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message posted on Friday, April 1st, 2011

“What’s good for women is bad for men...”

Here on BLUE HEAVEN LOFT, everything goes very well with the pigeons. The beautiful weather of the last few days also has an impact on us. All racers and some late youngsters of 2010 were brought away by car a couple of times. In between, we also cleared them from Ectoparasites and this with only one drop. This time we used a new product, which they delivered here and of course I always ask for some explanation. This is what I learned. By the strong control of the FAVV, many illicit medications (like the ivermectines) disappeared. The chemist Jorissen was asked many times for some effective products against parasites, one that doesn’t have to be proscribed like most drops nowadays. So he decided to develop a new ECTOPARASITES preparation, based on plants. It’s a solid protection against all exterior parasites. Above all, the aromas have a tonical effect and you can easily use it before a race.

nce a month, one drop at the back, is enough. For now, it’s not yet commercialised by Comed because they seem to have enough work with other products. The pigeons don’t seem to have any problems with the drops because the day after they were dropped, we already took them away by car. In the mean time, my wife is concerned. Lately she is a bit tired and she has pain in the muscles. May be it’s stress because I never heard her complain before. And yes, with a husband like myself, it’s always possible to get some stress. In fact there is a bit of panic in the house, especially from me. When you’re never sick or never took any medicines, not even antibiotics, it’s possible to get some panic reaction. So we visited the doctor, a woman of about 45 years, who keeps the file of our family. I always have a bit of a problem with her because I always want to know exactly what she subscribes. And also this time wasn’t different. We explained the problem and so she took her blood pressure. “Your blood pressure is much too high”, the doctor said to my wife. “I’ll make you a subscription”. ”What are you writing down doctor?” I asked. “Something good!” she answered, ”which make your wife as good as new.” I was totally surprised when she gave me the subscription. It was a product to make the blood thinner and I couldn’t resist to give some comment:” Madame, do you know that medicine well enough? And do you now which kind of side effects it has?” “Of course I do, otherwise I wouldn’t let her take it.” I said: ”Science and practice or totally different and when this product is given to men, it has an effect for their on their masculinity.” ”This has not be proved” she answered. ”I’m sure of it“ I replied “But I’m willing to try when it concerns my wife but we’ll be back within a month and then I will tell you all about the effect. My wife was sitting there like a fifth wheel on the car. “O.K.” she said,” thanks and goodbey.” Now, one month later, we went back. “And?”, she asked...How is everything going?” Not to fast” I said, while she was taking her stethoscope and the meter for her blood pressure. “You see I was right, her pressure is perfect; 12 over 8.” “Ho…Ho…Ho…, not too fast!...”You’ve helped my wife, that’s right. But” I continued “I’m the victim of all of this.” ”What do you mean, she’s fine now!” I couldn’t resist to tell her: “Yes, but her LIBIDO has lowered and what about me now? You can’t make me go back to Taiwan to find a second wife, as good as this one. I’m not even sure that they still exist. This would take me another 20 years and then I’ll be 100 years old. After a short period of silence she said: “Yes, yes”. This sounded like a confirmation to me! “You’ll have to learn and live with it”, the doctor replied. I knopte but I didn’t agree. “Can I have the bill please doctor”. I paid and left immediately. My wife followed and we walked home together, without speaking. Only when I closed the door, I heard the cock crowing for the third time. Life can be hard sometimes!

Our opinion about recognition points, of which we don’t know anything! But whatever other people think, we believe that our pigeons have these points when they return home from a race. Especially old pigeons, with a lot of experience, which have to return in all kinds of weather. Here with us, these are the pigeons with more than 20 prize races above 450 km in their wings in one year time. Well, we’re sure that these pigeons have those recognition points on their way home. The prove: a few years ago, we weren’t allowed to race from France because of the bird flew. As an alternative, the KBDB offered flights from Germany. We didn’t like this very much but we didn’t have any other choice. We didn’t fell very comfortable but we still participated several times, as well with the youngsters as with the old birds. The result: our youngsters arrived first and straight from the East. The old birds arrived several minutes later. And where do you think they came from? All from the South (France), the first two arrived alone and afterwards in little groups of 2 till 4. These pigeons, experienced as they were, did choose the direction of the West, like the youngsters but the difference was that the old pigeons searched for their line, which they were used to do to return home. Those that don’t believe this… well future will tell. When you play with a few pigeons, can’t see it that well. But when you play with a lot of pigeons, like we do, you can see black in white. So it’s not always disadvantage to start with a lot of pigeons. In fact, we already know long enough: you can’t win a war with some solders but you need a whole army. Who will live, will see…

About white gloves, sweating hands and a lot more the next time…


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