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The magician strikes again
Michel VANLINT, Zoutleeuw
1, 2, BOURGES BU 2015 Yrl.

Source: La Colombophilie Belge

Every two weeks we can read and follow all that happens on the Blue Heaven loft, exclusive in our pigeon paper La Colombophilie Belge and we want to thank Michel for this. He knows and writes a lot of truth, which happens in life. Some like to read his articles and others don’t but it’s all about honesty and it’s clear.
Michel is not an easy man when it comes down to his pigeons but he’s prepared to take of them day and night. On this loft, the pigeon sport is a passion, a family sport and each member of this family takes care of the birds with love. We all know that the birds have to leave every week; from the first heavy middle distance race till the very last. It’s remarkable that the more they fly, the better their results.  It’s a kind of elimination race, a system he already uses for several years, in which only the very best can survive…. It’s out of these that he breeds and now, several years later, he owns a very solid race of pigeons that are able to follow the system, … again, Bourges was a big stunt:

The victory was for the 2007064/11,
She was clocked at 12h09.19 for a distance of 460.720 km. Hereby, she has an advance of 1min54 in the In.Provincial Brabantse Union on her loft-mate, which arrived at 12h11.13 ; make notice : 1 + 2 against 2012 competitors.
On national level, they score with 5 and 12 against more than 14.500 pigeons. Hereby, the Blue Heaven loft is the first colony with two birds on the National result of the yearlings.

The winning hen already scored well before
This season, she already won:
1 TOURY 1406 p
1 I.Prov. 2846 p
1 fastest against 4020 p
Sire : 2258670/06, Son Barbara – 1 Nat Bourges 33.000 p
Gr.S. : 6151767/99, Brutus, original Engels – son of the world famous 231 Engels x 324/95 (daughter 1 Nat Argenton Yrl.’93)
Gr.D. : 2190504/05, Barbara – 1 NAT Bourges’05 – 32724 p – daughter 007/02, x 377/99, Herbots, daughter of the famous 155 Olympic Cock and father of N°1 and N°2, Nat ace-cock
Dam : 2190155/08 string Barbara
Gr.S. : 2215135/06, Son of brother Barbara (son 541/05 out of father Barbara x mother Barbara – 1 Nat Bourges) x 427/04 pure W.A de Bruijn
Gr.D. : 2212127/07, daughter 551/05 (son Boris M Vanlint  super racer x Arabelle) Mother 127/07 is the 551/05 x Bieke ( 4 Nat Vichy – 1 Montluçon)

The 2 I.Prov. Bourges BU
12 Nat Bourges
2007391/11, Blue hen
Sister of the Best Youngster RV Stuttgart
Sire: DV 04806-09-1436, P Trost
Gr.S.  DV 08978-08-200, Son 602 (the 602 won 11/12 Ace-cock) x 496, daughter Ace 277, out of Olympiade Verone
Gr.D.  DV 08978-08-278 Daughter 1195 – daughter 1456 (grandson Picadilly – 1 Nat Ace KBDB via Herbots)  x 1195 top racing hen with 12/12 and 8/8 in two years
Dam : DV 06575-09-549, G Wolter
Gr.S.  DV 06575-06-222, the 222 Olympic Cock’98 – 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 4, 5, 5, 7, … son 520, which won 2x1
Gr.D. : DV 06575-03-548, G Wolter

Michel, congratulations and we will follow your further results, stunting on the last three nationals. 


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