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message posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Patience is easy to lose when you don’t own it…

A few days ago, my wife heard me cursing till inside the house. “What’s wrong now?” she asked when I came inside. “I was angry because two hens show some lesbian movements and they were sitting together in a corner.” I answered. “It’s in their nature and you can’t do anything about it” she replied. “It’s the same with women, when you get confronted, you just have to accept it and learn to live with it.” But if there’s one thing I can’t accept, it’s men who become gay and women who become lesbians. When I was young, they never talked about this in our society but nowadays they openly show and they won’t accept if somebody sais something about it.  They even take it like an insult. Besides, there is a difference between men and women, one is not better than the other but they’re different. Is it possible that I belong to a group of people, that doesn’t understand the game of seduction? Every time again, my wife has to mention that there’s a great difference between men and women.” Women just need one man who fulfils their needs and men prefer more women to fulfil just that one need.” How did she know about that?

With friends like that who needs enemies… Some time ago, I received a couple of youngsters from Maurice Hasendonckx from Bouwel, out of his best breeders. I was allowed to choose out of two nests…Maurice is an old friend, who carries his hart on the right place. He’s the man who made the duo Heremans-Ceusters big because their basic pigeons came from Bouwel. On advice of Maurice, I wanted to put the pigeons in the aviary to breed with them next year. A few days later, I received a phone call from my best friend Willem from Reeuwijk (Holland). Now you have to know what he said. “I heard you visited Maurice in Bouwel and that you took home a couple of youngsters.  What are you going to do with these birds?” ”I’m going to put them in the aviary and breed with them next year.” I said… “Don’t do it, you have to play with these pigeons. You don’t have to work on your future! Your future is behind you now!”… I really was shocked about what he said and I didn’t expect this from my best friend… Willem understood immediately and continued .”Yes” he said, ”I stick with my point of view because all you have to do now is enjoy life.  Enjoy day after day, hour after hour.” It only occurred to me after a few days.  When you long for the future, you want to deny the present. And didn’t I lately hear on TV?  The worst thing that can happen to a man is old age; it comes like a thief in the night, from one day to another… I’m not yet prepared and I don’t want to hear about it any longer…Enjoying, yes, that’s what I already do my whole life… But there’s also another guy to whom I talked about others, who are all gone for a long time now…I will be 76 later on…so I can be happy…And the man said: ”Yes, but I’m sure they forgot you up there! ”With friends like that, who needs enemies”, is what they say or not?

Today is Eastern… Our old and yearling birds are ready to start. But like every year, we always postpone and we’re also very careful. Why is that? We know, by experience that a difficult start gives problems later on. With East-North-Eastern wind it’s always dangerous to get whet eyes and red throats. Of course we can’t keep on waiting, so we have to take a risk. I’m sure we’ll get there in time…at the beginning of May Momignies(110km.), May 8th Soissons (210km.) , May 14th Toury(376km.), May 21st Orleans(390km.) and then up to Bourges National on May 28th… We’ll see…

Our youngsters are doing well and they started flying one month earlier according to the past years.  They stay in the air for one hour or more and the sound of our Ding-Dong calls them inside very quickly. It’s nice when the pigeons listen that well, it’s a habit but I always enjoy it. Of course you need a strong hand for this because you know : when you learn young, you know it all afterwards! This week the vet also vaccinated our youngsters together with a group of late youngsters of 2010 against pocks. Because you can’t buy the combination Paramixo and pocks (Colombovac) at the moment, we choose for DIFTOPHARM, a product from Slovakia. At the same time, we also gave a drop of ”Parasieten Duif”, between the shoulders. One hour later, they all became restless, they started to stamp and pick in their feathers at the breast and the back.  This is probably because young pigeons are more sensitive to these drops than the older birds. Of course also the vaccination against pocks is at the base of their attitude but the next day everything was OK. After being locked inside for one day, they could get outside again after we prepared their bath, which they seem to enjoy. We like that!  Now they look like old pigeons and when you take a close look at them, you notice their soft feathers, their white noses and their dry eyes. Their attitude shows their swollen muscles, they’re ready to start. Next week, they’re going to get in contact with the big basket and also this can give a lot of stress. We’ll have to observe them well because the  smallest disturbance can interrupt their immunity system and it’s important to feed them well. We trust the “DARK PLUS” mixture of Versele-Laga, which fulfils our wishes. We can see that they’re looking nice but we still have to wait and see if they remain like that. We’ll soon know and then you will hear from us…

Now about “RONI”… We promised before to tell you ho wit went. We used RONI; at first two days mixed on the food and afterwards 4 days in the water. After using it 6 days, we noticed:
A) the pigeons became more lively and this must be the reason why they sleep and rest better.
B) they also have more lust to fly.
C) the manure seems to be improved even more (probably because of absorbing fluid).
D) I think (I’m not the only one) RONI is a fabulous product. One of my friends had Adeno-Coli. After giving RONI for two days, all symptoms were gone. A disadvantage of RONI is, that the water becomes troubled and it smells very strongly so it’s better to refresh the water every day. Here, with us, it’s no problem because we always refresh the water twice and sometimes even three times a day when the weather is hot. The pigeons drink it but they don’t like it as much as water with Lysocur Forte. We talked long about RONI with the producer and we will tell you all about it when all translations are ready.
Another thing to think about: what we read in a scientific magazine :
“By using not too much antibiotics, you can make to withdraw the resisting bacteria.”   “Bacteria and viruses can easily jump over from an animal to a human being.”
“There where human beings and animals live together, the animal diseases can pass on.” We don’t want to frighten you but it’s never bad to have good hygiene. Now it should be clear to you why we always walk through water with Dettol, before we enter our racing lofts.

New on the market…  

In spring 2011 we noticed something. Our attention was drawn by an announcement. “Unique effective condition trainer and chaser of bird of prey for racing pigeons!”  Of course I wanted to know more about this and so I send an e-mail.  One week later they already could give us a demonstration of the product. I loved the idea and I was confirmed about the functioning of this product and I commanded it immediately. On Good Friday, we finally used our product for the first time. And really, it works like they say. Easy to use and to put it away again. But the most important is that our birds train like never before. When you’re interested, you can contact the producer, we’re not an in-between-person.  So contact :  info@theflyingpigeontrainer.nl     You can find more on our website BLUE HEAVEN LOFT : www.vanlint.be  where you can watch a short video spot. Personally we like the product very much. It’s even nice to see, even from a distance. It’s a blessing to us because before we worked with 6 flags, which we had to take out 4 times a day and this takes a lot of time and energy.  This new concept takes away a lot of work and it gives a better result.  We’re very glad about it and may be you would like it too?...


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