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Fastest Montluçon, Brabantse Unie
1981 pigeons and 1 st Semi-Nat. 4493 old pigeons


Vuvuzelas at the soccer World Cup �?we need to wear a warm sweater instead of a swimming suit �?but pigeon-racing isn’t bothered by that. The pigeons were released in Montluçon with a one-day delay �?And everyone knew it wouldn’t be simple �?but Michel was able to end a grey Sunday with a glorious victory�?/p>

Total widowhood

The racing pigeons are coupled at the beginning of January when there is a full moon. The hens are put in the loft of the young pigeons together with their 12-day old youngsters. This is done to prevent a second round of youngsters. This has a positive result: the cocks obtain the desired ‘volume�?more quickly and the hens get in great shape by feeding the youngsters. From the end of February, all the racing pigeons are on their position and the rotation system starts. The racing team consists of 31 cocks and their partners, with 9 hens without a partner who have to shake things up. The racing team is mainly composed of yearlings which have all flown the four national youngster races.

How has 2010 been so far?

Michel: “Although some people claimed that it would be over after 2-3 weeks, I have to give a clear response to this. My pigeons - the cocks as well - are basketed every week and have participated in the following races so far: 2 X Toury, Vierzon, Bourges, 3 X Chateauroux and now Montluçon�? Thanks to a modern and sound guidance concerning nutrition, training, �?the pigeons have to be able to do this! And �?use it or lose it �?letting them stay at home for a week is not done in modern pigeon racing. Here as well the pigeons are transported at least once a week. The distance is not important. Leaving the loft, a solid training, running around when they return �?I think this increases their confidence.�?/p>


Michel: “Sinc e the pigeons have to fly a middle-distance race every week, they need to be supported well. I use the mixes from Versele-Laga. It remains important to administer everything at the right moment. Take lipids, oils, omega 3-6-9, sheep fat for instance�?It takes about 4 days to convert lipids into energy, and for this the pigeons need a lot of sunlight and training �?That is why my pigeons get basketed every week and have to do extra training tosses.�?/p>

A different approach

Michel: “You know I thought I couldn’t do without medication or a medicine-based system. I now have a completely different opinion about that �?I switched to the natural way of pigeon racing. Just like my friend Willem de Bruijn, I use the Comed products. Because I often thought: “Isn’t it up to the pigeons to do the work?�?And as you can see, this victory proves I am right.�?br>

35 breeding pairs, no more than 36 pairs of racing pigeons and +/- 120 youngsters.

1 st Semi-Nat. Montluçon 4,493 old pigeons
1 st Brabantse Unie 834 old pigeons and the fastest of 1,981 pigeons
Mother of 253/09 1st from Chateauroux and 254/09 also 1st from Chateauroux.

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