case, they would have more pigeons to put on the result, which is even better for those fanciers that want to participate to the championships.
On provincial and national level, where they have enough pigeons in each category, they can still classify the old and the yearlings separately. Again something to think about…

Also just heard, that the KBDB would prefer all races to be release don Saturday. In that case, everybody is free on Sunday to spend some time with their wives and children. It took them long enough, to finally listened to the voice of the women. This is what we call; emancipation of women. All well, also we approve with it, although I’m glad whit something I recently read in a small article in a newspaper. It will be a game of giving and taking. Read it very carefully. SEX IS A GOOD REMEDY AGAINST HEADACHE WITH WOMEN.
Not tonight darling. I have a headache”. As we can read, this excuse is no longer true. On the contrary: women should have sex, to get writ of their headache. Orgasms opens up our veins and it produces endorphin, a natural painkiller. This can be read in “The secret of the woman”, a recent book of Elisa Brune and Yves Ferroul. Getting an orgasm improves the circulation of the blood, the respiration, the power of the muscles and the litheness. It even lightens the symptoms of osteoporoses and artroses. Medical doctors compare an orgasm with the effect of a jogging of  7 kilometres thanks to the training of the heart at that moment..
That’s the text I read for you. Now we have it black on white and we know enough. Let’s just agree with the emancipation of the women. Also to us men, it’s a step forward. We loose a bit, but we also gain something. Nevertheless a lot depends on persuasion. So we have a lot of work to do because there’s no guarantee to success. Just try to reinforce your persuasion. Indifference here is wasted time. But there’s one consolation; don’t forget that patience always wins…
The life in “BLUE HEAVEN LOFT” : again I must admit. I planned to pair my racers at February 2nd, till suddenly my wife had something to say:”Why do you always want changes? Our system Works for several years now. And why do we have to have sex now.” It’s not a good idea with a 19 year old daughter in the house (Christmas holidays and she has to study).  I didn’t like her to be right, but again I had to admit she was. In summer you can always have a “quicky” outside. But at this moment, it’s too cold and it rains a lot and I don’t want to know about it. A bare bottom is cold now and so there is no fun to it. So let’s just quit for a while, may it’s for the best and later on we’ll only have more fun. It’s not that bad to slow down once and a while. Certainly not on my age, even I’m sure that the pipe should smoke as long and as often as possible.
“Come on” my wife said,” later on we will pair our racers, it’s quiet outside and not that cold for the time of year.” She noticed that I was thinking for a little while about what she had to tell me. And so we did as we said…I agreed because I already know for a long time that there’s only one master in the house…

The old year has almost finished…Not long and a new year will start…So I would like to finish by wishing you all a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2012, to all those that read my articles.  Already more than 6000 and more of them join us every day. Of course there are also some that stop reading it but these are men that don’t like women or men which don’t have enough fire and their pipe stopped smoking.  We understand…
You will hear from me in a new year. I will inform you about the pairs of breeders and racers.

See you later…


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