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 When you chase two hares, you will catch neither of them…
message posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Vaccination Paratyphus again on the market.

It took a while and when you wait for something, it always takes longer as expected. Our patience is rewarded and we’re glad to announce that the vaccination product COLOMBOVAC  PARATYPHUS is back on the market. We already called our vet Raf HERBOTS several times to ask about the availability of the vaccination product.  We prefer to vaccinate as quickly as possible, 6 till 8 weeks before the start of the winter breed. By experience we learned that this period is necessary to prevent clear eggs. Our vet became a bit irritated by our phone calls and he told me: “If I can’t get the product, no one can in Belgium.”  So we kept on waiting and finally, after a week, Raf called us and said: ”Tomorrow I will come to vaccinate your pigeons, the product has arrived.” Of course we were very glad and so it all could be done as we wanted. So now, our birds are vaccinated in a safe and correct way with COLOMBOVAC PARATYPHUS, of the firm PFIZER. The box is new but the product is the same. Now some explenation, good to remember. I advice to vaccinate the pigeons, which never were vaccinated before, a second time to give an extra boost, three weeks later. The youngsters can already be done at the age of 6 till 8 weeks. After the first vaccination, it’s good to repeat this every 6 months. This is the only way to clean your birds of this dangerous disease. When you let them vaccinate now, you’re good till April next year, just before the new season starts. By vaccinating one more time, the light is green and you’re safe for the future. To those that look ahead and try to prevent (the category of the better fanciers) I say: ”Let the vet vaccinate your pigeons against PARATYPHUS”. You won’t regret it…because in the mean time, while you’re reading my article, you already had a period of Trimethoprimum + Sulfadiazinum(Emdotrim 10% Sol.). It’s best, after the vaccination, to continue giving this for another 3 or 4 days, so the effect is even stronger and those that still have the germs, will be cleared definitely. So don’t hesitate…

In BLUE HEAVEN LOFT it really is Autumn…feathers everywhere. When the floor has been cleaned again new feathers are all over. But that’s the way we like it because when the birds moult without interruption, it means they’re in good health. Unbelievable how that sit and wait every morning to get their daily part of grit and minerals (HERBO MINERAAL MIX  & COMBI-MIX). At the moment they have SEDOCHOL in their water for about 4 or 5 days (refreshing every day). This purifies the liver and it also has a big influence on their new feathers. Among the racing hens, which regularly move to another compartment, some already show signs of being “gay”. You can see it coming and we’re very strict in it. When they get to stay some days with the cocks, it calms down their unnatural attitude. It’s the same in our own society. In the search of finding a perfect partner, we get the same scenario as in business, it’s a question of calculation: the more interested you find, the bigger the chance to sell… Lesbian’s and gay people also meet each other because they live in gay community. People of the same sex are attracted because they mostly get in contact with other gay people. Hereby it’s much easier fort hem to show their feelings to somebody with the same attitude. Fear and shame to express their feelings to somebody of the other sex are at the base of these unnatural situations. And yes, when you never tasted something else, you don’t know how it tastes. They also found out, which is good to know, that sex is hereditary… When your parents didn’t like it, you won’t like it either. Finding the perfect partner depends on two facts: you have to know very well what you want from your partner and you also have to be sure you can give your partner what he wants from you.  There’s only one danger …when a woman in an early stage  falls for sex, there’s a chance that a man only sees her as a nice in between.  That’s why lesbian women have to change their attitude. When you leave them together, you play with fire. There’s a danger that next year, when they’re back on widowhood, start to get together again with the logical result : less good results as well of them as of their cocks, with which they already had a nest.  Again we have some test pilotes, pigeons that were born in April and May of this year.  They stayed in an aviary and now they already passed their moulting period. After about three weeks of “adventure” on their new lofts of the youngsters, where they had the possibility to get used to their new environment in the aviaries.  In the evening we opened the entrance so they could get out in nature, after we filled the bath outside. It all went well…so we thought. When we entered the lofts the next day, we were a bit shocked; it seemed that about 10% was missing.  The next day, some arrived back home so we can say that our mission is accomplished, our expectations are fulfilled. These pigeons will be trained with our youngsters 2012 next year, they will have to follow the complete programme, inluded the 4 national races for the youngsters. These pigeons are the reserves for our racing loft. Of course they still have to learn a lot but they’re older and stronger and so better protected against the children diseases which the youngsters all have to conquer. For 2012, we already have some test pilots out of the group of 2010, which were moved to the racing lofts of the yearlings and the old birds. As we mentioned, they already raced together with our youngsters in 2011 till the last weekend, the last national race from GUERET. We will let you know how they did in 2012, once the season 2012 has ended. To us, it stays an experiment, which will surely be repeated. We like the way they behave and we know they feel well in their new environment, so we have great expectations for the future. He who lives will see…. Next time, we will talk about the selection and the search for pigeons which fit for breeding. Then we’re at the beginning of November and then the moulting will be ended with most pigeons.  This will be the opportunity to examine them one by one.  We know one thing for sure: feathers make the bird, just like the clothes make the man… Till next time…


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