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Michel VANLINT.... 1st, 2nd and 9th Nat. Vichy
Where will the story end?

They didn't even have to put away the flags in Zoutleeuw after the victory from La Souterraine of 2 weeks ago. He did even better with his 1st and 2nd National prize from Vichy. This was his way to put an end to his season of 2004, which seemed to be a story of thousand and one night!

"Anita and Amanda" were the once that were present on the national stage this weekend, they scored like this on youngsters in their nest bowls. Before they already flew La Souterraine on over breeding . The winner still stands on 7 pinions and the second national on 6 pinions but both of them had a full wing.

"Anita" again is a direct of Willem de Bruijn from Reewijk. "Amanda" is a direct Oliviers-Devors from Kumtich. She was also played on Argenton when she arrived home without a tail and just within the prizes. Four days later she was put in the basket to leave for Bourges in the Brabantse Union and again she won a prize. Then another four days later, and still without a tail she left for La Souterraine and she flew within the national top 50. With her very little tail she had to leave for Vichy too and now she won the 2nd national prize!
Michel Vanlint had 44 youngsters and 22 yearlings in for Vichy and Michel scores with 35 pigeons within half an hour. With the old birds he scored very highly with 1,2, 9, 26, 45, 46, 47 on national level against 2.460 other competitors! Do you need to know more!

With the youngsters he starts with the 12th national and the second pigeon should be around the 30th prize. This would also be the first serial of two nationals with the young birds. His third bird should be around the 70th prize and at 15.00 hours he had 30 of his 44 youngsters clocked and 20 out of 22 yearlings.

Michel started the season of 2004 with 18 couples of racers and for more than once he scored very high. From La Souterraine, 2 weeks before, he also scored with 1st and 3rd national with the old birds and he turned in 36 out of his 46 pigeons that got into the basket. At that time he also scored well with his 25 prizes out of 30 yearlings in the "Waalse Fondclub".

Luckily for the other fanciers Vichy was the last national flight because who knows what the magician from Zoutleeuw would have done more. The fact is sure that he’s an obsessive fancier with his own perfect method and of course the right pigeons that fit perfectly in the system and which made Michel one of the best of the season of 2004!

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